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Humiliation POV Goddess Alexa: I Don’t Date Guys Who Suck Cock, Ex Boyfriend Humiliation

Goddess Alexa

It’s been so long since we last saw each other. I know things ended kinda bad. We were fighting all the time because I didn’t want to have sex with you because I found gay porn on your computer. And well I just didn’t understand why you didn’t want to fuck me. But I think I get it now. And I’m really sorry for fighting with you, that was really dumb.

So I wanted to make it up to you, I want to let you between my legs where you’ve been wanting to be for so long. But you have to promise me that if I let you in between my legs again, then you have to be the best boyfriend ever and give me everything I want. I know you want me to be your girlfriend again. But things are going to have to be my way from now on.

I’m so glad you agree, so close your eyes and wait until I have you in between my legs. Ok open your eyes. LOL! What you expected my pussy to be there? LOL! After I found all of that gay porn you really thought I was going to let you touch my pussy? LOL! Fuck you! You’re going to fucking suck my dick bitch! Put your mouth right on this cock. I know you know how. You watch all of that gay porn. You probably sucked on my dildos when I was gone. You’re such a disgusting pervert!

I knew when we started dating that you weren’t all that manly. But I never knew that you needed a big fucking dick. But now I do so I’m going to treat you like the cock sucking faggot that you are! So suck my big fucking cock! Look at you taking my big nine inch cock. Now I’m going to fuck your mouth! Take it you dumb stupid fucking whore. This is why I wouldn’t fuck you, because you were too obsessed with cock. And now I have what you fucking want! You fucking love it, you love my cock.

You don’t deserve me. You’re going to be my fucking bitch but you’re never going to be my boyfriend. I don’t date guys who suck dick. I hope you enjoyed me as your girlfriend while you could because that’s not going to happen any more. I’m going to get a real man and you’re going to be my fucking little bitch, my little cuck. I’ll do whatever I want with you, you’ll never leave me, you love me.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Alexa: I’ll Turn You Into A Faggot Cum Rag And You’ll Thank Me For It

Goddess Alexa

Hey faggot. Why am I calling you one? Because you are one. And maybe that’s because your dick is smaller than my lip gloss. Or maybe it’s the fact that you never seem to hit on women. Or maybe it’s because when you watch porn you’re obsessed with looking at the big cocks rather than paying attention to the girl, which is what a straight man would do, a man who loves pussy. You know you don’t deserve pussy, you’re just a stupid little faggot. You know and I know that your little dick could never satisfy a pussy. You are just a complete cock loving faggot, aren’t you?

You’re sitting here looking at my big huge tits but all you can think about is a big cock going down your faggot throat. I deal with so many guys like you. Pussy is too good for you, the only thing you deserve is a nice big cock inside of you. Look at my ass, does this turn you on? Of course it does, but what you really want is to be looking at my perfect ass while you suck cock for me. You’re not looking at my ass and wishing you could fuck it. No, you want to be a good little cock sucking whore for me. Which is good because a woman like me would never be with a little faggot like you. The only thing I would ever do with you is whore you out and make a lot of money off of you.

Even as I tease you with my pussy all you can think is how you want to suck cock for Goddess Alexa. You’re thinking, “Oh my god she’s sitting there rubbing her pussy, I want to suck dick for her!” LOL! You fucking faggot! As I spread my legs and rub my pussy, you’re not even thinking about sliding your cock in me and making me cum. No, because you know that will never happen you dumb little bitch. Instead you’re thinking, “A nice big dick in my mouth would feel so good as I watch Goddess Alexa humiliate me.” You’re a little humiliation faggot loser.

Would you even be good at sucking cock? You’re such a little faggot anyways, why don’t we put your skills to the test? I know you want to suck cock for me. Just message me and we’ll set something up, I’ll whore out your little bitch holes. I’ll get you the cock that you need. This is what you crave, this is all you can think of. What’s the point in pretending that you’re not one hundred percent a little faggot bitch? There is no point. You need to do it. You’re going to pay me to find a cock for you so I can turn you into the cock loving faggot that you are. And then after I take all of your money, I’ll use it to go out with a real man. And I’ll get fucked because real men get to fuck me. You get to be a faggot for me, sucking dick for me all day, every day. Licking your lips clean of all that cum, you’ll be a fucking cum rag and you’ll thank me for it.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Alexa:You’re Only Hope Is To Become A Sexless Faggot

Goddess Alexa

What are you fucking looking at, faggot? Are you looking at my tits? That’s pretty funny because I’m pretty sure you’re a loser faggot. And yet you want to look at my tits. You could never have them, you could never fuck me. Ewww, you’re a stupid fucking nobody loser and I’m a fucking Goddess. All I do is snap my fingers and you give me whatever the fuck I want, don’t you? And why is that? Umm because I would never talk to you if you didn’t pay me. Because I really don’t give a fuck about your stupid existence. And because I’m so fucking hot. I mean without me, you’re just a nobody. But you’re used to that, you’re entire life you’ve just been a nobody. Do you wanna be a somebody now?

The best way to become a somebody is by giving yourself over to me completely. Become my slave. That’s the only hope you have. Look at you. You’re not good for anything. But if you become my obedient slave, well that gives you some status. I’m giving you a chance to become something real, to have a fucking purpose, to be noticed. And in order to become a somebody, you have to become my sexless faggot slave. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

You will give me complete control over your cock, and your mouth and your ass. LOL! I’ll decide if you’re ever going to fuck again. Or maybe you’re just a little virgin loser. Look at your ugly face fag, no girl wants you. I don’t even want you. All I want is your money. All I want is to treat you like the useless bitch that you are. And the best way to do that is by putting you on your hands and knees and letting any man who wants come up to you and grab you by the back of your head and jam their huge cocks down your throat. And you won’t be able to stop them, you won’t have a choice. Look at you, your fucking life sucks, so I’m going to make it better. You’re going to become a little bukakke faggot cum rag. And you’re gonna thank me for it. You’re going to thank me by swallowing load after load of cum.

What are you doing right now, faggot? Are you jerking your dick to this? Of course you are faggot. Any man who’s jerking off to this doesn’t ever deserve to fuck a woman ever again. When I take control of you faggot, you’re going to be happier than you’ve ever been. You’re going to feel wanted. You’re gonna feel like somebody actually wants to talk to you. But they really don’t. They just want to shove their fucking cock in your mouth. Nobody really wants to talk to you. You’re lucky I’m even willing to give you this opportunity. I mean look at you, nobody fucking wants you. So this is what you’re going to do loser. You’re going to let me brainwash your stupid fucking mind, and then you’re going to be used. But I’m not going to talk to your stupid faggot face unless you pay me. You wanna be a cock whore, right? Your dick only aches for cock now. No more pussy, no more jerking off to all these girls that don’t want you. No. That’s not your life, your life is being a useless faggot bitch. Nothing else. You can thank me when your face is covered in cum.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Alexa: Assume The Cum Dump Position

Goddess Alexa

Eating your cum is the hottest thing ever! And you really want to eat it, don’t you? It just sounds so good. You watch porn of girls taking loads on their faces and you think, ‘I want to be a dirty cumdump whore, just like her.’ Well let’s do it then, let’s turn you into the slutty cum dump whore you so desperately want to be. Why hide it? It feels so good to eat your cum, to be a cum dump bitch.

Start stroking, as if you weren’t already, lol. It feels so good to stroke for me. Losers like you would never fuck a girl like me so the best you can do is jerk for me. Losers like you are invisible to girls like me. I mean look at me, I’m perfect. You would do anything for me, you need me so bad and I could give a fuck about you. So if you want me to actually see you, then you’ll do this for me. You’ll bust that load all over your face. You’ll open your mouth and lick it all up and you’ll fucking thank me for it.

You’re going to eat it up like a disgusting cum dump whore. And the fucked up part is that you want that so bad. You’re a filthy fucking whore and that’s why you’re going to be cumming on your own face. You’ll never cum on a girl’s face. Fucking your is the closest thing to pussy you’ll ever get. Thank me while you jerk, say, ‘Thank you for finding a use for me.’ Praise me loser. You’re gonna do whatever the fuck I tell you to. And nothing makes me happier than having you be a little cum dump whore. Jerk it faster, you love being my helpless cumslut.

And you understand that I don’t have to do this for you. This is a privilege, an honor. I’ve got better things I could be doing with my time than allowing some idiot to eat his own cum.

Keep fucking your . I want your legs up high in the air with your dick pointed right at your face. And you’re going to cum all over your face for me. Get in that cum dump position. Open your mouth and take it all in your mouth and all over your face. And I’m including my email so you can send me pics and prove to me what a fucking little cum slut you are for me. Now swallow it all.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Alexa: Sweet Seductive Forced Bi Blackmail Trickery By Your Best Friend

Humiliation POV Goddess Alexa: Sweet Seductive Forced Bi Blackmail Trickery By Your Best Friend

Goddess Alexa

We need to have a talk, you know you can trust me, weve been friends for so long, I know you better than anyone else does. And I know that youre always trying to hide the fact that youre gay. Dont try to deny it. We both know that youre just a fucking little faggot. Youre just too shy and scared to admit it. And Im going to help you become the man that you want to be. Isnt that what you want? You know I only have the best intentions. I mean I can hook you up with some really hot guys.

I know you watch gay porn all the time, I know what you do. And Im ready to help you out so you can live the life I want you to live. Ill make it so easy, you just have to do every little thing I want, and I promise Ill make you into my dirty cock sucking whore in no time.

So heres what I want you to do. I want you pull up some gay porn so you can watch me and the gay porn at the same time. Now start watching, watch both of us. Look at how hard you get at the thought of me making you watch that faggot porn. Ive always known you were gay, and you know I love gay guys. Now I want you stroking as you watch that gay porn. Feel how hard your cock is, you dont get this hard watching girls, do you? It takes huge cocks in order to really turn you on. You are such a fucking little faggot. What are you looking at right now, me or those cocks? All you care about is cock.

I want you to send me your phone number, that way if I ever need you I can call you. Wouldnt you like that? Go ahead, send me your phone number. What a good boy you are, keep stroking. You can trust me, just keep your hand on your dick and keep stroking. You know I also think it would be good if I had access to your Twitter and Facebook pages. Send me all of your social media information. You know Im your best friend and you can trust me. Do it for me, just for me, I know you need me, so do it, watch that gay porn, stroke your dick and just give me what I want.

You are so obedient when youre horny and what makes you horny? Cock. Youre a fucking faggot. I know. You are just so weak, you need me in your life, without me youd be so lost, wouldnt you? So make sure along with all of your social media links that you include your username and password because what good are they to me with out them. And I know you want to give them to me because youre so horny right now and you clearly cant think straight. Jerk harder and faster as you send it. Youre so weak but it feels so good giving me what I want. Look at those big huge dicks on your screen, I know you cant stop. You wish it was you sucking on those big dicks.

And remember I told you Id help you, Ill help you become the faggot that you really are inside. And I will. I know you want to cum so badly and you can, just as soon as youve sent me all of the information that Ive asked you for. Keep jerking, press send, jerk faster. Press send! Good boy. I know youd press it, you want to cum so bad.

But before you cum, now that youve pressed send, I want you to know that Im going to blackmail you. Im going to blackmail you into becoming the cock sucking faggot that you want to be. I cant believe you were dumb enough to fall for that. I mean, when have I ever been that nice to you before? I was just being sweet to get you to send me all of your information so I could use it against you. Youre such a stupid little faggot, whenever your hand is on your dick you just get so dumb. Thanks for the information, idiot.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Alexa: Jerk To Your Dream Girl Who Doesn’t Give A Fuck About You

Humiliation POV Goddess Alexa: Jerk To Your Dream Girl Who Doesn't Give A Fuck About You

Goddess Alexa

Look at me, look at how perfect I am. I am everything a man could ever want. I have a perfect body, the sexiest face ever. I know Im your dream girl. I know that when you jerk your cock at night and you think of the most perfect girl out there, the girl you think about, is me. You jerk to me, wishing you could fuck me. But instead, youre jerking to a girl who doesnt give a fuck about you. Youre jerking your dick, thinking about a girl you will never have sex with.

Im way too good for you, and that turns you on, so you stroke your dick to me all night long. Real men, they dont dream about fucking girls like me. No, they make it happen. They do it. But you, the fucking little loser that you are, you have to dream about it, you have to sit at home at night jerking and wishing that you were good enough. Honestly that is so sad. You must feel so pathetic knowing you will never be good enough. And thats why you jerk to me all night long, because youre too pathetic for me to ever want to fuck you.

The only reason I even pay attention to you is because you pay me, is because you paid for this clip. Youre not even paying for sex, just for some attention. Thats pretty sad. Youre that much a stupid fucking loser. And even your money doesnt make you all that interesting to me. Id probably just take your money and ignore you. I have no need to waste my fucking time with a disgusting fucking pig freak like you.

Youre just a waste of fucking space loser. And Im the girl of your dreams and even though I cant fucking stand you, youll still pay for my attention. You will never be good enough for me, ever. So what I want you to do is to keep jerking your loser dick to me every night, dream about me. This is the best youll ever get, jerking to me, night after night.

And do you know why I want you to dream about me every time you jerk your fucking dick? Because when you are, I know youre watching one of my clips, I know youre buying them, being an addicted little fucking freak loser. I know that Im going to get more and more of your hard earned cash, every single night that you sit there and jerk away your pathetic existence. It makes me really happy to know that youll be jerking your life and your cash away, right into the palm of my hand. At least youre good for something, right? So go ahead, jerk some more, Im going to completely own your fucking life. Im all you need anyway. So go on, get more addicted and jerk your fucking life away loser.
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