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Princess Ellie Idol: YOUR FIRST FATHER’S DAY

Happy Father’s Day! I know you’re not a father…yet. I want us to get pregnant. Everyone I know is conceiving and I want to have a bb too! I’ve brought you a cupcake and a balloon as well as my thirsty little cervix. It’s time, the clock is ticking! I’m ovulating so let’s go! I want you to impregnate me. Let’s make you a father, today on Father’s Day!
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Princess Ellie Idol: CUMMING ON YOUR DICK 720P

You want the simulation of fucking me? You want to see me cum, FEEL me cum? You want to see me moan in delight and feel absolute pleasure? Yes… It’s so good. I love fucking. I just want to fuck all day long, having orgasm after orgasm..and finally…we cum together! Fill me with your cum!!
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Princess Ellie Idol: FUCKING JON’S HOLES 720P

These gloves are on Jon! You’re a leather lover, shaking in your boots because your girlfriend is in the other room, n.apping on the couch! You aren’t sure you want to wake her up to THIS. Wake her up to me fucking you silly?! The thought is frightening, but liberating. I will set you free from this relationship. You are going to get your face fucked, and then your ass fucked. You’ll scream my name, begging me to keep going, despite your girlfriend. You are starting to realize, deep down in your heart that I am the ONLY one you need in your life.
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