Researcher and lecturer in Art history, Kevin is living with a woman who has a 20 yo daughter you already know: Sephora.

Lying on his bed, Kevin is reading George Orwell’s brilliant work, 1984, this novel written in the mid-20th century fascinates him and nothing can disturb him when suddenly, the door opens and an Ebony girl comes in, his step daughter.
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Madame Caramel & Ezada Sinn: It is only over when there are real tears

I like to put my boys in chastity. After a full month he could only think about me all the time. His sexual frustration was so high. It is so beautiful to see his frustration. His mistakes gave me an excuse for a very severe punishment. Not that I need an excuse 🙂 🙂 Together with my good friend Mistress Ezada we whip him, hard very hard so hard he can’t stand anymore and soon he lays crying on the floor like a little baby. It was such a hot sight that I couldn’t stop whipping him….
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Under the swimming pool, there’s a basement, not finished yet but it will be finished in a few weeks. You come in through a hole in the wall, and then, you find a corridor that leads to an underground cell where Mistress Sephora locks her white slave at night. During the day, the Ebony Goddess get him out for her daily SM sessions: ballbusting, strapon, foot worship, it depends on how she feels but today she needs to flog Bob…

The whip: 1.50 meters (4.92 inches), real leather, the kind of accessory you like to feel on your skin, the kind of instrument able to satisfy Sephora’s vices and fantasies.

The sub: 1.96 meters (6.43 inches), white but sunburnt, completely addicted to Ebony Girls, a good masochistic bitch, and money-slave.

Masochists, don’t look any further, this movie is for you, the story of a white whore whipped without limit….
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Sexy Dom Clips: Ass Fucked By Cat Woman

Cat Woman played by Skin Diamond has James bent over in perfect position for her to fuck his ass with her strap-on. James is howling from the relentless ass pounding that only Cat Woman can deliver. CATWOMAN, STRAPON, SENSUAL DOMINATION, SKIN DIAMOND
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Humiliation POV Queen Sahara: Bring Your Stupid White Wife To Me, You Will Both Serve An Ebony Queen

Queen Sahara

Do you know who’s even dumber than you? That bitch you call your wife. She’s so fucking stupid. How does she not know that you’re my slave? I mean you spend all your time jerking and obsessing over me. I know you don’t fuck her. But it doesn’t really matter, because I’m going to use you both, whether she knows it or not. You’ll both be my slaves, she’s going to serve me just like you, she’s going to fucking love it. I’m way prettier than her.

You and your dumbass wife are gonna serve a beautiful ebony queen. Both of you will love every second of serving a black queen. You’re both going to be spending all of your money on me and you’re going to neglect each other to serve me better. I’m the most important woman in both of your lives. Now she doesn’t know all of this yet, but she will. You will bring her to me. You will offer her to me, your queen. And she will submit just as easily as you did.

She’s going to worship me, just like you worship me. You two fucking idiots are going to be my bitches forever. You will need me. She knew what she was getting into when she married you. She knew you were a loser, only she knew she couldn’t do any better because she’s as pathetic as you are. So it will be so easy to wrap her around my finger.

And once you bring her to me she’s going to know what you’ve been doing behind her back. She’ll see you for the jerkoff loser you are, just like I do. She’ll understand why you don’t fuck her anymore. But once she has me, she won’t need you anymore. And I know this turns you on so much. How do I know? Because you’re jerking off right now.

Consider your marriage ruined, by me, your black queen. You two are going to be my white bitch slaves. I want both of you, I don’t want just one. I’m so fucking greedy. So get ready to serve your ebony superior. Now go bring her to me.
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