Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Alien Examination Sperm Test

Top secret footage of tests run on an alien have been uncovered in Canada! It’s stated in the video that the purpose of this experiment is to extract a sperm sample for testing to determine if inter-species breeding is possible. Precautions have been taken with latex medical gloves and a vinyl splash-guard jacket. It is undetermined what happened to the alien after this video was taken but based on the examiners comments on the size of the alien’s phallus & obvious keen interest in breeding it is suspected that she may have taken on more extensive, intimate tests personally…
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K-Klixen Productions – Daniela – The Evil Angel Part B

SPECIAL EDITION… for bad boys… this black angel brings your desperate situation to mind… she tells you that she will stroke your cock for the rest of your life… once a year you are allowed to cum… today this is this mentioned day… and as a kind of appreciation, she will take your money… this is the beginning of eternity… MERRY CHRISTMAS
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Jenna Preston – Stepford MILF

When a strange cloud appears over our perfect town, I’m going about my usual daily business of cleaning the house and being a perfect Stepford wife. I speak to my husband on the phone while he’s at work and he warns me about the dangers of this cloud. He tells me it’s releasing a poison into the atmosphere and that we should probably keep our s0n home from school to be safe. I continue about my business, cleaning in nothing but an apron, when my s0n comes downstairs for breakfast.

I inform him that I’m going to keep him home from school and of course, he’s ecstatic. He’s thrilled not only because he gets to miss school, but because this means we can spend more quality time together. We’ve been fucking for a while, every time my husband goes off to work and now, this is the perfect opportunity to spend even more time together uninterrupted. He hurriedly finishes his breakfast and we get down to business. This is going to be a lust-filled, explosive day of nothing but m0ther-s0n fucking.
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Jenna Preston – Call Of The Wild

In this POV custom clip, I play a m0ther protecting her s0n. An epidemic has spread through the world, causing anyone affecting to become a ravenous sex addict. Throughout the world, people are fucking like animals, becoming insane and crazy if they don’t get their regular fix. My s0n and I are among the few that haven’t yet been afflicted and I’m doing what I can to get us to the safe zone as quickly as possible.

We’re very close when I spot an abandoned cabin we can stop at for the night. After checking to make sure it’s clear, I lead my s0n in, telling him to lie down. He’s not looking too well and I’m worried the disease has gotten ahold of him. This same epidemic took his father away from me and I’m not about to let the same thing happen to my s0n! Quickly, I realize the awful truth: my s0n has somehow caught the disease and now I must do anything in my power to stop him from getting out of control. If that means fucking my own s0n, then that’s exactly what I’m going to have to do.
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Divine Goddess Jessica: Little Perv Goes Gay

You are visiting your older br0 and his roomie. You spent day 1 with your friends and the first night you disappeared into my roommate’s bedroom. I come to confront you and find you out by the pool. I try to yell but I’m so distracted and instead go to Starbucks for you, when I return you tell me to calm down, all of the noise I heard last night was him begging for sex. Instead you had him service you and left him blue balled. You explain he is ready to do anything for you. You notice that my eyes keep sliding along your body. It’s no surprise to you. When we lived at home, I used to spy on you and jerk off. But I didn’t know that you knew. You ask me if I want to go watch you from the window and jerk off for old time’s sake. I’m so embarrassed. Then you let me in on what you two discussed last night – what he needs to do to make you happy. When roomie comes home, he is going to take me into his room to show me something. He’ll start some male-horseplay but after a while he is going to try to kiss me. And you tell me I am going to let him. You say its okay for me to ‘protest’ (‘what are you doing dude?’) but then I need to reciprocate. Then he is going to bend me over, stick it in and cum inside me. I’m mortified, but you don’t care. I’m getting weaker by the second looking at your amazing body and you know it. You explain that roomie will probably not be hard and so if I want to get the whole thing over with, I better take it in my mouth until it is hard enough to do the job. You explain one more thing. Roomie is going to lock the door for our ‘session’ but I am going to work him over to the door and unlock it while we are going at it. The reason I am going to do that is so that you can come in and film it.
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Princess Ellie Idol: Kissing Cousins Double BlowJob

You wake up to your two cousins sucking your dick. This is a something you have only imagined for a long time. Now it’s really happening. They have seen you watching them from afar all those years of family reunions and have finally decided it was time to act on their urges. They both take your cock in their mouths back and forth, one on one. Oh it feels so good to have your cock sucked by your two incredibly hot kissing cousins.
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Kerri King’s Naughty Pleasures: Public Edging by Kerri King

You live a boring life, so why not spice it up with a little exhibitionism? I instruct you to drive to a designated location to publicly beat your dick in your car, and edge along the way. As you get harder, and more mind fucked, I have you undress and press the boundaries, putting you at risk for being caught. The thrill makes your balls ache, and my lace sheer pastel bodysuit doesn’t hurt either. You love trying to meet my standards and appease your cock at the same time. Now is the time to prove and challenge yourself…let’s get started!
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Princess Ellie Idol: BBC BRAINWASHING 1080P

You’ve been watching my forc.ed bi videos for awhile now. “For.ced” to start on your path of craving cock. Your brain thinks about big, white cock all day long. It’s not enough for me. I want you to start thinking about big, BLACK cocks. They’ve always intimidated you, but I think after this you’ll be ready and willing for the real deal. There’s a reason women go gaga over black dick! You’ll soon know why… I’ll make you BBC brainwashed for me! Now take your dildo and suck it while you jerk. These big dicks are already arousing you, huh? Now just picture me standing next to you as you deep throat a huge black member. What a perfect forced bi fantasy…enough to make your cum explode from your dick as I count you down to 1.
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Club Dom: Inga Victoria: Pussy For Dinner Part 1/Pussy For Dinner Part 1: His Appetizer

Slave 009 is exhausted and has only been fed a few scraps over the past 3 days while Goddess Inga Victoria has him working outside landscaping her new house non-stop. He has been worked hard and collapses from exhaustion and decides to go into the house to beg her for an actual meal. She agrees and has a wonderful dinner prepared on the table for him. Just before she gives him permission to eat, she decides to give him a choice instead….food or her pussy? He cannot help it but choose her pussy as he has been fantasizing about what this would be like ever since she enslaved him 6 months ago. Besides, what if this is what Mistress wants and he chooses food over her? That could be seen as disrespectful. He must choose her. Slave 009 goes to town eating her pussy from every angle she poses her sexy self in and pleasures her as best he can. She tastes so incredible, even better than he could ever fantasize about. She is so wet, he did not know a pussy could taste this good.
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Princess Ellie Idol: GIANTESS IN THE CITY 720P

I’ve just eaten most of the people in the city! Still hungry and wanting my dessert, I find a little white man. I pick him up and look him over. He looks delicious! I think I will make him my snack! I slowly lower him into my mouth…. His life will end in my stomach.
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Princess Ellie Idol: GIVE IN TO THE GAY 720P

You spend an awful lot of time trying to convince people you aren’t a faggot. You want others to believe you think cock is gross. You want them to believe the only thing for you is a woman. You’re hiding something. You’ve been supressing your true feelings for some time now. Truly straight men watch lesbian porn or go out and fuck girls! You like to see porn with dicks in it. Why? Because you secretly desire cock! Watching all my humiliation clips, maybe dressing up as a sissy….you’ve taken a step today in the right direction. You bought my forced bi clip because in all reality, you’re a little curious. I, along with these well hung studs will help you discover your true identity. You’re going to give in today… Give in to the gay!
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Mistress – T: Time Travel Fantasy

Mistress - T: Time Travel Fantasy

You have been transported back in time to the 1940’s. You’ve always had a weakness for pin-up models of that time…but you didn’t want to actually live in that era. You have a good life in 2015 & you’d like to get back there…but the only way to save your life is to resist ejaculating while being seduced & tempted by a 1940’s siren. It’s a test. Hold off for 20 minutes & you’ll be transported back to your happy life. Fail & you’ll be stuck in the 1940’s. Do you have enough self control?
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You just can’t stay away from me can you D0G? I snap my fingers and you come running to me! You’ve COME to me, and at the end you’ll be CUMMING to me. Before I let you see and worship my perfect body, I’m going to have you do a few tricks. I then move along to painting a mental picture of me facesitting on you, doing some only allowing you a single breath before I resume my seat. You’re hard watching my big white girl booty shake in front of you. Woof d0g! Show me your appreciation, obey me as you stroke your cock!! I am a vision you can’t get enough of, pet!
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Princess Ellie Idol: ALAN’S NURSE ELLIE 720P

Princess Ellie Idol: ALAN'S NURSE ELLIE 720P

As your home nurse Alan, it’s my job to make sure you’re comfortable! You being such a wealthy high tech executive are prone to stress, and as such you suffered an almost fatal heart attack a month prior. You still are recovering, and cannot get your heart rate up too high or else you’ll have another heart attack…which would k!11 you, your doctor has said. You trust me entirely. You blindly sign any papers I give you. I don’t look like the type of woman who would cause you harm. That is…until little old mousy me begins my strip tease. You’re in big trouble, Alan. It just got HOT in here!! Be careful! Any bit of arousal could flatline you….
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Mandy Flores: Gold-digger #3 – Homewrecking a sugardaddy with MANDY FLORES

Enjoy the other gold-digger series! Gold-digger Escort Gold-Digger

You are the rich father of a college girlfriend of mine and I know you have the hots for me. Im working on the side at a high end strip club and searching for the perfect sugar daddy and after your wife starts accusing us of sleep together I get an evil idea. I come over claiming I left my phone while using your pool earlier that day while no one was home. I ask to use your phone to try to call it but Im actually just texting your wife as you claiming that you want to stop fighting and to come home so you can work it out. I ask you why is your wife going nuts on me and you explain that she wants a divorce because she is sure he’s cheating on him. I start to realize and explain why she might have the wrong idea about me and that leads to me confessing to you that I strip for college money. You fall right into my plan and begin to talk of how Im better than that and you are getting curious as I start in on my flirting from flattery. ‘Im just looking for a sugardaddy who will take care of me….. a wealthy older man who spoils a younger hotter woman. He buys everything she wants and she is his hot piece of ass. I love a man who knows who to take care of women financially and sexually.’ Your jaw drops and I stand up and open my jacket. See why your wife might be a little Jealous? She must have saw me in this outfit tanning by the pool… do you see any tan lines? I know right…none. Its because I tan naked, do you mind if I go work on my tan? You want to see more of me so you ask where I work but I tell you that my strip club is for customers and I have different plans for you…. I want YOU to be my sugardaddy! Leave that fat crazy wife of yours and marry me sugar daddy! I’m going to be the arm candy you always wanted, I know you have always been in love with me. Let me show you how much Im worth sugar daddy…. I pull out your cock and start to blow you. I know you’re worth millions and your money will get well spent with my wet hot pussy.. Isnt that right? Oh yes…. I want it all sugar daddy!!! You agree just as your wife walks in to catch you getting a blowjob. ‘Guess you were right bitch, we are having an affair! Hey where you going? you’re about to miss the best part!’ Guess she doesn’t want to watch me fuck you sugar daddy, hehe. I begin to fuck you so good you agree to whatever I want and then I confess to you that I planned it all and we both cum together. I finally found my perfect sugardaddy.
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Kinky foot fetish fantasy

Do you like my bare naked feet? Good, I have a few fantasies involving them I’d like to indulge with you. First I want to gag you with my feet to keep you quiet. I want to hear try to talk be muffled by my foot. Lets see how effective my footgag is, I love to hear my foot boys mumble with my feet in and over their mouths. Then I want you tickle my feet. First wrap my body in duct tape so I cant move. I want tape over my mouth so I cant speak. Then I want you to tickle my feet mercilessly. Watch how fun that would be. And why should I get all the fun? Then I would do it to you….
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#125 Blackmailing the Principle

Format: WMV
Duration: 00:12:10
Size: 365.93 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

Busted for skipping class and smoking Ellie and I end up in the Principles office. We have more important things to do, kay? After school dentention, no way! Come on, cant we work something else out and you can just forget the whole thing? Our legs open just enough to give you a little peek and in no time our teasing has you all worked up and we have you around our little fingers. You look like you need a release…yeah? We need a break and so do you. Come on, have some fun! …So how about we just make that deal? Mandy will go first… Im taking off my top and then you show your goods..There you go…. see that wasnt so hard…haha omg actually you are very very hard. Stroke to our younge tight little bodies. We love older men, we are having so much fun. So you are going to forget all about our misbehaviours? Good, well….you are going to be doing much more than that actually. Im recording you with my phone you fool. Funny you were so fixated on Ellies see through panties you didnt notice. No dont you dare stop stroking. You are going to finish in front of us or everyone will see you with your pants down in your office in front of 2 female students. Are we blackmailing you? Yep, and it will last the rest of the school year.
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