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EVERYTHING BUTT: March 9, 2018 – Francesca Le and Alana Cruise

Francesca Le has come home from a long day of work to tend to her house Pet. Alana Cruise is said house pet who has been tied up in rope bondage and left in Francesca’s Living room to wait patiently until Francesca returns. Alana has been bound with rope wrapped around her nude body, her pretty brunette hair left loose. Francesca enters the living room in her beautiful MILF business attire. Under her blouse and skirt she has a sexy set of lingerie.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Kandy Farts and Anal Treats

Kandy has just finished busting her slave’s balls and decides to give him a treat… her farts. Her red garter highlights her amazing, plump ass and she looks super sexy. As she sits down on the slave, she lets out the first fart just as he’s about to stick his tongue in her ass. A harsh blast right to the face! She encourages him to dig deep with his tongue because it helps loosen her up. The slave eagerly continues licking as Kandy lets out a nasty burp to subject the slave to all her nastiness. She even suggests that he might get a little nugget before she’s finished with him today.

You get some nice long views of Kandy sitting on the slave’s face, some great up-close ass shots, as well as some tongue-on-ass action. Kandy wiggles her ass on the slave’s face and really gets both cheeks bouncing. She sits down with all her weight but the slave soon kicks for air, so she gives him a quick second to take a deep breath, but this time she tells him she expects him to last. Kandy says his tongue feels good inside her, and as it turns out, maybe it feels a little too good. She blasts a juicy fart right into the slave’s mouth which leaves him choking and Kandy howling with laughter. The next thing you know, Kandy is back on his face but she clearly needs to take a dump and says, “Gawd, I think I’m going to relieve myself.” She leans forward so the slave can give some nice long licks up and down her ass crack with his very active tongue. “Tell me how much you love it” she demands, as she sits back down on his face, muffling his reply in the process. Who really wants to hear him talk anyway?
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Clubstiletto – Goddess Jewels Divine – Tongue Fuck My Hole

Sexy BBW Goddess Jewels has one of her devoted pets at her feet. “I need you to show your devotion to me” she tells him, before ordering him to start on her feet. He lovingly kisses them and sucks her toes. “I like my slaves to be very passionate about worshiping my body” she says, adding “You should be more passionate to my feet than you were to any girl you ever dated.” She smiles because she knows her slave has never had a girlfriend. She asks if he’s looking forward to worshiping her beautiful ass and naturally he says he is.

She rolls over to tease him with her ass before ordering him to kiss her cheeks. She makes him pull her panties down with his teeth and tells him to stick his nose between her crack. She looks back at you and asks if you want to see her asshole. She orders the slave to spread her cheeks just for you, so you can admire her ass and hole before she tells the slave to get his tongue inside her. “Fucking me with your tongue is as close as you’ll ever get to fucking me. Only real men fuck; not you. I purposely left it dirty for you.” The slave thanks her for the honor and she reminds him that she’s just too nice to him. As she lies on her tummy, the slave is ordered back so you get a perfect view of her amazing ass and sparkly clean asshole.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Fight For My Farts Boys

Kandy has trained her son to be a complete slave in every way, and has adopted his friend so the two can compete for her affections, control, and of course, her farts. Junior has developed a real lust for M0mmy’s massive farts and he often falls asleep at night with their scent firmly entrenched in his nostrils and brain. Today Kandy is going to make the two lads compete for her farts. She wants to see which of the two appreciate her raunch the most. She enters the room to find the boys kneeling as they await her return, knowing she’ll soon be farting in their faces. She pats them each on the head and tells them that the most enthusiastic slave will receive the bulk of her farts, followed by a facesitting afterwards.

As she kneels between them, you get an amazing view of her puckered bunghole while it spreads open and lets out a monstrous sound. She calls Junior over to suck the odor up his nose, just as if he were doing a massive line of coke. She pushes his head more deeply into her ass and asks if it smells like her cooking. She slides over to her adopted boy and lets another ferocious one rip. He’s equally enthusiastic and eagerly snorts it all up. Yummy M0mmy, indeed! Watch as Kandy delivers fart after fart to each of the dizzy slaves, complimenting herself on how truly amazing her farts are, and how thrilled she is to know that these two hunger for every single one that blasts from her ass. Junior wants to prove that he likes M0mmy’s farts the most and opens wide to take the gas into his mouth. There are lots of great angles in this video and you clearly see that every fart is genuine. At the end, M0mmy calls both boys in to sniff together and gives them a couple of really juicy ones, which they literally bang heads over. Once again, Kandy has proven herself to be an amazing M0ther.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – I Promised You Some Big Juicy Farts

All of Mistress Kandy’s farts are 100% authentic and today she has promised her ass slave some big juicy ones. She sits on his face and only gets up when she has to blow gas. Face sitting, ass smothering, ass licking and big wet juicy farts. Kandy is wicked as she makes the slave put his nose inches from her ass so you can see her anus expand as the gas explodes from it and then she shoves her ass into his face to insure the odor is ground right up his nostrils. Another fart classic from Kandy.

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Mesmerised By My Asshole Intoxicated By My Farts

Mistress Kandy has you on your knees behind her and orders you to stare at her ass, she puts you into a trance and tells you that you will now live for her ass, to look at it, to kiss it, to lick it, and to long for her hot wet farts. She then farts in your face telling you to breath it deep. She knows you want more, she rocks back and forth telling you to keep your eyes on her anus. She lets out a long wet fart. “You’ll go to sleep thinking about that asshole, you’ll wake up thinking about that asshole”, she tells you. Another up close fart right in your face. “You’ll live to have your nose in my ass, nothing else will matter to you”, she tells you. Kandy’s ass up close and lots of tasty farts!

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Jun 21, 2016 – Roxy Raye , Casey Calvert and Lisa Tiffian/Aliens from Uranus Fuel spaceships with Farts and orgasms.

EVERYTHING BUTT: Jun 21, 2016 - Roxy Raye , Casey Calvert  and Lisa Tiffian/Aliens from Uranus Fuel spaceships with Farts and orgasms.

Casey Calvert is the lead Alien who has captured Earth’s Biggest Anal Whores, Lisa Tiffian and Roxy Raye. She has been watching them for some time and she has decided they are worthy of being put on display for all the aliens to watch. They have tubes connected from ass to mouth so they can breath in each other’s farts. Casey has Lisa and Roxy Raye use a double ended dildo to butt fuck each other and make each other gape. Roxy Raye’s ass opens wide while Lisa Tiffian licks her gape and eats her farts. Both girls are fucked with an alien cock. They get and anal creampie which impregnates them with dragon cum babies in their asses. They will spread their seed on earth and repopulate the planet with worthy anal whores.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Roxy – Swallow MY Cum Farts 2

Throw Back Thursday! A classic cum fart video, fart lovers will not want to miss. Kenny has been brought up by his domineering Mom to worship Women. She often has kenny licking her Ass, sucking Daddy’s cum from Her Pussy, or being humiliated in a myriad of ways. Poor kenny, his erections now rule his life, and while he is supposed to be a slave to only M0mmy and Step-Mommy, he can’t resist looking up other hot Women like Mistress Roxy. Roxy loves to humiliate him as you will see in this clip.

Kenny has been locked in the dungeon while Roxy is in the bedroom getting fucked up the Ass by Her lover. Kenny now has the task of taking her cum farts in the face. Loads of fresh cum shoots out, onto her anus and pussy, her legs, and the bench below her. Kenny has to sniff the farts and then kenny has to lick all that cum up. Good boy, kenny! Fantastic video for cum fart lovers.

Mistress: Mistress Roxy
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Stevalia, Mistress Violet – All You Get is Our Farts

Here’s a throw back Thursday clip from 2012 that has not had a lot of views lately but ass lovers and fart sniffers will definitely enjoy! Mistress Violet and Goddess Stevalia are relaxing on the bed and making out. Violet comments on the bean salad they had for lunch and how it is making her need to fart. Goddess Stevalia remarks that her stomach is experiencing the same thing and she really needs to fart as well.

They summon their slave and order him to stick his nose into their sexy asses. Their asses are stacked high on top of each other and with their thighs encircling the slave’s head, it forms a nice cave of stench and flesh for the slave to enjoy. “”All you are good for is smelling our farts,”” announces Goddess Stevalia as the two of them fart and fart on their slave’s face.

Towards the end, Goddess Stevalia announces she has to sh*t and she orders the slave to attach his mouth to her asshole. The slave obeys and you can see him struggling with the simulated consumption of her load.

Mistress: Mistress Stevalia, Mistress Violet
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Sniff and Taste My Farts

Clubstiletto - Mistress Kandy - Sniff and Taste My Farts

Mistress Kandy has a gorgeous, plump ass and she demands that you service it in every way. Licking, kissing and sniffing it is not enough; you must inhale and savor the rank farts that come out of it as well! Kandy unleashes some juicy big ones, so much so that your nostrils will be singed with the smell of sch10t for hours to come! Not only does she fart in your nose, she farts right into your open mouth. You must taste the fart as well, ass bitch!

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Clubstiletto – Kandy’s Juciy Thai farts Mistress Kandy

Clubstiletto - Kandy's Juciy Thai farts Mistress Kandy
Mistress Kandy

Inhale deeply the pungent smell of your Goddesses’ juicy ass after a heavy meal of Thai food. Perhaps she will allow you to clean her delicious ass after she farts in your face. Or maybe she will just grab your head and bury it deep in her beautiful asshole smothering you in stinky farts. Breathe deep loser. This may be your last breath!

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Clubstiletto – Prove Your Servitude Goddess Samantha

Clubstiletto - Prove Your Servitude Goddess Samantha

Being pregnant makes Goddess Samantha hornier and nastier than ever. A slave bound to her chair has no choice but to plant his face deep into Her big ass crack. Our Goddess has no respect for him; indeed, if she felt the need to fart – or worse – well, the bitch would simply have to absorb it! That’s what slaves are for, after all, to be used… and to be thankful for it! Samantha reminds her slave that his tongue action is not worthy of pussy worship, only ass servitude, and she promptly unleashes a gassy fart up his nose. The slave must then demonstrate his gratitude by kissing her ass then fucking her asshole with his tongue. Nothing like a good rim job to ease morning sickness.

Mistress: Goddess Samantha
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Clubstiletto – Big Juicy Farts Mistress Kandy, Miss Olivia-Rose

Clubstiletto - Big Juicy Farts Mistress Kandy, Miss Olivia-Rose

Miss Olivia Rose and Mistress Kandy love humiliating their worthless slaves in any fashion they can, and the ladies really prove it in this clip. Both girls unleash mega farts in this guy’s face, and he can’t help thanking them for it as they giggle away. We have a variety of farts here, some long-winded, some short, but all incredibly noxious! As Miss Olivia remarks, slaves will do anything!

Mistress: Mistress Kandy, Miss Olivia-Rose
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Clubstiletto – No Fuck – Just Farts Mistress Kandy

Clubstiletto - No Fuck - Just Farts Mistress Kandy

Kandy takes special pleasure in punishing losers who assume they can get into her pants. She invites said loser over, he thinks he’s scored a hot and quick piece of ass, but next thing he knows he wakes up and is locked in her toilet box… there is no way out. She tells him he is not getting what he expects but rather is about to be buried in toxic farts. So you can see and hear the farts first, Kandy sits off the back of the box, to begin. Her plump ass is a treasure to behold and she lets out long farts that will excite any worm who knows subjugation in this form is what he needs. A lowly fart sniffer to a superior Woman. Watch as Her anus opens to expel each fart. Next Kandy moves her ass over the opening, sealing it tightly before resuming with more farts. Her v1ctim kicks frantically and begs to be let out but Kandy is having nothing of it. She gasses him with one ripper after another – hot juicy, Mexican fiesta food farts. In fact, she is farting so copiously she believes she’s about to sch1t! And look who’s ready to receive the luscious tuurd. Definitely a classic that you will enjoy today and every day for years to cum.

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Clubstiletto – My Boyfriend is a Fart Face Princess Jemma, Mistress Kandy

Clubstiletto - My Boyfriend is a Fart Face Princess Jemma, Mistress Kandy

Mother-daughter team Jemma and Kandy abuse said daughter’s ex-boyfriend in a very humiliating fashion. Mother (Mistress Kandy) gets on his face and discharges some pungent farts (nice close ups of farts discharging in his face) while step-daughter (Princess Jemma) manhandles his cock and balls. One must wonder how long this loser boyfriend is going to last! Princess Jemma is rather alarmed by the fact this guy seems to revel in his degradation, she comments how disgusting he is! Will Mother have to take things a step further and discharge something more solid in his mouth? She tells Her lovely new step-daughter that lowly creatures like this actually get excited imaging themselves as a woman’s full toilet. Jemma is learning so much from her loving M0ther.

Mistress: Princess Jemma, Mistress Kandy
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Mistress T – Fart POV

Mistress T - Fart POV

Farting. Point-Of-View. Ass Sniffing. Ass Smelling. Face Sitting. Panty Fetish. Goddess Worship. My-ass-your-face.
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