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Scatshop: Sorority Sister Period Tasks Cum

Bratty Sorority Sister of Kappa Delta Pi is all in her Sister School attire. You think you have what it takes to make this University Sorority? No ONE ever passes lol. Lets see if you can.
I run down the list of things you have to do to change to be a part of this wonderful group. Treating you like shit.
Have some bad news for you! I am on my period. What does that have to do with your tasks ? Well your going to have to clean and lick up mine & the rest of the sisters bloody period pussy’s! I take off my period panties and show how bloody and nasty it is.
Dont you look at me! Look at my pussy , Suck my period pussy and make me cum. HA!
Too much, too late!

Shake your head….
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Scatshop: huge poop and ass fuck

I couldnt poop for a couple of days untill today when I almost pooped my panties. U have no idea how hard it was to fix my camera while jumping around lol I did mess my panties a lil bit tho but then I laid on a stool and released the monster haha Such a huge poop from such a tiny white asshole wow
I grab my black thick dildo and start fucking my asshole shouting at u to fuck my tight white asshole. After ur black cock makes me cum hard Im gonna finger my dirty smelly asshole making it squirt another load of shit like a fountain.

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Scatshop: Rough handjob and Ball Spanking!

Mia is very sweet, sometimes she can be a little more deadly too….

After sucking his cock a little, she unloads a huge poop all over Max, and covers his balls and dick in shit. She rides him and gives him a messy foot job but also spanks his balls with a riding crop!

Buy this clip if you like huge loads and life on the slightly rougher side!
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Scatshop: Anal Pleasures

This clips opens with me getting fucked hard in the ass.

I desperately need to go no2 and cant hold it any longer, pushing out all over his cock, does he stop fucking me though? No! His messy dick pushes my shit right back in, and the bits that come out are smeared all over me…. My first (but not last) couple clip. This one is VERY messy
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Scatshop: You’ve Created This Poop Fiend

I cannot believe what has happened to me. I went from being a lady to being a little dependant daddy’s girl and I don’t even remeber how I ended up this way. I can’t control it anymore and it’s starting to scare me. I’ll be in the middle of my day and get an urge to piss my panties and it’s like I snap into this crazy mode where I dont even remember who I am anymore. I need to record it to see where things go wrong. Now I see where the snap happens and I piss my panties like I often do now… kneeling in my warm piss puddle I get an urge to push out a turd… what is wrong with me? I just want to color you a nice picture but I’m posessed by this craving to use my poo for my medium. I can’t stand this little girl stuff but boy am I acting silly… and quite adorable if you ask me. I don’t even recall any of this. I think a nap is in store while I rub my pussy to sleep.
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Scatshop: Eat my shit

I tease you in my sexy summer black dress showing you my ass with lots of ass shaking. With my ass facing the camera I push out a big firm shit for you.Throughout the video I encourage you to eat my yummy shit. I even give it a lick to show you how yummy it is.
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Scatshop: Eat my shit

I tease you in my sexy summer black dress showing you my ass with lots of ass shaking. With my ass facing the camera I push out a big firm shit for you.Throughout the video I encourage you to eat my yummy shit. I even give it a lick to show you how yummy it is.
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Scatshop: Preparing you to become my toilet slave

So you want to be my toilet slave?

I shouldn’t have to sit on this cold toilet bowl. I should be able to sit on your warm face so my butt doesn’t get cold. Are you ready for this ultimate act of worship? Are you courageous enough to do it? You will be waiting for me all day long in case I have to empty my bowels and my bladder. You’ll be fed by me and only me. There is no turning back.

Can you see my dirty asshole? You are going to be my toilet paper. If you were here you would have your head between my legs and you would be licking me clean. I shouldn’t have to ask you. You have to put your nose close to my asshole and sniff my farts. Then you have to open your mouth wide so all the shit will fall right into it. Your job is not done until everything has been swallowed, until my asshole is perfectly cleaned. You will worship your Goddess and you will be grateful to have the chance to be used as my toilet.

Are you ready to be my toilet slave? Ready for that nasty smell, ready to eat all my waste? What are you waiting for?
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ScatShop: Anna Coprofield – Shit Save Mission (COMPLETED)

[Custom vid]DIVIDED INTO 2 PARTS,prepare the memory device)
PS I’m so smeared by shit,that’s why my camera did not recognize me and lost zoom sometimes,but I hope it will not prevent you enjoy it;)
“Script Tell me everything you want in the video right here…:
So you can start by playing with yourself normally like you do in the beginning in all your vids. And when you’re ready take one of the shits you saved and smear it on and around your pussy and your inner thighs and play with yourself a bit like that. Then get another shit and start to smear it all over your body and taste some and suck some off your fingers. Play with yourself like that a bit more and then get the 3rd shit and use it to stuff your pussy much as you can and shit out of your pussy a couple times. Whatever you cant fit in your pussy and whatever is left over put in your mouth and mush it around so your mouth is full of shit AND your pussy is full of shit. Then just when you think you couldn’t have any more shit in and on you. Spread your ass and finger it until you cant hold your shit in anymore. Then bend over and push all the fresh shit out of your ass and the shit that was in your pussy at the same time. Then you can sit back down and stuff all the shit back into your pussy again and smear some more of the fresh shit on yourself even more so youre completely covered with shit and you have it stuffed in your mouth and pussy. Play with yourself and finger your shit filled pussy for a bit like that then take some and cover a dildo in shit and fuck your pussy with it while its still filled with shit so its oozing out cuz it cant fit anymore. Then try to deepthroat the shitty dildo clean while your mouth is full of shit so theres shit oozing out of your mouth too. Get kinda close to the camera so i can see you drooling shit. Then just play with yourself and enjoy yourself and when youre ready to cum at the end, whatever shit is left stuff in your pussy and smear on your pussy and all over yourself and play with yourself like that till u cum;)”
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Scatshop: Ella Gilbert – playing dirty on my new sofa


Stripping out of my pj’s couldnt be unfollowed by a great shitty orgasm on my new sofa. That glass “lollipop” brings out so much shit, oh yum! I do lick it after my dirty ass cums all over. I also lick the piece of hard turd wich came outta my ass at the beginig of this video
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