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Dungeon Corp – Suffer, Struggle and Cum – Hime Marie

At less than 100 pounds, Hime is a small woman…small and sexy as fuck…a sense of vulnerability lays behind those pretty doe eyes…She is a first timer in bondage, but her excitement shows that she has been looking forward to being bound and objectified for some time…I keep the focus on Hime’s pussy, mixed with various punishments that she earns along the way…She likes to struggle, she likes to feel the helplessness of each pedicament…and believe me, you will like watching her suffer and cum.
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DungeonCorp – Casting Couch – Broken – Holly Roger

Many come to prove their worth and many fall at the hands of our mighty Masters. On the surface, Holly appeared to have what it takes to make her feature model debut on SocietySM. It didn’t take too long for us to get a bit deeper into the situation and find that Holly was to be broken…As Bane began to run her through the rigors, it quickly dawned on poor Holly that she had bitten off a bit more than she could chew. Clamps on the pussy, and TENS pads on the thighs seemed to but her over the edge…A vibe to the pussy seemed to ease the pain momentarily…Then, bent and gagged, Holly found herself at the business end of the whip…An anal hook later and it was evident to us that Holly could take no more.
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Dungeon Corp – The Good LIttle Bondage Slave – Lily Rader

When Lily visits the west coast, we always make an effort to get her on our calendar, and she is a very popular adult star right now…She has a fantastic body, a beautiful face and a great attitude…Lily shows up ready to go, ready for just about anything we can throw at her…Today, her pussy gets lots of attention, and for good reason…Lily has one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen…and it loves to be pleasured and teased…Mark chooses three positions which give him the ultimate access to using that pussy and Lily accepts her role as a good little bondage slave.
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Dungeon Corp – Back in Blonde – Marie McCray

After a long series of relative newbies, Marie makes her return to SocietySM as a blonde…I remember the perfection of her alabaster flesh as I whip her nude body to begin…and the adorable moans she makes…and it isn’t long before Marie is bound and longing for orgasmic relief, but I won’t make it so easy for this hearty babe….I deny her in the first scene, please her in the second, and totally destroy her pussy in the third…By the 4th scene, Marie finds herself hanging in a hogtie, wishing that I would just leave her tender loins alone…Her wish does not come true as I fill her with a dildo.
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Dungeon Corp – Blonde and Submissive – Lily Rader

Lily came back to LA and we couldnt resist the opportunity to shoot her…You never know when these precious gems of submissive desire will fall off the map…coupled with her perfectly feminine body, Lily is just the type of woman whom you want to take advantage of, as often as possible…Feenix gets his taste today, as he spreads, suspends and bends her…He pays close attention to her ass, feet, pussy and tits and keeps Lily in a constant state of masochistic arousal…This little woman loves to suffer through helplessness and adversity, and we love to take her there.
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May 21, 2013 – Megan Vaughn + Photo

Format: MP4
Duration: 19 Minutes
Size: 433 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Some young ladies just have an overwhelming charming sexual appeal…Megan is one of these fine young rare babes…It begins with a look in the eye…innocence on the verge of womanhood…a full ass, full breasts, smoothe and silky skin…it’s beauty in full bloom…she picks some black lingerie with garters and shiney leggings to model her body for us…she strips and warms herself up with a vibrator…she knows what’s coming…We strap her down to the Y-bench…a dildo is rigged for her sucking, and nipple clamps are pulled tight…the vanilla dildo looks especially nice, plunging in and out of her dark cherry pussy…it takes a few minutes to win Megan over…but the dildo will not be denied…You can tell that Megan finally accepts her fate and submits to the growing sensations in her pussy…her moans are beautiful and sincere as she climaxes…Ogre..
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