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Scatshop: ur friend fucks my poopoo hole

I start by taking a huge long creamy shit while holding my ass in the air 🙂 U can clearly see my face and my asshole as it opens, at the same time. U are not allowed to do anything else than sit on ur knees and lick my dirty asshole when I say.
In the 2nd part of the video, Im gonna sit on that huge pile of shit and have u watch me get fucked by ur friend. U are not allowed to jerck off but watch us only. Im telling u how good it feels and how he is so much better than u cause he can completly clean me up with his long cock while urs is short and thin and no good for emptying my asshole.
Im asking him ti fuck me harder and harder, getting more and more shit out and after he makes my stinky asshole cum all over his cock, Im gonna take his shit covered cock deep inside my mouth asking him to fill it all up.
That’s it, good boy! Watch and learn, watch and learn!
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Scatshop: Happy farts and dirty feet

Today I thought about walking bare feet on the hallway well I first applyed some oil on my feet to be sure Ill get all the dirt out there haha In the end they didnt get too dirty lol it looks like our maid does a very good job (at least me and my neighbors dont pay her for nothing lol)
After I get my ass back in I’m gonna strip to my panties and show u my lovely tampon and my dirty pussy. I’m also taking a poop standing wich of course makes me horrny and wanna fuck both my holes. Im gonna cool my holes down by dp-ing them getting all shitty and cum really hard in one of ur fave positions meaning doggy style 🙂 My feet are all “shitied” up, my ass and pussy came huge whats left? Well I gotta let some farts out cause I do feel really gassy haha So there we go, Im gonna relieve a few noisy farts right in ur face!
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Scatshop: dirty crazy nun

After the evening prayer time, I enter my room and a dirty thought comes into my mind…
I grab the only toy I could hide and keep, stick it on a plate, take my skirt off and release a huge shit all over my toy…I then start riding it passionately untill my ass cums all over. Imagining I actually have a real cock under me, Im gonna rub that shit up and down, and stick all down my throat sucking it and tasting my delicious shit. Thats not enough for me so as Im asking you to cum, I cover my face with my shit…
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Scatshop: huge poop and ass fuck

I couldnt poop for a couple of days untill today when I almost pooped my panties. U have no idea how hard it was to fix my camera while jumping around lol I did mess my panties a lil bit tho but then I laid on a stool and released the monster haha Such a huge poop from such a tiny white asshole wow
I grab my black thick dildo and start fucking my asshole shouting at u to fuck my tight white asshole. After ur black cock makes me cum hard Im gonna finger my dirty smelly asshole making it squirt another load of shit like a fountain.

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Scatshop: Ella Gilbert – playing dirty on my new sofa


Stripping out of my pj’s couldnt be unfollowed by a great shitty orgasm on my new sofa. That glass “lollipop” brings out so much shit, oh yum! I do lick it after my dirty ass cums all over. I also lick the piece of hard turd wich came outta my ass at the beginig of this video
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