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Femdom Empire – Ash Hollywood – Shock Therapy

Mistress Ash loves toys especially ones that are 6′ 3″ with their cock and balls tightly vised, ready and available to torture.
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Femdom Empire – Lexi Sindel, Saharra Huxley – Interrogation

Ms Lexi doesn’t take to kindly to men not repaying their debts… in a town like Vegas gambling weasels always try to take advantage of the house. Ms. Lexi has her trusted henchwoman SAHARRA the Amazon enforcer to “persuade” men into finding new ways to repay their debt. Ms. Lexi and SAHARRA star the interrogation process with some ball crushing, cattle prodding and sheer torment.
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Femdom Empire – Marley Brinx – Ruined Anal Orgasm

Mistress Marley Brinx puts her favorite anal whore’s cock through an extreme stamina test. She fills his hole wide up with a big, fat shocking ass plug making him scream with intense pain and pleasure. It is the perfect tool to make any slut immediately drop to their knees and beg their Owner to cum. With every increasing turn of the knob, Mistress Marley shows why it’s the ultimate self-fucking, slave shocking and prostate milking butt plug in her dungeon today. It doesn’t take long for the anal slut to fail her test as he starts to lose control from being bound, edged and turned into a sexually frustrated fuck-doll for her entertainment. He blasts a massive load all over his helpless body knowing every last drop is about to be shoved right back down his slut throat. To make matters worse, Mistress Marley turns up the voltage and brings out her claws to completely ruin any gratifying pleasure his now thoroughly ruined orgasm would’ve brought him.
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Femdom Empire – Marley Brinx – Chastity Cum Training

Mistress Marley has her slave locked in a new electro shock chastity cage. She is training him for a life of 24-7 permanent chastity. He must learn how to cum while in the cage if he ever wants an orgasm again. Ultimately he will be trained to orgasm with only via the remote control stim box. For his first session she raises the electricity higher and high building his tolerance and encouraging him to be sexually excited about his cocks new home. Mistress Marley manually milks his cock in the cage with a vibrator for an explosive orgasm.

Featuring: Marley Brinx
Categories: Brunette, Chastity, Electro Play, Milking, Ruined Orgasms
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Femdom Empire – Lexi Sindel – Stanley

I purchased this giant electro butt plug called the “Stanley”. Nobody has been able to fit it, until today. Slave Tony is my guinea pig. The acrylic plug is conductive in four different areas to make his anus contract and pulse uncontrollably. I position the plug to shock directly on the prostate. I try different methods to see how much I can make his internal organs spasm out of his control. I decide that the slow, steady fuck to his ass looks the most interesting. The plug slowly sucks in and out of his ass uncontrollably. His prostate begins to make leak pre-cum. I am sure with time I could train him to orgasm with only anal stimulation via the electro plug.

Featuring: Lexi Sindel
Categories: Anal Play, Electro Play
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Femdom Empire – Kiki Vidas – Strap-on Rampage

Serving an unpredictable Mistress can be equally exciting as it is frightening. Kiki has an incredibly sweet side, but she is also can be a sadistic sexual deviant. Tonight she has decided she is going to fuck her subs ass raw with a giant black angry cock. She is on a strap-on rampage! Kiki Vidis fucks him every which way until he squeals like a little bitch.

Featuring: Kiki Vidas
Categories: Anal Play, Electro Play, Strap-on
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Femdom Empire – Adria Rae – Stiletto Boot Sucker

Mistress Adria demands that her black stiletto leather boots are always to be in a pristine condition. She slaps and zaps her groveling slave ordering him to lick her boots until they look brand spanking new! Adria might just think about taking him out of chastity if he is a good boy and does a thorough job licking every inch of scum from her stiletto boots like a good boy.

Featuring: Adria Rae
Categories: Boot Worship, Electro Play, Humiliation
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Femdom Empire – Kiki Vidas – Electro Chastity Trainer

Mistress Kiki has a shocking new surprise in store for her rubber gimp’s chastity device. His cage just got a brand spanking new upgrade as Kiki takes his behavior modification training to the next level.

Featuring: Kiki Vidas
Categories: CBT, Chastity, Electro Play, Foreign Accents, Red Head, Tease and Denial
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Men Are Slaves – Princess Jennifer – I Am Slave, Part 2

Men Are Slaves - Princess Jennifer - I Am Slave, Part 2

The reason this introduction to femdom is only a two part clip is because Katy caught on really fast! Clearly she is a dominant women on the inside, and with Jennifer’s help that is now fully exposed on the outside as she is introduced to the cock shocker. I always love the look of glee on a girls face the first time she uses the cock shocker, when she realizes she can deliver instant pain to his cock with just a mere button press. That’s all it took and now Katy is hooked, ready to inflict all sorts of pain and punishment on men everywhere. We have filmed a bunch more with her and oh boy does she step up the torture level, but for now enjoy this part 2 of her introduction to femdom!
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Femdom Empire – Cock Locked & Shocked Alix Lynx

Femdom Empire - Cock Locked & Shocked Alix Lynx
Alix Lynx

Mistress Alix is feeling very sadistic and wants to play a fun game of shock and scream with her helpless boytoy. His locked up genitals are completely at her mercy and unfortunately for the slave she has none.

Featuring: Alix Lynx
Categories: Blonde, CBT, Chastity, Electro Play
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Femdom Empire – Electro Shocked Anus Goddess Tangent

Femdom Empire - Electro Shocked Anus Goddess Tangent
Goddess Tangent

The only reason Goddess Tangent needs to punish a slave is to satisfy her sadistic desires. Using electrifying cock rings and a huge shocking butt plug paired with a zapping wand is all she needs to have more then enough fun breaking in her new college boytoy. She can’t help but enjoy every minute of his torment as nothing makes her happier then watching bound and helpless boys squeal and cry for mercy.

Featuring: Goddess Tangent
Categories: Anal Play, CBT, Electro Play
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ElitePain: Life in the EliteClub 17

ElitePain: Life in the EliteClub 17

Lady Jenny and Zseby have their pussies sewn shut, they are bound fucked with an enormous dildo, electro-shocked, and whipped, caned and beaten till they cry.
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Femdom Empire - SHOCK COLLAR TRAINING Holly Heart
Holly Heart

Miss Holly Heart has put her bitch boy on a new training regime to help him become the perfect slave. A shock collar has been attached to his neck to begin his lesson in elegance and control while worshipping every part of you Mistress.

Featuring: Holly Heart
Categories: Ass Worship, Blonde, Boot Worship, Electro Play
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Femdom Empire SHOCK THERAPY Ash Hollywood
Femdom Empire

Mistress Ash loves toys especially ones that are 6′ 3″ with their cock and balls tightly vised, ready and available to torture.

Featuring: Ash Hollywood
Categories: Electro Play, CBT
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