Brat Princess 2: Lady Toro – Trains Newly Locked slave to Become a Human Toilet with Facesitting

Toro has just secured a new loser into a tightly fitted chastity device. She closes the lock around its worthless little penis. With a penis so tiny, he wasn’t meant to be a man. He was meant to be a toilet. Nobody would want to accept that they were meant to be a human toilet. It takes training and conditioning to accept this role. Toro decides that she will train her new toilet to accept its place by forcing it to sniff, and smothering it with, her perfect ass. Her ass is sweaty and stinky. The slave in training must get used to the smell. Eventually he will need to take whatever comes out of her ass, but for now he can just get used to the scent. After staying under Toro’s Divine ass for a while, the slave will be begging to eat whatever comes out of it. This is how the conditioning works. Toro deprives the slave of air.
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SCATSHOP: GODDESS RYAN – Full Smear Schoolgirl Fishnets Shit Orgasm

Hi, Im Ryan! Girl Next door-Turned Naughty! Scat, piss, period, I do it all!!! 26, Blue Eyes, Brown/Red hair, Curvy, Whooty, 32D cups, American girl! I’ve been doing scat videos for the over 4 years and LOVE IT!!!! One of the things that separates me from the other girls on this site I would say is: I am 100% Real and ENJOY doing this!!! Once you have seen my videos, there’s nothing like them, and you’ll fall in love!

You want a shitting school girl? You got it! Glasses, Fishnets, Garter Belt, Plaid Skirt, Bra, Heels, & School Top- I am ready to do just that, Be a NAUGHTY schoolgirl! I am at School and I’ve been thinking about doing really naughty things at my desk, So I had to get away and be a naughty SLUT. Hope No one finds me! Beginning to strip, I tell you how turned on I am, as I can feel the hard nuggets up my asshole while teasing you taking off my outfit. In my undergarments I keep rubbing my pussy over my panties talking about hold my shit and school and everyone looking at me. POV with both hands spreading this ass. I Look back and get ready to shit on you pushing out this load, slowly, as really hard morals fall out over and over out of my asshole! The garter belt is making my ass looking amazing. I show you the load and ask if your ready to get DIRTY with me? I smear my WHOLE body with my hot fresh shit, saving the hard nuggets to stuff in my pussy! I work in hard shit nuggets into my pussy and push more and more all over my pussy and in as I fuck it so hard with my glass toy, moaning and cumming hard! Do you think my classmates will smell me when I go back to class? 20 minutes of Bliss!
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Look what I caught in my fishnets. A pair of beautiful and juicy feet with long toes, wiggling though the holes. My feet are practically bare and my toes squirming in the fresh air has you squirming in your seat. I know you love my feet in anything from heels and pantyhose to smelly sneakers. Imagine running your tongue along the criss-crossing webbing across my soles, then being treated by my pretty bare toes waiting to be worshipped. Theres nothing more youd love to do then to start stroking your cock to my fishy feet.
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Violet Doll – An Hour in 10 Minutes

This is an opportunity for paypigs of all income brackets to participate in financial domination with Me. You know I’m expensive and out of your league, but I’m going to make this very easy so you don’t want to miss out.

*A financial domination and finger sucking fetish custom, but no names are mentioned. This is an ideal clip for all finsubs.*
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Worship Violet Doll – Mesmerized & Drained by Latex

If you’re reading this, you’re already feeling weak. So we’re going to play a little game. It’s too late to say no.

First Im going to guide you into total relaxation. Complete submission. Then the game begins. I’ll drain you slowly and gently at first. . . think you can handle it?

If you make it to the end, you’ll win the ultimate pleasure.
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Worship Violet Doll: Rough Bunny JOI

It’s been a while since I’ve allowed you to stroke for Me. So go ahead and pull it out, but I want you to dry jerk it this time. Why? I want you to feel the friction, feel the burn.

Beat it hard and fast until you’re right on the edge. I want it to hurt. Squeeze and pull like you’re milking it for Me, but DO NOT CUM until I give you the word. I want you to jerk it until you walk funny tomorrow.

Will I allow you to cum? Follow all of My instructions carefully, and just maybe I’ll give you the best orgasm ever.
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Syren Productions : Slapped For Looking

I’m in a sadistic but somewhat playful mood today. I dare my sub not to look at my ass, as I bend over in front of him. I know he can’t help but look at my gorgeous ass, framed so perfectly in my double fishnet pantyhose. But there is a price to pay, and today I decide that price is a good round of face slapping. I love slapping a slave’s face as I look into his eyes. I slap his face hard with both hands, back and forth. His face turning a dark shade of red pleases me. I give him some nice views of my ass in between slaps, just to keep him motivated. He takes his slapping so well, that I reward him with a few kisses on my ass at the end.
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Primals Transformations: Vampire Temptation: Corruption of the Pure

The Raunchy Rose strip club has been driven out of business by the local Church with plans to make it into an all-hours Mission for those in need of spiritual healing. Sister Kenna is hard at work boxing up the former club’s bottles of spirits.

Suddenly she is not alone. It seems a girl that used to work at the club has come in. Sister Kenna is sweet and pure and wants to help the girl. But, as the gorgeous dark haired young woman talks to her, Sister Kenna starts having thoughts and feelings she has kept at bay for a very long time. Temptations radiate off of the mystery vixen, and soon Sister Kenna is lost in her gaze…
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Sweet Femdom: Seductress Enslaves Superman FULL

Superman has tracked a mysterious new villainess, “The Seductress,” to her evil lair. She is waiting for him, relaxing in her fishnets, high cut latex leotard and heels. She taunts him and laughs when he demands for her to tell him what she done with Wonder Woman…

Superman man-handles her for a little bit, but is surprised when she easily casts a spell… He doesn’t understand… his cock and balls are suddenly trapped in a steel device which is squeezing them, and the Seductress simply laughs and teases him.

“Awe, do your super balls hurt…”

“You know that hornier you get, the more it’s going to hurt…”

Superman tries to remain stoic, but she casts another spell which immediately causes him to desperately worship her amazing body. His cock rages in it’s steel trap which causes the steel to squeeze and pull on his balls, but no matter how much it hurts he is entranced. He cannot stop worshipping her ass, and sucking on her big perfect tits.

She straddles him, squeezes his balls, grinds on him, and laughs at his torment.

“I’ll be right back Superman. I have another surprise for you…” She says as she struts away from his twitching, aching cock and balls in their cage…
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Fetish Goddess Samantha: Saran Wrapped For CBT

CEO Samantha and Enforcer Ayn have been thrashing their employee all night for breakingin to steal Christmas presents. They want to go back and enjoy the Christmas party, but before doing so, they decide to wrap him up in saran wrap and punish his cock and balls. They apply about a dozen clothespins to his cock and balls. Goddess Samantha sits on his face while Mistress Ayn beats the clothespins with her riding crop, as the slave struggles to contain his composure. Then the ladies but a big Christmas bow on him and decide to just leave him under the Christmas tree for Santa to find.
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Queens of Kink – Miss Miranda – Ballbusting for Fun

Miss Miranda and I get a surprise call from one of our slaves who wants to come around for a BALL examination. Ha ha, the poor guy has no idea we are about to KICK him in the balls, over and over again…purely for FUN. We even have another slave filming his BALLBUSTING ordeal. Let’s see if those balls smell up when we kick him with our feet. It sure is very funny! This is real, amateur footage.
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Club Dom: Punished By the Fur Mistress

Club Dom: Punished By the Fur Mistress

Mistress Aleana is angry and calls her slave boy over and drags him over her knee. She torments him with how good her fur coat feels on his skin but it turns out, he does not deserve that pleasure, he deserves a severe OTK punishment for leaving her beautiful fur coat on the floor and not taking it to the dry cleaners. He tries to plea but he knows he is wrong and she dishes out a very harsh OTK that he will not soon forget, making his ass more and more red with each heavy swat and leg locking him into position so he cannot get away.
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You just can’t stay away from me can you D0G? I snap my fingers and you come running to me! You’ve COME to me, and at the end you’ll be CUMMING to me. Before I let you see and worship my perfect body, I’m going to have you do a few tricks. I then move along to painting a mental picture of me facesitting on you, doing some only allowing you a single breath before I resume my seat. You’re hard watching my big white girl booty shake in front of you. Woof d0g! Show me your appreciation, obey me as you stroke your cock!! I am a vision you can’t get enough of, pet!
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Sweet Sexy Pegging w Sara Diavola

Lance told Sara get wanted to get more kinky, so she got a huge pink vibrating strap on to fuck his ass with. She throws him on the bed and goes to town on his ass in this sensual, but slightly dominate pegging clip.

Sara really knows how to fuck with long and hard thrusts and she works her ass perfectly while she is deep inside him.

This is Part 1 and 2 in one full clip. In this clip Sara fucks him from behind, warming his ass up with slow long thrusts before she pounds away. Then she turns him over on his back so he can see her perfect tits bounce while she pounds him. She makes him beg for more, then strokes his cock while he grinds on hers until she milks him all over his stomach.

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