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Dominatrix Annabelle – Sensually Hypnotic Erotica!

Sensually mind blowing erotic foreplay, while my slave is bound to my 2 meter diameter wheel. A most intense ride teasing his cock, keeping him continually on the edge.

Submerging my slave’s mind into a semi conscious decadent world of erotic stimulation. My quintessential English voice seduces all his senses, his body begins to float, while his balls swell, and his muscle throbs forcefully. Hypnosis is a powerful therapy for creative mind play, it’s incredible, and I love being able to submerge my slave into a world of erotic debauchery. Never under estimate the power of the mind!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Brown Dirty Boots!

Follow my leather booted footsteps around my stunning snow covered grounds, while you’re naked on your hands and knees! My dirty leather boots, are made for walking through my woods, paddock and gardens, and then all over you! Lick the soles clean, eat the snow, while you smell the leather. It’s your early morning physical workout before you return to serve Me.

This is how you begin your morning, filling your lungs with fresh country air, while you stretch your limbs, getting the blood flowing around your body. I do love taking you for a brisk walk, and if you’re a very good boy, I may just permit you off your leash, so you can roll through the dirt, leaves and finish with a wash in the snow! Once we’re finished, I’ll hose you down outside!

Of course, you will have to impress me with a few sit ups, press ups, and a 3 minute plank. With every press up, you may kiss my leather booted toes, hold for three seconds, and back up. I will expect you do repeat this sequence, ten times. Take a 30 second break and repeat!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – A Beast from the East!

Only three days remain of February, as we embrace the bitter signature notes of winter, compliments from a Siberian blast, followed by a Southerly dump set to reach us by the end of this week! I can’t say I’m thrilled, especially as I’ve been looking forward to Spring! However, I’m always up for spontaneity, and as it happens my dear willy is here with me today, ready to fetch my leather boots and leather coat. Taking a stroll around my grounds! WOW, the cold winds are harsh, so the stroll needed to be brief, just enough to ensure willy’s cock and balls received a dose of frost bite!

If you think I’m having fun, you’re absolutely right, and you will see me smiling like a Cheshire cat in this movie. Naturally, I did ensure I was nice and warm, wearing my hat, scarf and leather gloves! Dear willy had a lot of cleaning up to do when he came inside, especially my leather boots!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Haunting Hypnosis!

Flames flicker, drapes stir, with a gentle breeze filtering through the old Victorian sash windows. A clap of thunder reverberates, a humid night begging for a hint of fresh air. Yet not a whisper or stroke to cool one’s glistening body, dispersing those sweat beads tingling between one’s thighs. A Manor with character, age and charm. Creaking oak floors, thick carpets, polished wood. High ceilings with grand fixtures and fittings, impressive fire places, and . . . . . my hidden private room set below, with scarlet ribbon brick walls, candelabras, and subdued lighting.

A most atmospheric ambiance for my gentleman to immerse his body and soul into the delights of my eroticism. Capitivating all his senses, while taking him on a decadent journey of intense sensual, stimulation. My quintessential English voice, provides a most haunting hypnosis!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Exquisite Leather and Fur!

Gorgeous leather boots, exquisite leather gloves, and stunning leather attire! Naturally during those cold and frosty mornings, nestling inside a warm fur coat will always keep me toasted. Yet for me, it really doesn’t matter what season we’re in, I love wearing leather and fur even in the middle of summer, with just a skimpy lacy lingerie set beneath! I love leather, the way it creaks, the way it molds to my body, it feels so sexy, and it looks so good. As for my gorgeous leather boots, well, they are simply divine, with the lace up detail.

Once I began my journey as a Dominatrix, Lady of the Manor, I wanted to build up a truly exquisite leather collection, that included my leather gloves and stiletto boots. It’s taken me over 15 years, and WOW I certainly do have quite a wardrobe! Many were gifts, and I can honestly say, I still wear them all. To continue to fit into my old leathers is a real bonus, although it’s not from lack of keeping fit, as I do that regularly! My incentive is you, as I know how much you appreciate my wardrobe, as well as being your Goddess, Mistress, Auntie, Equestrian Lady, Disciplinarian.

Long may you continue to enjoy!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – He never learns!

Shot in secret, even when he looked at me, he didn’t see my hidden camera! In fact, dear james was beginning to think he wasn’t going to appear ever again, however, I couldn’t resist capturing our session, and boy it will make you laugh and cry at the same time!

If ever you need to witness a man putting his foot in it every time, well, this is it! Dear james never learns, and quite honestly, I don’t expect him to ever change, not now at his ripe old age of 80! However, even at his age, he can definitely take a thrashing to his cheeks, as you will witness in this weeks movie! So be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Valentine Pleasures!

My rather lovely visitor came bearing gifts, with a stunning bouquet of velvet red roses, and a bottle of vintage red wine. How could one resist spending a wonderful afternoon, within the company of a young thrusting stud! An afternoon of Valentine Pleasures, and I must say, my visitor could hardly contain himself, when I began to tease him with my succulent breasts, leading on to a most erotic mind play! It’s a very good job, his penis remained caged, otherwise he would have spilled before I had the chance to slip off my figure hugging pencil skirt.

Oh WOW, how I love to tease! Putting his little muscle under intense pressure. I have to say, I do love to compare his size with my Strap-on, actually, there’s no comparison! My Strap-on wins all the time despite his best efforts to try and build up his muscle, it’s the only muscle that will never grow beyond 4 inches! What a shame, still at least it’s useful for something – humiliation!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Goddess of Leather!

As my gentleman approaches the black wrought iron gates, his heart thumps, body begins to sweat, his impending arrival is moments away! The hum of his engine purrs as he crawls up the sweeping driveway until he reaches the majestic Manor towering above. As david steps out of his car with a stunning bouquet of red roses, and a beautifully wrapped gift, he experiences a pang of excitement, a thrill over-powering his body, a thousand images race through his mind. Oh david knows I will be wearing my exquisite leather catsuit, but to finally see me encased in leather will be breath-taking, and the anticipation of seeing me is almost too much to bear for his penis!

I swing open the door and greet him with a very big smile!
What an image, simply mesmerizing! But, could he possibly know or anticipate the next few hours? Oh NO! What became of my dear gentleman?
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Serve your Goddess!

As harry discovered once he entered my black wrought iron gates for the very first time!

Now he knows, there’s no going back, never wondering what if, it’s an onward journey of decadent debauchery, slowly and progressively. Every day his thoughts are focused on serving me. As you will see, I’ve created this movie for harry, and for those who need my undivided attention. Mmm . . . as I brush my face against my slave’s exposed neck, breathing and spitting into his mouth to ensure he will use his tongue efficiently, gliding it over my silky lips until I’m ready to explode over his face! From teasing his caged penis to protracted bondage!

Oh I did love wearing my new fishnet stockings, my goodness, they look unbelievably erotic, especially when I tease my thighs over his face, lowering myself down onto him! I’m not sure you’re going to last throughout this entire movie, as it’s incredibly horny. explicit, and rather descriptive, with emphasis on intense teasing to one’s muscle!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Secrets, Enigmas & Paradoxes! Part 3!

Devishly wicked, as I seduce george once more into experiencing the most mind-blowing orgasm! There’s nothing quite like making his mind sink into a most blissfully erotic and cock stimulating story, to capture his mind, as though he was under my spell! Mmm one could easily say he was, as I painted a visually explicit scene for him to immerse into!

And what an explosion he had, of course, it was only right I continued having my pleasure, using my crimson fingernails, sinking them deep into his bulbous head. My goodness, yes he was highly sensitive, and just the way I love it. In fact, you should take a look at the photo on the far right, and you’ll get a very good impression of the state george was in whilst I sank my gorgeous fingernails into his highly sensitive penis!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Decadent Secrets! 1st January 2018!

One never knows what lies behind closed doors, inside grand hotels with their historic influence of wealth, opulence and extravagance! From the old cobble streets to boutiques, within the hustle and bustle of old fashioned bars, pubs and restaurants! Mmm what decadent secrets remain hidden? Oh my, how one gentleman’s journey is about to unfold! The sound of my stiletto boots echo, the relentless hum of heavy traffic fades, and the smooth instrumental jazz filters through. My heels quicken with pace as I ascend the steps to a most charming quintessential hotel, built in 1892. Entering the bar with original oak panelling, velvet seats, one may see with ease how history pervades in all the rooms.

A gentleman adorned in a pinstripe suit, cuff-links and tie sits quietly alone at the far end of the bar. At the entrance a group of men sit chattering to their heart’s content. Glasses clink, soft music plays, and the faint crackling from the log fire can be felt, providing a welcoming ambiance. As I enter, the bar falls silent, not a word can be heard, just the signature staccato from my heels reverberate along the polished oak floor, until I’m face to face with my discerning gentleman. Oh my such greetings painted quite the picture as his mouth opened in awe of my presence. Two drinks remained on the bar untouched, just as I had ordered. We moved to a more discrete part of the bar, so that we could enjoy each other’s company in comfort.

Having enjoyed a few glasses of Tia Maria, we retired to a most lavishly decorated bedroom, with an antique carved four poster bed, oak beamed ceilings, Portland stone fireplace, candelabras and rich furnishings. Our gentleman’s tryst turned into a most decadent evening of wickedly debauched foreplay, while I bound his wrists and ankles to the bed posts!

This will be one of the most memorable meetings I’ve had, and I know it will be for him too!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Christmas with my husband!

Spending the day with my husband, teasing and tormenting his caged penis! Oh what delights, as I put him under pressure, especially his throbbing cock. In fact, there’s nothing quite like watching it grow inside the metal cage, it’s shaft bulging, until finally I feel it’s time for me to release him. WOW just take a look at the eruption, is it any wonder he’s suffering so much, and can you imagine how on earth it fits inside such a small space!

I do hope you have a superb Christmas Day, and you’re ready for me to tease you with my sultry English voice, while you wank for me until you shoot your HOT load.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – A Gentleman’s Tryst!

A gentleman’s rendezvous in the heart of London.

With a variety of stunning hotels, historic architecture, and grand Mansions, the buzz of activity is abundant to see. As I enter a most prestigious hotel, graced with wealth and prosperity, the rooms are lavished with festive decorations, holly, tinsel, and scented candles. My eyes are drawn to a magnificent Christmas tree fashioned with red ribbons, baubles and lights.

A gathering of men in tailored suits and ties, and Ladies adorned in eye catching gowns negotiate their way across the great hall, into the restaurant and bar. The entrance with its revolving door spins relentlessly. Waiters dance, as they elegantly glide from one room to another, with their silver trays poised, in readiness to serve with ease and simplicity.

I, on the other hand, am smiling! I greet my gentleman and we make our way up to our splendid suite! As I enter the room, within a few minutes, the radio is playing Christmas carols and by the time I’ve bound my slave in rope, a Christmas hymn began! Yes indeed, what you’re hearing was not taken from anywhere other than the actual radio that we’re listening to! After our debauched session, we freshened up and made our way to a bar for some drinks, followed by a lavish meal in a most exclusive restaurant.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – The Stiletto Stalker!

As we sit in my gardens enjoying the summer sun, george opens up to a past memory, a memory that reveals his secret of being the stiletto boot stalker! While his boot stalking memories give him pleasurable feelings, he’s unaware that I’ve tied up his wrists, unzipped his denim pants and slipping out his very erect penis. Oh yes it just goes to show how powerful his childhood memories were and how they affect him today. WOW, I cannot express enough just how powerful this movie is!

My goodness george is in heaven as I wrap my leather gloved hands around his throat with fingers sinking deep into his mouth. My leather booted heels wank his very erect penis, giving him the most erotic and intense sensations!

It’s a stunning visual concoction of physical and mental foreplay before george explodes his cream like a bullet propelling at warp speed, establishing maximum velocity into orbit! A fantasy turned into reality, it doesn’t get any better than that!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Suck My Penis!

As we enter our British Summer, lush foliage and shades of vibrant colours brighten up our landscapes. It’s that time of year when I love to dust out the cobwebs, air out the lungs, mmm . . . or in this case, take my puppy for an invigorating nature walk around my grounds!

As he crawls through woodland paths, bears the dirt and gravel beneath his knees, scrambles across the long grass in the paddock, we finish our stroll in my garden for his treat. “Lick and kiss my gorgeous leather boots.” My red soles display grit from all that walking, and my puppy eagerly licks them clean. Oh he really is a very good boy! Now it’s time to descend the old brick steps and enter my atmospheric candlelit lair. I have something for you, oh you’ll love it, I know how much you crave my penis, as it’s so much bigger than yours. Mmm . . . . I know, your penis doesn’t match up to mine at all, in fact, when I compare my throbbing big turgid muscle to your pathetic specimen, there’s no comparison at all. My word, oh I am dreadfully sorry my dear puppy, yours just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Don’t worry, I will always look after you, I will help you to become my penis sucking whore. I will thrust it deep inside your mouth, sink it deep into your throat. Oh you’ll love it.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Earn the Privilege hobson! Part 1

A stroll through my paddock could mean many things! Mmm . . . a most energetic and enjoyable day, as I took hobson for a most invigorating stroll through my extensive grounds. Now, unfortunately for hobson, I neglected to mention what he would be walking through, or I should say, crawling, other than a field full of long lush grass, buttercups, daisies, forget-me-nots, and other wild flowers and . . . . . weeds!

Oh dear! Oh dear, oh dear!!! NETTLES!

Of course, my gorgeous sky high leather boots were a superb choice for me, what a pity the same can’t be said for hobson, who wasn’t suitably dressed for the occasion! I had to laugh, as he didn’t realise his face and hands would bear those nasty little hollow hairs that act like hypodermic needles injecting histamine and other nasty chemical compounds. Gosh, just look at the way my nettles have taken off, fertile, tall, potent and still growing strong. It really wouldn’t do for anyone to be walking through them without wearing some kind of protection. I must just add, even denim doesn’t keep those pesky stings from having their desired effect. They have a real habit of penetrating through most materials. Leather is perfect,
extremely soft, yet incredibly tough, nothing gets through!!!

But of course, that’s not all hobson had to endure, just watch the movie right to the very end, so you may get a real teaser of what’s to come in Part 2.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Pegging, his virgin tight Arse!

Taking george on another adventure is most amusing, he was clueless as he crawled on his knees, following my leather booted footsteps. We arrived at a picturesque spot within my gardens.
My dear george, felt a little cold from the strong breeze against his naked body. Mmm . . now all that flogging will make him appreciate the cool breeze on his skin. Whipping his torso, again and again, leaving blush red marks across his back and bare bottom. Oh that pert derrière, firm and rounded, just perfect for his first introduction to my black strap-on.

Mmm . . . pegging his little virgin tight Arse, oh he’s going to love it, especially while he’s shackled to a tree! Mmm it almost brings back old memories, he’s always been a tree hugger!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Buckled, Bound & Buggered!

A journey into the unknown was certainly the case for my visitor when he arrived on Tuesday! My gentleman friend suited and booted descended the steps into my candlelit dungeon for a decadent few hours of pure erotic debauchery! Little did he realise he would soon be on a roller coaster ride of pure depravities . . . . well, most of it was, apart from when he almost shot through the roof after receiving a few rounds of stimulating sparks to his cock and swollen balls!

It’s easy when I know how far to take him, to know when he’s stepped over his boundaries! Yes indeed, he certainly went beyond his limits! Oh I do love to encourage, cajole and coax, that’s the fun part, and to make him feel as though he’s been well and truly spent, I couldn’t wait to insert his penis into the Venus 2000 for the pump and thrust of his life! And WOW it was . . .

“EXPLOSIVE!” A most fulfilling session with piping HOT candle wax, pegging, electrics and cock pump, now that’s quite enough for the mailman to take in one go, he almost went into meltdown!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Bound, Teased & Protracted Stimulation!

My dear george, a passionate and loyal slave, willing to take what comes his way! Never knowing his timely fate, as he continues to drool and salivate. Lady Annabelle, will always excel, he’ll never stop riding her carousel. Will george ever leave this decadent dream.

NEVER, while he’s permitted to cream!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – My husband is Summoned home early ish!

Oh the bitter / sweet of it all, as my husband is summoned home!

Well, it is Friday, and he’s earned his keep for the week, so it’s time he came home for some extra curriculum activity! They say a change is as good as a holiday!!! Mmm . . . I know dear hobson would see it that way, and I do know many slaves would love to be in his position! The only thing is, hobson never knows what I have in store for him, at least I keep him on his toes. It must be said, I do love a man adorned in a traditional suit with silk tie, cuff-links, crisp white shirt with stiff collar, leather belt and polished leather shoes! In fact, the white collar with tie is rather symbolic, especially when that little top button is fastened nice and tight, the one that tends to cut in at the throat. What a wonderful reminder for my slave as he works so very hard at the Office, pen pushing, making phone calls and engaging with this clients, until finally it’s time to be summoned home by me! Oh, just in case you’re wondering, he’s not permitted home, until I tell him! My dear slave (husband) will always work, work, work, and work! While I play!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Edging! WOW how Powerful!

Gosh, I cannot express just how intense this movie is, and I’m wondering if you’re able to last the full 24 minutes without shooting your hot load. I will warn you, it’s intense, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout! Protracted sensual eroticism, with sublime cock tease, it’s a marathon that had hobson begging to cum. Yet every time he was right on the edge of cumming, I stopped the tease. How utterly wicked, leaving him on a knife edge, almost ready to explode. Could he end up with a ruined orgasm, or will he actually orbit the most powerful cum shot he’s ever experienced. For those who are absolute die hard fans of fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, you will love with passion this movie!

Using my ten strap suspender belt, sheer nylon seamed stockings, I tease his penis with massage oil, giving light and gentle strokes up and down his very erect shaft. Using the lace knicker strap I wrap it around the head of his penis, pull tight and make him feel as though his knob will burst. Stroking, teasing, tormenting. The ultimate sensational arousal is with slipping his hard throbbing muscle beneath my suspender strap and wanking it.

Heaven is an understatement, it’s paradise for hobson, yet hell at the same time, as the torment continues for what feels like eternity. Sheer sublime tease and torment. Can you handle a real session of edging? Just watch and see if this movie is for you!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Powerful, Atmospheric, Enchanting, and Intense!

Thunderous clouds pregnant with malice match Lady Annabelle’s penetrating Sadism!

What does Atonement mean? For one gentleman, it means making amends for accepting gratification. Listening to the most sensual and hypnotic voice, a magnetic force from my absorbing scent, the stunning visuals of my sexy attire, crimson lips, silky to the touch, and those ‘Oh So’ heavenly breast, deep cleavage, and curvaceous body! Dear hobson!

What utter temptation that’s thrust upon him, how could he ever resist even knowing what this actually meant. Mmm . . . did he really suffer, or was his suffering simply an involuntary instinct, a muscle reflex in response to my leather whip connecting with his throbbing phallus! Yet beneath the pain, hobson’s erect cock is stimulated further, hardening like a metal rod, every time my leather crop connected with his caged knob, the more pleasure he received! Is that truly possible, does pain really mean pleasure?!

YES IT CERTAINLY DOES! And, without a shadow of doubt, you will witness this fact as evidently recorded!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Seduced by his Goddess!

Summer sun, long lush grass, breath-taking scenery. There’s nothing quite like going for a truly invigorating gallop across the beautiful English countryside with my Stallion. After a most stimulating ride, the weather was simply too good to not take full advantage of it. I sent hobson away to fetch some refreshments, and while waiting for his return, I decided to stretch out my toned legs, soak up that glorious sun and close my eyes, taking in the hypnotic country ambiance. Of course, while I had my eyes closed, a plot begins to form.

Mmm . . . if I give hobson a little treat now, that will set him up for a big fall. What does hobson love the most? Oh, to cream over my succulent breasts, he adores my deep cleavage, he craves to worship them, he longs to have his face buried in them. I can just imagine how he will feel as though he’s in seventh heaven, anything else will be forgotten, and any possible punishment will not enter his thoughts at all. It’s so easy
to seduce hobson, with my hypnotic scent, gorgeous breasts, stiletto boots, sexy attire, and my quintessential English voice hooking him in, like a bear to honey.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – I’m watching you george!

Where do you think you’re going? Mmm . . . Oh dear, george is looking a little lost, nervous, and apprehensive as he stops in his tracks after crawling straight into my exquisite leather booted foot!

My dear adorable and bumbling idiot sits like a child looking awkward, hesitant, and timid. Appearing completely out of his depth as he fidgets and picks at the twigs, bark and other vegetative matter and soil laying on the ground. Oh george you do convey the perfect resemblance of a lost juvenile about to be severely scolded for your dreadful conduct.
Well, there is some truth in that, george is always getting into trouble, it’s as though he can’t help it. Trouble is his middle name. There is no escape, as he attempts to crawl through my woodland in search for an opening to the perimeter. The hills lay beyond my grounds, and whilst they look picturesque, my prisoner will never set foot on them without my permit.
Electric fencing will stop any slave, and if my dogs happen to be out and about, a slave’s sweaty scent will be picked up, and let’s just say, I would rather have something left for me!

My grounds are extensive and they’re well observed, surveillance operates 24 / 7, eyes are everywhere! Now that works both ways, you may not enter without my personal invitation, and you may not leave without my personal permission!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Office Seductress, it’s Pure Erotica!

What was in store for my gentleman friend, my visitor who arrived with a smile to mask his stomach churning with anxiety, a rush of adrenaline, heart pounding, pulse racing.
Did he have any idea what I had planned for him??? Not a chance! What I will say is, this weeks movie is explosive and I’m not sure how long you will last watching it!

Let’s just say, I combine a rather HOT and muscle teasing story, based on a real life experience with my best friend, and hobson felt as though he was living his dream. My word, it’s a very good job I had him contained, as he struggled to contain himself.

I would love to know how you get on when you watch, listen and be teased.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – It’s just so Surreal!

Surrealism! Sensual Erotica of the 1st Degree!

There’s nothing quite like listening to the voice of dear george in utter turmoil, not knowing whether he’s cumming or going, been or gone! Never in his dreams would he feel he would experience the most intense sensations, his emotions of complete exhaustion continued long after I left him drained, shattered, depleted, tormented and DENIED!

Every session is unique. A journey into the unknown. Never knowing what awaits him, other than knowing he will be in my presence serving me in any way I desire!

Submerging george into a complete state of semiconscious, confusing his mind, while I tease and torment his throbbing muscle. Cum for me george, NO you mustn’t cum, you’ve got to hold on. Hold on george, as I continue gripping his cock and wanking it with my leather gloved hand. I sink my fingers into his mouth, thrusting them in and out. My seductive English voice whispering in his ear. Oh george, you’re trapped, bound in exquisite leather with no power to move a muscle other than the one between your thighs! Governed by my every seductive move!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Leather & Stiletto Fever!

It’s that time of year when I love to take advantage of being outside, and the weather has been truly gorgeous! With the cherry blossom out in full bloom, and the blue bells giving a vibrant splash of colour. I’m exquisitely adorned in sumptuous leather. Just listen to the sound of my stiletto heels, as you follow
me around my extensive grounds. Living in the countryside certainly has it’s advantages, as you will see in this fantastic eye catching movie!

Lick and worship my stiletto boots, listen to the crack of my leather whip, as a wonderful reminder of how close I am to you. Listen to the signature sound of creaking leather every time I move. I’m in leather from top to toe including my leather gloves! Oh yes, it’s leather for the entire movie, and for those who can’t get enough of it, you will love this week’s update. I can’t wait for you to worship, adore, and serve me while on your knees, right where you belong!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Wax Indulgence

Greedy? Yes! Sadistic? Unbelievably! Erotic? Unquestionably!

Dark foreboding lair, filled with large candles burning through this midnight hour. The warmth from the sizzling flickering flames can be felt, as I nestle up to my slave and indulge in one of my favourite pastime rituals! Piping HOT wax. Smothering his erect penis while he’s shackled and bound to my wooden bench. What is so conspicuous is the intensity of our session within a most atmospheric and moody dungeon.

Enjoying and toying with my slave, using and abusing his body for my pleasure, while testing his boundaries! How long is he able to sustain the level of torment, before he fails to stop the inevitable?
Does he have the stamina, can he resist this unbearable temptation, to explode? It’s a game of intense pain and pleasure rolled into one! I love it!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Queen of Cock Tease!


Protracted Bondage, it’s the most incredibly intense cock teasing foreplay I’ve put this slave through, while he is bound in my exquisite leather straight jacket, shackled to my 2 meter diameter wheel. My slave cannot move a muscle, other than the one between his thighs! WOW! How he didn’t pass out is all credit to him!

Not only was he wrapped in leather, shackled tight to my wheel, but his head was fully incased in my exquisite leather mask, blindfolded. The beauty of my wheel is having the ability to completely disorientate him, from a vertical position to being spun into a horizontal position, and then finally ending up with his head inches from the floor! Throughout his time with me, I had my cameras stratigically hidded to capture this entire session. And, WOW, I’m so pleased I did! What a blinding session it was, and one that I’m sure you’ll agree, would be most desirable to experience by so many of my slaves. It’s a most intense session of cock tease foreplay, before he finally exploded. I love putting my slaves through a most powerful session.

It’s a wonderful profession to be in, and it’s so fulfilling for me to know that I have made my slave’s experience a most memorable, and more importantly, an orgasmic one!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Autumnal Leather Boot Erotica!

Truly sensational for the die hard leather Boot worshipper!

Follow my exquisite leather booted footsteps, worship my heels, lick the mud from my soles, spit and polish them. I will have you crawling on your hands and knees following me around my stunning grounds, rolling in the rustic leaves, while your cock hangs between your thighs, throbbing intensely. I love to see your heavy balls weighing you down like heavy pendulums. I want to see the slit in your head oozing clear pre-cum in
honour of my presence. As I place my sumptuous fur on the patio, I nestle my arse into my coat and expose my full heavenly breasts. Oh those breasts!

As I lay back, I want you to worship my body with your tongue, feel my naked skin, taste my perfume, kiss my neck, worship, worship, worship me my slave.
I will always have you however I please, whenever I feel, and wherever I want!
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