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Mfvideobrazil: Fighting Girls Muay Thay By Rapha Vegas And Slave Vivi

Girls are allways competing, just as in this video: Rapha and Vivi wants to know, who is the stronger between them, even if Vivi a very small girl. Rapha becomes quickly dominant, and she spanking Vivi on her all body as hard as she can. She kicking Vivi’s body and troath, punching the girl everywhere, and enjoy to be the stronger one. Poor Vivi will destroyed by the domina, and she gets very humiliated from this knock out.
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Mfvideobrazil: Deep Feet By Karen Havary And Slave Verinha

Karen Havary is a beautiful latina, with perfect shape, big titts, and she has a soft, sexy barefeets. She loves to torture her slaves by her feets, and now slave Verinha’s number is up. Our hot domina pushing her feets as deep into the slave’s opened mouth as deep as she can, and untill the slave starts to gagging and crying from this humiliation. Karen orders to the slave to lick and suck her soles, heels and toes, and when she dont like what the slave does, she pushing her feets tight to the slave’s troath, or even trampling on her a little bit. If You love humiliation by feets, You must to check this one!
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Mfvideobrazil: Kiss My Feets Two Bitches By Karina Cruel And Fabi And Bia

Karina Cruel is counting her money in the bed, then her two slaves, Fabi and Bia comes in to begging for some money. Karina is willing to add them some cash, but only with one condition: if they give her an unforgettable feet licking. They kneel on the ground and start sucking her feet, then Karina go to the end of the bed, where Bia lay under her feet and suck her ankle while Fabi sucking her toes from the other side. Every bit of Karina’s leg gets wet from the lot of feet kissing and the girls get the money what they deserved.
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Mfvideobrazil: Feet Domination – The Steel Legs By Melissa Pitanga And Faby

Blonde domina order her cute latina slave with pigtails to bring her a drink, but she drinks out all and only can bring an empty can to her mistress. So she start to punish her by pushing her to the bed and start slapping her face with her feet and also smothering her. She step on her face hard, and stand on her face, push her toes and angle deep into her miserable little slave’s mouth, step on her neck until she starts coughing hard, and crush the empty can on her neck.
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Mfvideobrazil: Karateka Fatal Kickings By Radassa And Vivi

Karate girl with dark hair, Radassa punish her slave with lot of facekicking. She put a matress to the wall and start kicking her face, even so hard she falls off, and when she is on the floor Radassa stand on her back and she is start crying, while Radassa is celebrating herself. She is a really cruel domina.
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Mfvideobrazil: Dirty Feet By Sofia Goddess And Slave Verinha

Dirty Feet movie with two beautigul brazilian bitches. Sofia, the dominatrix with real perfect soft sole feets cleans her dirty feets with the mouth and tongue of her slave Verinha. This movie is all about the feets of the dominatrix. They are dirty and will be cleaned by her slave.
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Mfvideobrazil: Feet Fight Girls Learn With Specialist By Karina Cruel

3 hot girls want to learn how to do become professionals in feet fight and feet domination, so they learn from Karina Cruel. They all have really beautiful feets with toe rings. First Karina fights with a blonde girl, she push her on the bed really fast, then start trampling on her face and smothering her. Once they saw how to do it, they practice with each other and they are doing it pretty well. Three hot fighting girls want to learn how to do become professionals in feet fight and feet domination, so who else would be better suited to learn from than domina Karina Cruel. They all have really beautiful feet with toe rings. Dressed in skin-tight sports pants and a revealing white top, Karina fights with the blonde girl, she pushes her on the bed really fast, then starts trampling on her face and continues smothering her. Once they learn the tricks and get a demonstration on how to do what they came here for, the fighting girls begin practicing with each other and they are doing it pretty well, having learned from the best there is.
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Mfvideobrazil: Feet Control By Karina Cruel And Isabella

Karina Cruel play some feet domination game with her slave Isabella. Karina sit on the table, Isabella is kneeling on the ground and kissing, licking and sucking Karina’s toes, then Karina gets harder, pull her hair and stucks her ankle deep into Isabella’s mouth. Then they lay on the bed and continue the session in many positions, with lot of hair pulling and really deep feet domination.
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Mfvideobrazil: Feet Fight 2 Girls By Mel Costa And Slave Blanca

Do you love feet fight? Then you are going to like this video! Mel Costa, the giant domina gives face slap and kick during the feet domination. These are especially painful, so Blanca is suffering. She is lying on the bed and she is unable to move, so Mel Costa can do whatever she likes with her. The domina is really mad at her so she punishes her with hard face slap and kick. She even stands on the head of the poor slave who has been destroyed. In addition, Mel Costa puts her toes into the mouth of Blanca. This foot fetish video is definitely cruel, so brace yourself, because you are going to see a sexy fight and feet domination.
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Mfvideobrazil: Fighting Girls Scisssor Games University

Scissor can be very sexy if it’s done by nasty women… in this video, there are many young girls who are playing with each other. They wear only a bra and a thong, so you can take a look at their beatiful bodies. There is also a girl who has a school uniform. The group enjoys the feet domination and smothering very much. They are really cruel to each other during the fight. The scissor and judoka seem to be very painful. They put each others’ neck between their sexy thighs and push it. This is extremely unpleasant for the suffering slave, because she is hardly able to breathe. She must take a close look at the skinny pussies of the other girls during the scissor and judoka.
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mfvideobrazil: Feet Fight Big Feet Size 9,5 By Tati Devassa And Slave Ariel

Tati Devassa, the domina has very big feet (size 9,5) so she is a perfect choice for this foot fetish video. She humiliates her sexy slave, Ariel who is suffering because of that. The scissor and judoka are really cruel methods since they cause great pain. The face slap and kick are also very brutal ways to punish the tiny slave. Ariel must also kiss the feet of Tati Devassa who puts her toes into the mouth of the slave. The feet domination lasts for more than 40 minutes, because the domina enjoys the fight very much. Moreover, it’s possible to see the naked bodies of Tati Devassa and Ariel in this foot fetish video.
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Mfvideobrazil: Swallow My Beautiful Feet By Daniela Hartman And Vivi

Finally, here is a video with deep feet. Daniela Hartman, the brunette domina sticks her pretty feet into the mouth of Vivi. The feet domination (foot fetish) is extreme, because it is painful for the slave. She must also lick the domina’s feet with saliva. Both of the girls are really sexy. The domina has big breasts and long thighs. She wears only a tiny red thong. The slave, Vivi has only lingerie on. During the foot fetish, Daniela Hartman pulls Vivi’s hair. They play with each other for more than half an hour. The feet love is really seductive if someone is into foot fetish. The deep feet is a special experience, so don’t miss it!
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Mfvideobrazil: Lola Rest Your Feet While You Humiliate

Description: The sexy, big-breasted Lola likes foot fetish very much! In this video, she humiliates the cute Vaninha. The domina puts her feet on the shoulder and neck of her slave. Vaninha must also hold her leg while she is drinking champagne. The slave has to show feet love with kissing, too. Lola spits the drink not just on the camera but also on the face of Vaninha! The Brazilian domina also slaps her face very hard. Lola wears only sexy lingerie during the feet domination. She just enjoys her life thanks to the feet love and doesn’t mind if Vaninha is suffering. Lola just wants to give orders to her tiny, beautiful slave who submissively does everything she says in this foot fetish footage.
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Mfvideobrazil: Foot Domination Milf By Erika Vieira And New Slave

This feet domination is performed by a sexy milf, Erika Vieira and her brand new, attractive slave. The act is very cruel because the domina uses a rope to bind the poor girl. Then she puts her toes and heels into her small mouth. It is really painful, but Erika Vieira doesn’t mind it. She loves foot fetish so much that she plays with her slave for more than 37 minutes. The Brazilian milf sits on her lap and starts playing with her beautiful feet. The slave must lick it with a lot of hot and warm saliva. The feet domination goes wild because Erika puts her pretty feet on the face of the young girl. This means that she is barely able to breathe during the foot fetish.
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Mfvideobrazil: Feet Fight By Top Model Lola Mello And Slave Ayume

This is a great foot fetish video with Lola Mello and Ayume. The Brazilan girls fight with each other and do wild feet domination. The top model Lola Mello shows no mercy and puts her tiny feet into the mouth of her slave who is unable to escape. The domina also kicks the pretty head of Ayume. She sits on her neck, chest and lap, too. This foot fetish footage is very good because you can see Lola Mello’s hot body during the fight. She wears white shorts so you can take a look at her tanned, long thighs. The young and thin Ayume looks great, too. The fighting girls do everything for your pleasure, so please watch this feet domination video!
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Hunterotic: Deep Feet -By Domina Esmeralda And Her Slave

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