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Glovemansion: Milked medical prisoner part 3

Sounding, electrics and his cock teased by the surgical gloves of Miss Mighty and Fetish Liza. The latexclad prisoner will soon get his release, he will be milked in to a condom so the nurses can examine his sperm sample.
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Glovemansion: Admire my new Bentley gloves

I am so blessed to have such great fans! I recently got these red leather Bentley gloves as a gift. Of course my Glovemansion members get
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Glovemansion: Latex glovejob at the office

It is always fun to test new employees, especially when I know they have a thing for gloves. Shiny Latex gloves in this case. I have his cock presented to me on my desk and I just love to play with it, rubbing my gloved hands all over, teasing his balls until he gives me a massive load of spunk.
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Glovemansion: Your Goddess in leather gloves

Come closer and get mesmerized by my leather gloved hands. Can you see how soft these red leather gloves are?
Do you want to feel them on your face? Inhale that leather scent? Does every inch of your body crave to be touched by my your Goddess’ gloves?
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