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Clubdom: Esmi Lee & January POV Masturbation

Goddess Esmi and Goddess January Seraph are here to control you. You will stroke your tiny dick the way they tell you to. How does it feel to have no control over your own manhood? These women have you now, and you must show them what a good obedient bitch you are and do as they ask. Spill that slave slime and lick it all up!
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Clubdom: Straight Jacket Slave Gets Milked Caned And Fucked

The Strait Jacket slave gets milked, caned, and fucked. Goddess Esmi and Mistress Candie have caught their slave touching his pathetic slut stick one too many times. Goddess owns your balls! So to put a stop to this activity they restrain him in a strait jacket and suspend him in the dungeon. No more touching his cock! It has now been forty days and it is time to milk this slut to give him his protein for the month. The Goddesses milk him with their soft hands. Pulling the filth right out of him. He refrains from spilling even one drop, knowing what’s coming to him. He will be fed his own cum. Then to suffer another consequence Goddess Esmi punches his pathetic slut sack over and over. This is just for her amusement of course, Goddess Esmi loves destroying balls. The day of the 420 brutal cane strokes approaches. When Mistress Candie wants to be fucked by her strait jacket bound slave. Not with his cock but with a chindo attached to his face. His pain and suffering is what gets her off so Goddess Esmi canes the slave with sadistic strokes that get harder and harder. All the while he must keep up with fucking Mistress Candies’ pussy. The losers’ ass is nice and welted as he cries into Mistress Candies’ pussy. His face is then dug in harder and Mistress Candie commands him to make her cum! Goddess Esmi beats Him brutally to ensure he is giving his all the Mistress’ Pussy. The slave had better make her cum now or his ass will be turned into hamburger meat. Finally the slave succeeds in bringing his Mistress to orgasm, but not before his ass is completely destroyed. Later Goddess Esmi and Mistress Candie take their strait jacket slave’s gaping ass hole with no mercy. Cruelly fucking the bitch until all he can do is cry out in pain. The Goddesses flip his ass over and continue to vigorously fuck him. Esmi and Candie laugh as their slave is fucked to the point of collapsing. Dirty, Broken and owned, the ass slut crawls back to his cage waiting to be used again.
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Subbyhubby: Poker Face – 3 Chicks 1 Cuck – Mini Movie

Esmi, Tristen, and Melanie are having fun partying, but with parents coming home soon, they need somewhere else to go. They remember that the local nerd boy, Eugene, is home alone for the weekend. The cruel girls decide to have some fun at his expense; they are going to make him into a chastised sissy bitch for their amusement while they use his house as a place to party! Eugene is so happy that hot girls are actually coming to his house that he quickly agrees to everything they ask – especially when they start flashing their tits, asses, and pussies at him! He agrees to get naked for them, causing them to burst out in laughter at how small his dick is, especially when compared to a real cock! Because his cock is so small, they let Eugene know that the only way he can be around them is to have his sissy dick locked in a cage – while he is dressed like a sissy as well. Of course, the pathetic geek is all too eager to agree to anything for these hot girls. So happy to be around hot girls, Eugene quickly agrees to be dressed in a sissy maid’s outfit and locked in chastity, cleaning house as the girls play poker and drink. The girls have an interesting twist on playing poker; as Eugene soon finds out. After getting the strapon locked on his head, Eugene is told to face fuck the pussy of the winner of the hand. If that girl actually show in any way that she enjoys it, she has to drink! How pathetic it makes Eugene feel, that the girls don’t even want to admit accepting pleasure from a dildo he is wearing on his face! The girls decide to play another game with Eugene: having him smell and lick their dirty asses clean, then guess which girl’s ass he was licking! The girls laugh as they order Eugene to breath in their ass odor, then rub their asses all over his face. Of course, the nerd guesses wrong several times before finally identifying the correct girl. Eugene is all excited, wondering what his prize is for finally winning the game. Knowing what they have planned next for him, the girls just burst out in laughter. The girls decide to order some pizza, ordering Eugene to answer the door in his sissy maids outfit. The girls tell the pizza man they have no money for a tip, but would he like a blowjob instead? He quickly agrees, but then gets told it will be Eugene giving it! Eugene does not want to do it, but the girls tell him it is the only way they will let him out of chastity, so he reluctantly agrees. The girls just laugh as Eugene sucks the pizza man’s cock, giving him directions and even forcing his mouth wider to get more of the cock in. When the pizza man blows a huge load all over Eugene’s face, they laugh at his humiliation, then order him to clean up so that they can use him some more. They leave him alone and sobbing, cum dripping down his face.
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Clubdom: Edging The Cum Slave

Mistress Esmi Lee and Mistress Candie Coxx are here to have some fun with their bound slave. The Mistresses are going to edge this poor cum slave but not before they secude him first. First they slowly tease, jerk and edge his cock. Then, they get the slave to the point of Cumming then stop making him go insane. Candie teases the cum slut with her tits making him want to spurt his load. They continue to slow jerk and edge the slaves throbbing cock finally allowing him to cum. The slave is then fed every drip of his man filth
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Clubdom: Please Cane Me

Mistresses January and Esmi decide to play a cruel game with their helpless slave bitch. Knowing that he is terrified of the cane, they decide to whip him instead, promising only to stop when he sincerely begs to be caned! The bitch is soon begging to be caned, but the Mistresses continue the whipping until they are convinced he is sincere. Things go from bad to worse as the Mistresses cane the bitch; he is soon screaming and shaking helplessly in his chains, much to the delight of the heartless Mistresses. When they have finished with the bitch, they are so hot from his punishment that they make out, leaving him still bound with a cane in his mouth, waiting for further punishment
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Clubdom: Forced To Make Her Cum

The slave is bound up with a dildo gag in his mouth. He can’t move much at all, not enough to run away. It’s time for him to learn his place here, and that is to exist fof the pleasure of the women. Mistress Esmi is a young and new Mistress at the compound but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how much power she has. She gets into the slave’s face and tells him that he has five minutes to pleasure her friend, Mistress Cadie, or else she is going to cane him until he is a mess. She forces him into her pussy. Goddess Cadie instructs him on how to fuck her while Esmi shoves his pathetic face in and out. He doesn’t have much time left and has to make her cum. he is just a living, breathing tool for their pleasure now.
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Subbyhubby: Husband Reconditioning (Re-Training The Cuck)‏ Full Movie

Now that Mr. James has been caught cheating on his wife, Kendra. She is sending him back to husband reconditioning facility that she found him at to learn how to serve a woman again. He must know his proper place as he has been demoted out of his Camaro into a plain boring transportation vehicle. Mr. James will have to go through the whole training process over again. Miss Esmi spots this cocky loser right away and calls for Miss Coxx to enter the room. They start by cross-dressing him in a nice pink dress making sure he is locked in chastity and instructed to eat pussy. He is horrible not having a clue how to please a woman. Miss Coxx shows him how to eat Esmi’s pussy letting him taste it from their fingers. Taunting him with the chastity key, telling him this is just the beginning of his retraining process. Goddess Esmi and Mistress Candie now strap a Chindo on Mr. James pathetic loser face to teach him how to please a woman without the use of his pathetic slut stick. Ramming his head in and out of as Esmi’s pussy till she has orgasm after orgasm. Instructing him that this is your new place locked in chastity with a prosthetic dick strapped to your face. Mistress Esmi and Mistress Candie love to have their ass’s licked and worshiped by their bitch boy Alex in his hot pink dress. Mistress Esmi demands that he clean and lick her beautiful asshole to perfection. Mistress Esmi and Mistress Candie put this sissy slut to the test. Enjoying every moment of his servitude to them. Smelling, licking and worshiping our Goddess Asses. The Sissy slut must not miss even an inch of our beautiful round bottoms. Mistress Esmi and Mistress Candie further instruct Mr. James on how to properly worship a woman’s foot. Esmi shoves her foot filling his mouth. Making him lick her high arches. Paying close attention to each toe and worshiping every angle of Goddess’s foot. Mr. James must come to except the fact that his place is locked in chastity, in a pink dress and on his knees to serve women.Mr. James still needs more training to learn his place in a goddesses life.This pathetic cucky bitch has been locked in chastity and is being tormented by Goddess Candie and Mistress Esmi. They lick the chastity device breathing their hot warm breath on it. Goddess Candie even fucks her big tits with it. The pathetic cuckold can barely stand anymore after he is feeling the restrain of the chastity device against his engorged slut stick. The ladies finally release him from chastity and inform him that he has exactly 5 minutes to make Mistress Esmi cum. The pathetic loser barley last two minutes when he feels the wet warmth of Mistress Esmi’s pussy. He yells out pathetically like a little sissy slut “I’m about to cum, I’m about to cum.” Esmi laughs and tells him to cum on Goddess Candie’s big tits. After the loser spills his load he smirks at Goddess Esmi and asks “did I do good?” She smacks the bitch in the face shoves his head down and makes him lick up every last drop of his loser goo. Finally Mr. James has his final evaluation. Goddess Esmi and Candie are both wearing purple 12″strap on cock’s. Mr. James is on his knees in front of Goddess Esmi lifting up the strap-on to reveal her hot pink pussy. She asks Mr. James “which will it be” and notices he can’t take his eyes off that big purple strap-on. “Just as I thought, your a cock whore. Suck my cock bitch.” She makes him lick her pussy and her balls. They decide to turn this bitch over and drill his ass. Goddess Esmi fucks him hard and long while Candie strokes her strap-on making Mr. James suck on her big round titties and instructs him to repeat after me … “I LOVE A HUGE COCK IN MY ASS.” So now the truth is out Mr. James is a pantyhose wearing cum guzzling sissy slut who loves a big cock in his ass.
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Club Dom: Esmi’s Halloween Party Part 3: JOI

You can enjoy being a part of Esmi’s party by being her entertainment. Kneeling and ready for her orders, you cannot help but to become excited at the sight of her gorgeous body. You must do as Esmi says if you are to have any permission to cum, no matter how degrading it is. Sticking your fingers up your ass for her and stroking your pathetic excuse for a dick is a good start to pleasing her.
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Club Dom: Esmi’s Halloween Party Part 1/Esmi’s Halloween Party Part 1: Enslaving Jock

Esmi and her obedient man-pet are having a special kind of Halloween Party. It is set up to enslave the jock next door neighbor who she knows has had his eye on her. The jock boy arrives and soon learns that this party is a private affair, and all about what Esmi wants. He gets on his knees as he is told to see what this is all about, and to his surprise, she pulls out a vibrating dildo and starts playing with her pussy with it. She allows both of the enslaved men to taste her pussy on the dildo and knows they are easily controlled by her.
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STRAPON SQUAD: Jan 01, 2016 – Kaisey Dean, Esmi Lee & Marina Angel

STRAPON SQUAD: Jan 01, 2016 - Kaisey Dean, Esmi Lee & Marina Angel

Hot and horny Kaisey Dean loves is lesbian domination threesomes, the kind only found at Strapon Squad. This time around Kaisey’s Mistresses Marina Angel & Esmi Lee want her to endure constant orgasms. Why not start it off with the infamous sybian fucking machine, a favorite for our BDSM scenarios. Of course, she will be bound to it with tight rope to give her Mistresses deepthroat blowjobs. You know they never leave home without their big black strapon dildos for double penetration. They’re the best at having hardcore BDSM fun with rope bondage, rough sex, spanking, slapping tits, biting nipples, smacking, whipping, deep penetration, constant orgasms, sex toys and nipple clamps. Kaisey Dean loves big cock and dildos, so she’s left gaped in her own spit and juices begging for more.
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STRAPON SQUAD: Jun 18, 2015 – Esmi Lee, Charli Acacia

STRAPON SQUAD: Jun 18, 2015 - Esmi Lee, Charli Acacia

Sabrina Banks is back for more lesbian domination. She can’t get enough. This time around Sabrina’s Mistress, Brooklyn Daniels, wants her to endure constant orgasms. The infamous sybian fucking machine does the trick and more. She will be bound to it with tight rope as she gives her Mistress a deepthroat blowjob. You know Brooklyn only uses her own big black strapon dildo. She’s quite good at having hardcore BDSM fun with rope bondage, rough sex, spanking, slapping tits, biting nipples, smacking, whipping, deep penetration, constant orgasms and more sex toys. Sabrina is left in her own spit and pussy juice, begging for more through her ball gag. She loves being a submissive slut!
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Club Dom: Double Stuffed Bitch (Ass Fucking)/Esmi & May Strapon Fucking 2

Club Dom: Double Stuffed Bitch (Ass Fucking)

Goddess Esmi and Mistress May decide its time to double stuff this bitch. They make their slave Toby beg for big hard black cock. First they shove all 12 inches in his mouth telling him that will be the only lubrication used to fuck his man pussy. The more he protests the harder Goddess Esmi fucks him. The slave starts tying to creep away from the cock in his ass and she grabs him by his hips and slams him back down. Thrusting even deeper while Mistress May shoves all 12 inches of her black cock in the bitches mouth. The more he cries the harder he gets fucked.
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Club Dom: Esmi & May Strapon Fucking/Caning & Fucking Your Ass

Goddess Esmi Lee and Mistress May can not decide whether they want to fuck or cane this bitch. So they fill his mouth full of cock while caning him. “That’s okay. I’ll warm the bitch up.”, GoddessEsmi taunts, “then he’ll be begging for cock!” Sadistic and brutal Goddess Esmi canes his ass severely until wearing the bitch’s ass out. She wastes no time in bending him over so that Mistress May can straddle the bitch like a pony. They Fuck him hard and wear his pathetic ass out once again, before Mistress May demands he flip over. “I want a shot at that mam Pussy!” She says. She pile drives him and tells him to take all of her 12 inch black cock til he is squealing like a little pig. “Your day has just begun…” The ladies laugh.
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SEXUAL DISGRACE: Jan 22, 2015 – Esmi Lee

Usually mean and sultry BDSM Mistress Esmi Lee is her Master’s submissive slut ready for more rope bondage. He loves tormenting his sex slave and has a device to help: the fucking machine. Esmi is tied down on a work table with the machine pointing a rubber dick at her pussy. Can she handle double penetration? Her master flips on the machine and fills her mouth with his big thick cock, deep down her throat, fucking her brain in! He handles the speed nob, going up and down, distracting Lee from her face fucking and hard smacks across her cheek. She can’t control the orgasms she’s having. Her Master wants to see her squirt as much as she can. The machine is taken away, yet Esmi is kept in place. This curious slut may not be able to take anymore deep penetration domination, begging for mercy. He wants to pound her in rough and hard with his raging boner. Her training continues in becoming his sex slave to keep around, following every order, taking every inch of cock, fast and sexy. Esmi has earned her Master’s cum all over her face, left whimpering in her own juices.
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