Kelsey Obsession – Verta Interrogates Male Hacker

Agent Verta has been tasked with getting a hacker to talk. She is prepared to go to great lengths to get a needed password from this crook, and uses her filthy, stinky ass to accomplish the objective. What she does is downright sinister! Purchase the full clip for a discount. Includes the following kinky scenes:

Verta is bent on getting a hacker to talk and divulge a top-secret password, but he is not relenting. This sex kitten in a tight black lace dress was told by her superiors to get said password by any means necessary, so she uses her dirty ass to taunt him. He must lick her black ass, or she will never get off of his face. Her butt is so sweaty, and when she perches on his face, he cannot breathe well and begs for her to back down. Stern Verta is not giving up that easily!

Agent Verta at your service! Verta has a male hacker on her hands, and she is attempting to extract a password from this criminal. He will not give it up, even when she has sat on his face and smothered him with her stinky ass. So she ups the ante by farting into his face and insisting her lick and eat her farts. This is a foul form of interrogation, but Verta will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Verta has her hands full with a horrid hacker who has a password she needs. He will not give up the code, and Verta will not give up the hardcore interrogation she is subjecting him to, while he is bound to a bed. She has made him sniff her ass and lick her farts, but what she does next is a total tear to his masculinity. She farts on his dick! Then, she says she is prepared to let more than farts escape her butt if he does not utter the password. Good luck, Verta, this is a tough case to crack, but your filthy ass might be the key!
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