Violet Doll: A Dangerous Game

I want to play a game. The most dangerous game. Are you interested? Of course you are, but you’ll have to play by My rules.

My rules are pretty simple. Well, simple to understand. But nothing is ever easy with Me, really. You know that by now.

You’re going to stroke for Me. You’ll stroke it exactly how I want you to stroke it, and you will not cum. If you cum, I will destroy you.

*This was a custom order, but no names are mentioned during this clip.*

My favorite subbies will buy with mark up code 1GOODBOY

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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Sasha – Face Slapping Contest (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy and Sasha are having a face slapping contest. Each Princess thinks that she can slap her slave in the face harder and more times. The girls each go one round, plus a final bonus round. The number of slaps from each round are tallied. The bonus round is timed. Each girl tries to get in the most slaps possible before time’s up. At the end of the game, both girls decide to reward themselves for winning and punish the slaves for being losers. We had a lot of fun playing this game!
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Mistress T – Goddess Party 2017: Kink Extravaganza

This is a very special vid. It combines a few of the hottest scenes of the last Goddess Party. Hot Encouraged Bi action, Strap-On AND the cum collection game (the slaves all raced to cum as quickly as possible, ejaculating into a glass…the last one, the loser, gets a cum facial with all the others jizz!)

Multiple Dominant women all using sub males for their kinky amusement. This is a must-have for any kinksters collection, especially lovers of CFNM (Clothed Female/Naked Male), public play/exhibitionism, women making guys suck dick, party scenario’s…this is unique/rare stuff.
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CFNM Games – Keeping Score

Six amazing cumshots in this scene as Madlin and Misha take on Ella and Tara to see who can make the most guys cum. The girls start jerking the naked guys and each time they make one cum they flip the scoreboard in front of them. Misha and Madlin start strongly with a big cumshots so Ella and Tara step up their game and kiss each other while jerking the cocks – soon making male after male surrender his cum to them. It’s not long before all six cocks are drained – but who won?
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Worship Violet Doll – Mesmerized & Drained by Latex

If you’re reading this, you’re already feeling weak. So we’re going to play a little game. It’s too late to say no.

First Im going to guide you into total relaxation. Complete submission. Then the game begins. I’ll drain you slowly and gently at first. . . think you can handle it?

If you make it to the end, you’ll win the ultimate pleasure.
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Mandy Flores: Ruined Glory Hole Ruined Orgasms

Another extreme tease and deny handjob/blowjob. I have allowed one of chastity slaves to be released from his device just to be tormented in my glory hole. He’ll do anything just to have the sweet touch of my hands and mouth even if it means a ruined orgasm. I get him so close just to stop and then giggle about the precum that oozes from his cock. I squeeze it out and catch it with my tongue. I continue to stroke him right to the edge and stop and go over and over again. Laughing at his twitching aching cock. I torment him more by stopping and ignoring his throbbing cock and masturbate to the fun Im having. Driving him completely insane until I stroke his dick and stop only to have him spurt his load in a unsatisfying orgasm into my mouth. His cock throbs and bounces, begging for more but I give him nothing but laughter at what I have given him…a ruined orgasm…I got what I wanted but didnt give him the full satisfaction before he gets locked up for 30 more days….Mandy Flores
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Intox Challenge

Home alone again? Need a little fun for your evening? I have just the solution. Well.. The boozey solution that is. You’re going to follow my lead and drink as I instruct you to drink and you’re going to stroke as I tell you to stroke. Each drink will make it harder and harder to orgasm as the alcohol begins to wage war on your erection. But the question is, will you be sitting there in a drunken stupor with a ruined orgasm.. or after making a mess of yourself? Let’s see if you can last..
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: MILF’s Study Quiz

Strict mom checks that her son has been studying by giving him a pop quiz. She wants him to make her proud, to get good grades, to make something of himself. She also wants him to be able to think under pressure…so she strokes him while asking questions. If he gets all the answers right he gets to cum.
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Slap Competition Chanel Vs Kianna

If there’s one thing The Mean Girls are good at, its the art of out-doing each other. Me and Princess Chanel are bitch slapping our slaves for bragging rights. After an intense warm up period where the slaves are slapped silly the real competition is ready to start.We take turns slapping our kneeling slaves to see who can get the hardest slap in. We both have a good laugh thinking about what losers these guys are to let themselves be abused like this. These slaves know the only way to even be in the same room with beautiful princesses like us, they must be willing to take a beating with a lot of humiliation to go with it. They even keep asking to get hit harder and harder so they can be of some use as they know they are nothing but worthless property. It’s always hard to judge who the winner is, but a good online slave will know to send a nice fat GC to the Princess that slapped the best.
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Strafkamer: MISTRESS BATON’s Sizzling Sizzlers

Making mistakes when taking part in MISTRESS BATON’s Tongue Twister challenge, has consequences. The participant is punished by means of ‘sizzlers’ or ‘sizzling sizzlers’. Implement used is a dragon cane. Severity is very hard.
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Olympic Trampling

We have an Idea for a new Olympic event: COMPETITIVE TRAMPLING. The way it works is we match two slaves from different countries against each other, then just casually take turns standing on them (all at the same time, of course!) in our needle-thin stilettos for as long as we want- and time it just to see which slave can take it the longest.

This time it was USA vs. Australia. And of course you can tell who the American is- the FAT one! LOL. Superior Goddess Brooke and I are the perfect Amazon Goddesses to do the trampling. We are flawless specimens of what the ideal woman is, and truly worthy of the Olympic superlative. Plus, when we stand on a slave he knows that he need to be at the peak of his game- because we are both super tall, muscular, and love rocking all our weight back onto our heels to “speed up” the process of breaking the slave underneath us!

But this Australian slave is just taking it no matter how far back we lean on our heels! He must be like sooo patriotic! LOL. But Princess Chanel is on hand at the end to push the slaves to go for the gold AS A THIRD MEAN GIRL TO STAND ON THE SLAVE- to take him to the absolute limit until it finally BREAKS. It’s so funny how the slave is in such agony underneath us- and we are just casually discussing how tall we are and how much we weigh and laughing about how much it must hurt the “contestant” underneath us!

We are actually thinking about sending a copy of this clip to the IOC for submission as a real Olympic event because we think it�s time for the abuse of loser slaves to be included in the summer games! It would make the whole thing WAY more watchable and entertaining in our opinion!

-Goddess Harley
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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Timed under My ass

My slave here has been locked in chastity for almost 3 weeks now, that’s how much has passed since he last saw Me. That is a long time wihotut a release, so now he is dreaming of one, begging for it. After all, the key to his chastity is right here, on My necklace. But he will only get a release today if he manages to please Me, by staying buried under My ass, unable to breathe, for as long as I want him to. If he manages to stay under My ass without requiring air for at least a minute by the stopwatch on My phone – he will not only get out of chastity, but will receive a big fat real orgasm. If he doesn’t – he will stay in chastity for… let’s say two more weeks. Ready?

Category: Face Sitting, Smother, Wet Look, Chastity, Games, Femdom, Mistress Ezada
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Mistress – T: Intox JOI Drinking Game

You love to drink, jerk off & take orders from me…so let’s have some sexy fun together! Follow along with my clear instructions to stroke & drink as I tease you & fuck with your increasingly pliable mind. This is so highly interactive that you’ll feel like I’m right there with you…& that’s your ultimate fantasy, isn’t it?
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Mistress – T: Mean Stop & Go Game

Mistress - T: Mean Stop & Go Game

Ready to follow my instructions in the interactive adventure? Let’s see how much self control you have, my little stroke puppet.
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Mandy Flores: DIVA lipstick JOI : Mandy Flores : ORGASM CONTROL

Are you ready to submit to me? Have me control your stroking, control your cock, control your orgasm? Yes you do, you love to give me all the control. And for all this control you will give me in this video, will you get a reward for it? Im going to guide you to edge over and over again. Maybe youll have one hell of a satisfying orgasm or maybe youll be left with a tormented cock and aching blue balls. Thats for me to decide and for you to find out. I know its hard to resist my dominate lips and Ill use those and the rest of my perfect body to dominate you to the edge. Mandy Flores
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Mistress – T: Time Travel Fantasy

Mistress - T: Time Travel Fantasy

You have been transported back in time to the 1940’s. You’ve always had a weakness for pin-up models of that time…but you didn’t want to actually live in that era. You have a good life in 2015 & you’d like to get back there…but the only way to save your life is to resist ejaculating while being seduced & tempted by a 1940’s siren. It’s a test. Hold off for 20 minutes & you’ll be transported back to your happy life. Fail & you’ll be stuck in the 1940’s. Do you have enough self control?
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So you want to sleep with me huh?Well not only are you a minute man, you have a tiny penis! I can’t sleep with that. No way! I’m one for games though, how about a bet? If I win you pay my rent, ifyou win I sleep with you. Now, the challenge is, you need to stroke your cock to the pace of my moving foot and to WIN you must last over 3 minutes. You won’t be able to do it! You’ll lose and you’ll need to pay my rent! All you could ever handle would be fucking between my shoe and foot!
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Slave Games: Ballbusting

We play a game with the slaves…asking them questions…a wrong answer gets a kick in the balls. Thrilling!

Format: WMV
Duration: 5 minutes
Size: 164.54 MB
Resolution: 1280×720
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Masturbation Gamble

Format: MP4
Duration: 11 minutes
Size: 242.67 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

This is a super hot hand job vid with loads of teasing…& a surprise ending. The whole clip I tell you that you can’t cum unless he ejaculates on cue. Lots of dirty talk keeps you on the edge as I give the hottest fucking MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION…you’ll want to blow your load in the first few minutes…but hold on…wait…I give a countdown as I stroke that horny cock & if he cums when I get to 1 (one) you get to cum too…if not, hands off! Are you feeling lucky?
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