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sado-ladies: Domination With High Heels

next clip today we have with empress victoria! this rich and arrogant bitch was shopping and all the time her slave has to wait for her tied in front of the door. so after she comes home from the shopping her heels are quite dirty and the slave is released so he can lick all the dirt away from the shiny heels of his goddess. after only a few minutes he starts to moan so he gets some ecouragment from his goddess by hard kicks on his back. it seems he needs some more punishment so the bitch starts to flatten his hands also under her cruel shoes. still not convinced that her slave will lick better now he gets also some severe kicks to his pathetic balls. time for the next shoe licking trial now and – what a wonder – now he performs much better. clip duration: 06.27 german language!
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Ball Busting Chicks: Empress: Pulling the reins!

Her horse get the reins attached to his genitals! So when she rides on him and pull the reins, it gets very painful for him. Eventually she stops and checks his huge horse cock dangling between his legs. She beats his cock brutal with her special paddle that includes a metal core! This and more corporal punishment and transformation of a man into an is what this ruthless Mistress wants.
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Ballbustingchicks: Empress: Brutal Ball Bondage

What she most enjoys is to abuse and maltreat mens balls! This is a special case of brutal ball abuse! She ties his balls up with one of her used stockings. She ties them to his own toes! The slave is totally helpless and not able to stop t*rturing his balls at the slightest movement! Even if she would leave him alone in this awkward position the balls would ache like hell. But she even whip his nuts, kick him to make him rollover… At the end – after cutting the stocking and testicle release – she brings life back to his abused balls by kicking them…
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Ballbustingchicks: Empress: Wake Up!

She wakes him up with a glowing cigarette on his balls! She degrades and humiliates her male victim him by talking about his sore swollen balls, that she has abused the day before and now she force him to present them. She abuse his bollocks further and slap him hard in the face. Talks about is inability to get a hard on anymore and the weakness and uselessness of men…
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Ball Busting Chicks: Empress: Punished for cumming without permission!

The strong muscular Empress beats and overpowers him. She sits on his face with her muscular ass, jerks him but gives him no permission to cum! But then as she presses her ass on his face and jerks him harder and harder he is not able to hold it back anymore and squirts without permission. For this she beats his cock hard and force him to clean up the mess he made by pulling the ball leash…
This video is full of cruel CBT, forced ass worship and forced orgasm.
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Ballbustingchicks: Empress: Jerk off the cock slave

The Empress and Isabella in hot thong outfits together with Tatjana amuse themselves by abusing a hung up man… Of course their main target is his cock! His boner get whipped and beaten by the three women like hell! First they use ordinary whips for the cock punishment. This is followed by two solo demonstrations of female cruelty first by the Empress and second by Isabella. The Empress takes a flat metal rod to inflict extreme pain on his cock. Isabella gives his pre-damaged cock more severe whipping and beating with her hand. She jerks his bruised boner off under more beatings… Then as still drops of sperm coming out of the cock, she decides to whip the last drop out of his aching cock…
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Ball Busting Chicks: Ejaculation of a T*rtured Cock – Cum without touching!

After t*rturing his genitals with cigarette and the cane she starts a rude handjob. Every now and then in-between jerking she beats his stiff cock ruthless. Then all of a sudden – as she stands in front of him with her sexy outfit – he cums even without touching him! She takes the opportunity to t*rture him further by even harder cock beatings and brutal kicking of his tied up bollocks…
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Empress Jennifer: Slavery Begins Today

This is a special series of clips where I have taken it upon Myself to personally train My own video slaves for My own self-interest. The transformation is truly amazing.. Something you can expect if interested in being My slave. Enjoy

To train a slave, there are many considerations to examine. One being: can the slave be broken of his old ways to learn new behaviors suitable for serving Me? In this series, we kick off a new focus of Mine as a Femdom and new direction of the site. The truth is, It hasn’t been easy finding slaves that meet My expectations. So I have decided to train a new crop from scratch. Now, you may witness the transformation of ordinary men, turning into worthy slaves of Empress Jennifer. Im allowing you clip by clip, to watch Me teach and train My new slaves to shake off their corrupt past, to be reborn as better beings who act with purpose. In this clip, I begin with training My slave the true nature of proper worship; how to sing and pray to his Goddess; his Empress. Make sure you’re checking daily, as you will see My slave’s progress and how it is progresses accordingly to My master plan.

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Ball Busting Chicks: I Will Break You (Full HQ)

A document of real pervert female brutality. There is no playing in this video. This and part 2 are the most brutal videos we made. The slaves gets dragged by the balls like a animal. Forced to kneel down to show his big hanging cock for a ruthless cock whipping. Then he is tied up and secured for more hard penis whipping. The pain must be incredible and reaches the climax when the cock gets a brutal hard caning.

Full swing ball kicking with dangerous big boots into the already abused and battered cock and balls. If you thought the incredible pain in part 1 could not be topped you are wrong. It hurts so much that the slaves crying must be heard from miles away. The deadly boots making a real mess out of the slaves groin and leaves the cock and balls damaged and incapable of doing disgraceful things again…
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Ball Busting Chicks: Empress: Tied up for ball t*rture – replaced with new mp4 version

Brutal and sadistic ball t*rture. She ties him up, ties his nuts up, legs open for a better access to his ball sack. She kicks them, punches and beats them with her hand and with a wooden spoon…
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Ball Busting Chicks: Empress: Cock beaten by the Empress and her two horny girl friends!

The three women make his cock hard just for their sadistic amusement to beat his hard on with all their might. His sticking out, dangling cock get beaten up by three horny sadistic women!
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Kinky Mistresses – Empress Painless – Nipple Punishment

Featuring Mistress

The kinky ebony mistress,…. EMPRESS PAINLESS loves extreme nipple play. She has a lot of fun with this nipple punishment

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 5 minutes 3 seconds
Photos: 10
Tags: ebony, empress, kinky, mistress, nipple, painless, play
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