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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Dominique – Dominique Learns how to Ballbust (1080 HD)

1080 HD Dominique can’t wait for Amadahy to teach her how to ballbust! Dominique pulls on the ropes to spread the slave’s legs wider for Amadahy, as she demonstrates how to kick for maximum pain and damage. Amadahy shows Dominique a serious bruise on the head of the slave’s penis, made with a hammer three days ago. Amadahy loves ballbusting so much, she almost doesn’t really want to share with Dominique. But Dominique asserts herself and gets right in. Even as a first timer, she starts with hard kicks right away. Dominique loves kicking the slave’s balls while Amadahy holds the ropes and spreads its legs wide for her. But Amadahy can’t let Dominique have all the fun! She wants to go again with an onslaught of hard, direct kicks. Amadahy breaks open the slave’s skin. Even though the slave is injured, Dominique goes in for a final round. She kicks the slave until it drops in agony.
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Ballbustingchicks: Stretched Balls

The slave is waiting for the mistress with a mouse trap on the cock. She gives him even more pain by whipping the cock head. Then she kicks the balls from behind. Very painful when the tip of the boots digging into the vulnerable flesh. She whips the balls, squeezes and stretches them like crazy… Length 9:10 minutes
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Brat Princess 2: Dominique – Uses Old male for Foot Worship (1080 HD)

1080 HD One slave in the Brat Princess stables is so old, he’s called “gramps.” Gramps is not just kind of old, he’s super old. Everybody’s really mean to him because he’s pretty much useless. It’s like his brain was the first part of him to rot. Dominique probably hates gramps the most. She’s especially mean to him. She wants her feet worshipped, but she is not gentle with the frail old man. Dominique viciously slaps gramps in the face with her feet over and over. His little gray head is kicked around as he desperately tries to please Dominique. Gramps is terrified of the abusive youngster. Nobody likes gramps, everybody’s just waiting for him to kick the bucket. He’s loaded and when he goes, everything will go to his Princess. In the meantime, there’s nothing to do with him except keep him barely alive and wait to cash out. Poor Dominique has to wait.
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