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Clubstiletto – Domina Ruby – Wake Up It’s Time To Put You To Sleep

Ruby enters the room after a wonderful night’s slumber to find her slave still asleep on the discipline bench where he spends his nights. She removes the towel from his face and as the camera pans over, you see he’s secured to the bench, wearing a leather hood. It’s brutal for sleeping but over time he has learned to catch small naps throughout the night. Ruby tells him he’s been getting way too much air and that she’s there to change this. Her gorgeous plump ass forms a perfect seal and she loves to center on his face while she watches him kick. She sits down and asks if he’s ready for the crush. Soon you hear a muffled scream from the slave so Ruby gives him a quick breath, but gets back down again before he can fully inhale. “A little of this and then he will be ready to prepare my breakfast” she says.

Ruby settles right in and stretches the slave to the limit, totally ignoring his screaming and thrashing. You can see that the slave is rock hard in his chastity device. Ruby says it’s time for less oxygen and makes each sit longer than the one before. She mocks him by saying that all the sitting has probably damaged his brain and she’s not even sure what he understands anymore. She turns around to face his feet and begins to slap his cage and balls while completely cutting off his ability to breathe. Ruby looks amazing as she settles in for good this time. The slave kicks a bit in the beginning before he starts to thrash and soon he becomes completely frantic. Ruby eventually gives him a chance to catch his breath fully before saying “It’s time for round two.”
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Clubstiletto – Sniff What You’re About To Eat

Domina Ruby has great news for her two slaves – today, one of them will have the honor of being her full toilet slave! Any halfway decent slave longs to derive all of his nourishment from what his Goddess’s body produces. Ruby tells the boys she won’t be administering today’s beating, but rather, her friend Skylar will come over to do it. You hear a knock on the door and Skylar appears. As she leads them into the next room, she asks the bitches if they’re prepared to take what she has to give. “When they get back, one of them will get a nice feeding” Ruby says. She moves to the couch where the scene takes on a POV perspective. Ruby runs her hand across her butt and unzips the fly on her fetish pantyhose to reveal a perfect pussy and asshole. She explains that she’s been saving herself all day, and when she’s finished, one slave will be hungry and the other one full. “Maybe I’ll even fart in his face first” she says “and hopefully the other will smell it from across the room.” She goes into explicit detail about how she enjoys delivering her gift while she has the slave bury his nose in her ass crack. She displays a lovely view of her anus, and by now, you’re wondering how you can get into this slave competition to be her toilet. “I want him to first sniff what he’s about to eat” she says. The process involves more farting, the slave sucking her anus, begging for her chocolate treats, and being forced to ‘oink’. She’s very graphic in her description and asks if you can imagine being her toilet. “Would you eat it up like them?” she asks you. She says she may make the slave take a mouthful and show it to the other slave, or even have the two boys share it. She calls you and her other slaves dirty names, knowing how vile you all are. As the slaves continue to be disciplined, she clearly sees that you’re a human toilet, too, and tells you to crawl in and start licking her ass crack. She mocks you for being rock-hard and tells you to start stroking your cock; she wants you to cum on the count of ten, and while you’re obeying her instructions, she wants you to imagine that you’re eating her sch1t. She counts you down from ten to zero and tells you to cum like the pig you are. “You’re as disgusting as my other slaves” she says to you, and even though you’ve just shot a load, you cannot deny your purpose in life…
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Clubstiletto – See how Much Fun It Is To Whip Him

Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar are back and once again punishing the office slaves, the former CEO and new office boy. Watch as Ruby shows Skylar the art of whipping using the CEO as her target. First she demonstrates her skills and then hands the whip over to Skylar so she can sit down and have the boy attend to her feet. Ultimately the slave being flogged starts to sweat like a mofo, the girls humor themselves by making the new boy go over and lick his back clean. “Aren’t they disgusting?” Skylar says with a smile.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy, Domina Ruby – Blowjob Bib For Loser

Kandy and Ruby are busy again at FemCorp, talking about the just completed contest they had in which the loser of the contest between the two once powerful men in the company, the CEO and Accountant, has to suck the others dick. The camera pulls back and we see the accountant is wearing the blowjob bib. Kandy mocks him, slave #1, by flipping her finger over his lips and reminding him how much cock he has sucked since the office coup a few months back. They then turn their attention to the CEO, slave #2, and comment how he used to be powerful and had hot girls coming to visit him in his office, now look what’s become of him. Both so pathetic. Now slave 2 is told to stand up and without hesitation slave 1 crawls over and takes his cock in his mouth. Kandy takes him by the hair, and pushes his head up and down on the cock. Ruby tells the CEO that if he closes his eyes maybe he can imagine it’s one of the secretaries in his former life doing the sucking. “I don’t know to many secretaries that look as sad as this.”, Kandy comments which makes the girls break out in laughter while likely bursting the CEO’s fantasy to smithereens.

None the less, slave number 2 is desperate for sexual pleasure and soon is rock hard. Kandy reminds #2 about the hot red headed security he used to have and tells him to imagine that it’s her sucking him off. The CEO soon is ready to blow but not just yet, #1 needs a sore jaw before he gets his cum cocktail. “Maybe we’ll put him on all fours and you can fuck his ass and pretend it’s her pussy.”, Ruby suggests and the ladies roar with laughter again. #1 doesn’t miss a beat through it all and sucks that cock like the expert he has become. Kandy is pleased with his sucking abilities and says it comes in handy now that his wife has started fucking other men and hubby is useful in fluffing them. Slave 2 is really moaning with pleasure now, while 1 is starting to sweat, he never worked this hard in his previous life. The CEO can’t contain himself, he has to blow and he begs for release. The ladies of course grant permission and soon a hot steamy load is shooting down the accountants throat. The CEO thrusts and shakes, the accountant gulps and gags, what a splendid site. Kandy has #1 open his mouth and sees a bit of cum remnants. She takes the nasty slime and rubs it into his face. This staff break is over!
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Clubstiletto – Payback’s A Bitch

Domina Ruby and Mistress Kandy of FemDom Corp have the former accountant, who is now their slave, tied up in knots and acting as their table, to hold their crops, whips, etc. Meanwhile, the disgraced former CEO is in the stockade as he awaits his fate. Ruby flogs him with her whip while Kandy adds to his discomfort, with a little help from her crop. In no time, the poor bitch yelps and cries out in pain. Kandy tells the table to look up and see what’s happening because he’s next. She trades her crop for a paddle and lays some solid blows on the ex-CEO. When he was in charge before the Women overthrew the men, he was such an asshole, and the ladies feel no sympathy for him now.

The women criticize both slaves while they continue to work over their main target. They start by flogging him in unison; one strike from Kandy, one from Ruby, until Kandy decides they need to hit more than just his ass. While Ruby targets his butt, Kandy flogs his legs, from the top all the way down to his ankles. The women are ruthless in this scene and the slave wants to run and hide but he isn’t going anywhere! Kandy sticks her flogger between his ass cheeks and warns him not to drop it. She returns with the paddle and both ladies go at him again. To his credit, he keeps his butt cheeks tight and doesn’t drop the crop. The accountant is now ordered to crawl over and lick the sweat from the other slaves legs and ass as the beating has really got him dripping wet. “Look what we have done to these losers” Ruby says, with a grin.
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Clubstiletto – An Old Fashioned Cum Off

The Goddesses Ruby and Skylar have their sluts blindfolded and lying on the bed. Ruby explains that neither has cum in a month, and as a result, they’re going to have a cum-off! Tell an alpha male it’s a contest to ejaculate and he’ll probably blow a load in seconds, just knowing it’s a competition, but with these two limp-dicked losers, you never know what might happen.

The first one to cum gets sexual gratification, while the other slave will be locked back into chastity for another month, but not before he licks up the other one’s mess. The slaves stroke themselves but are thrown off by the distractions the ladies throw at them, such as flogging, nipple pulling, cock and ball slapping, tickling, and ass smothering. The ladies discuss how they enjoy seeing slaves eat cum and how pathetic these slaves are in general. All the distractions make it hard for the poor sexually frustrated slaves to get hard, so the ladies decide to gently play with their balls. The slaves flail away, so anxious to cum but so useless in the presence of such powerful women that they just can’t get the job done. Skylar talks about the way she used a slave last night to clean up after her black lover, and you can see how her words get the poor boy extra hard. Eventually, the Mistresses decide that these low life creatures are not worth their time and that neither will be permitted to cum… better luck next month, boys!
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Clubstiletto – Loser Eats The Others Cum

Things are always kinky at FemmeCorp, where Women rule completely. Today, Kandy and Ruby have the ex-CEO and ex-Accountant in the staff room to dispense some more ‘guidance’. The two sluts lie naked on their backs, with the Ladies’ feet in their mouths. The two lovely Ladies have decided to amuse themselves by holding a cock-stroking contest. One slave will cum and the other will eat the cum of the ‘winner’. The loser must also wear the ‘cocksucker bib’, which is a sign to alert other male employees to the fact that they can use this slave for a blowjob at any time. While the slaves stroke their tiny dicklettes, the Ladies ram their toes into the the poor boys’ mouths, smother them with their feet, and make them lick their filthy soles. The CEO is soon on the edge and begs for permission to cum, but is denied and told to hold off.

Ruby starts a countdown at ‘ten’ and announces that the slaves may cum on the count of ‘one’. Both slaves flail away at themselves, the accountant trying to bring himself close, while the desperate CEO tries very hard not to cum too early. Finally, when he hears the count of ‘one’ the CEO lets his load go and cums all over his own stomach. The Ladies mock both slaves and order the Accountant to lick up all the cum. The Accountant doesn’t resist; he’s been well trained and doesn’t want to be beaten, so he crawls over and eats his meal.
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Clubstiletto – Ruby’s PVC Ass Crush

Domina Ruby has one slave blindfolded on the floor and another in the stocks. Today she’s working them both over big time. She starts by plunking herself down on the first slave’s chest, knocking the wind out of his lungs. She bounces up and down, causing him to grunt and groan until she silences him beneath her PVC covered ass. “Let’s see how long you can hold your breath” she tells him. The slave does quite well at first, but eventually he’s past his breaking point. When Ruby finally gets up, he frantically fights to catch a breath for an instant before she’s back down on him again. As she sits on him, she makes things even more difficult by pulling on his nipples.

Ruby is not in a generous mood today, and at the moment, she sees no reason to let her slave breathe. You can see and hear how frantic he becomes before she eventually sits up, again, only for a second. This time she sits for an even longer period of time before getting up to give her other slave a second of attention, making sure he’s watching, because he’s going to be next. She returns to sit on the first slave’s face again, this time in the forward position. She really tests his limits and when she gets up he’s almost frantic. She tells him to relax but then sits right down again. The slave’s cock starts to grow as his limits are pushed, and this time Ruby gets a nice long sit from him. She gives him a short breath before she sits down, and this time she just lets him kick and kick and kick, while you listen to his muffled screams coming from under her ass.
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Clubstiletto – I Trust That You Are Hungry

Domina Ruby calls her slave over and informs him it’s almost time for his toilet servitude. She tells him to kiss her ass cheeks because she likes to have them kissed before she fills his mouth. “I haven’t fed you in 24 hours; I trust you’re hungry?” she says, rhetorically. The camera pans over to reveal that she has a friend over, the beautiful Goddess Mia. “I have a special treat for you today, slave; you get to eat twice” she says, before sending him over to kiss Mia’s ass cheeks. Ruby says she has purposely left him hungry because she knows he’s going to have a huge meal today.

Mia asks Ruby if her slave enjoys being farted on, and Ruby poses the question to her slave. “Yes” he whimpers, knowing how pathetic and depraved he is, which causes Mia to laugh out loud. “Some days he just reeks of farts” Ruby adds, before directing him back to her ass. She lets him know that she could easily add a second slave, so he’d better work hard at attending to both of them. She sends him back and forth from one ass to the other, taunting and tormenting him the entire time. Ruby makes the slave tell Mia how much he loves eating $h1t, which again makes Mia laugh. Ruby and Mia get into a conversation about what type of $h1t the slave likes. The talk gets quite graphic and will really turn you on if you’re a true toilet slave. The slave puts his head between Mia’s ass cheeks and Ruby tells her to go ahead and give the slave his first feeding. “Here it comes” says Mia.
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Clubstiletto – Less Talking And More Barking

Although Kandy and Ruby are two super smart women employed by the corporation, they’ve been constantly overlooked for promotion. They eventually find out why. A group of men, including the CEO and Accountant, were cooking the books and skimming off the top. In order for the men to avoid getting busted and facing possible jail time, they’re forced into a life of servitude, where they must do exactly as the Ladies demand or have their misdeeds exposed to the law and to their families. The Women are in charge now, and when the men aren’t pushing pencils, they’re spending time in the all women’s staff room being used and abused.

In this scene, Kandy and Ruby walk in on the slaves, who are discussing a plan to take back control. The CEO has unzipped the mouth on his dawg mask, and reclines in a relaxed position, as if he’s back in charge. Reality sets in as the girls crack the whip, and soon the CEO is back on all fours, falling back into line. They deny they were scheming to take back the office, but when Kandy says that the first one to tell the truth will not be punished, both slaves quickly point the finger at each other.

Not knowing who to blame, the Ladies decide to punish and humiliate both of these unfortunate individuals. The caged slave has to position his ass right up against the bars of the cage while the CEO dawg is ordered to sniff his ass. “Your CEO days are gone” Ruby tells her slave, “You are now nothing but an ass sniffing dawg.” The caged slave is humiliated about his small cock, and the Ladies question whether he’s even the father of his kids. They suggest that his wife has lovers on the side who are probably the dads. They make him stroke himself, and his cock is so small he only uses two fingers to do it, while the dawg is forced to sniff the other slave’s ass again. “And no more office scheming” says Ruby.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Mia, Domina Ruby – We Maxed Out Your Cards, Time To Suffer

Skylar and Ruby come home early to find their slaves nodding off. They’ve both been locked up by the wrist so that lying down wouldn’t be an option. The Ladies wake their slaves and announce that they’re home early because they’ve already maxed out their credit cards. “Once we let you go, you’re going to have to make arrangements to get those cards paid off again” Ruby scolds. The lack of available credit annoys the Ladies so they decide to inflict some pain. The older slave is locked up fully in the stockade while the younger one is forced to his knees and ordered to sniff the other one’s ass. How incredibly humiliating this is for him! “Get a good whiff” Ruby instructs him, then says to Skylar “It is nice to see the slaves bonding”, which gets both her and Skylar laughing. Skylar sits down and mentions that her feet hurt. She orders her slave to come lick her shoes clean while Ruby begins to flog her slave with her long tailed whip. She lands a series of controlled blows on his ass-cheeks and legs, which immediately causes her slave to squeal. Nice lines begin to form on him as the slave cries out in pain. Meanwhile, Skylar’s slave glances over to see what’s happening with the other slave, which only causes the Ladies to mock him for wanting to go over and suck the slave’s cock. Humiliated, he quickly turns his attention back to Skylar and resumes his shoe licking duties, while the flogging of the other slave continues just behind his back.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Mia, Domina Ruby – Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary

You’ll be instantly aroused the minute this scene opens, as it’s a close up of Goddess Mia’s ass and knee high boots as she kneels on her discipline bench. “Now, what am I going to do with you?” she wonders, as the camera pans over to reveal her slave suspended from the ceiling by his arms. “You’re not going to run away from me, are you?” she says, mockingly. She informs him she’s going to bust his balls. She yanks his shorts down with a quick jerk and gives him a few well placed kicks before reigning down a volley of slaps to his cock and balls. She delivers more kicks, and yanks him forward by the balls until he’s standing on his tip toes. She delivers another series of slaps to his cock. Mia is sadistic and she does everything with pain in mind; she wants her bitch to hurt. “If it hurts too much you can always fall to the ground” she tells him. The slave squeals because he knows that’s impossible and would only lead to worse pain.

Mia pushes the slave into the wall by his shoulders and resumes kicking him in the nuts. She grabs him by the balls and slaps his cock so hard he slams right into the wall. The slave is rock hard so she backs up closely into him and tells him to stick his cock into her ass. He can’t quite reach though so she turns around and slaps him some more. She grabs his balls again and pulls the poor slave right up off the ground. She continues to kick his balls, then slaps his cock and balls as well as his legs. “Sometimes I just don’t think you appreciate me” she says, as she brings her knee straight up into his groin. This is a harsh beatdown by a bound slave with nowhere to hide. She spins him around and spanks his ass before turning him around again and pulling on his nipples, then slaps his cock and balls once more.

The slave mutters a swear word and Mia tells him the next time he says ‘fuck’ she’s going to kick him twice as hard. “Instead of ‘fuck’ I want you to say ‘fairy’” she tells him, before slapping his cock and balls even more, as she tries to rip his balls right off his body. She uses him as her own personal gym equipment, pulling him towards her, releasing, and repeating. “Fairy!” the slave screams out. But Mia is far from finished. She twists his balls and nipples, slaps his cock, and delivers repeated underhand blows to his nuts. Over and over again, she pulls him right up off the ground while he hollers “Fairy, fairy, fairy!”. Mia is absolutely ruthless. Eventually, she removes her boots and switches to ball kicking with her feet. After a particularly harsh kick, the slave accidentally says ‘fuck’ before correcting himself… but it’s too late! Mia spends the next minute fully annihilating him, despite his repeated pleas of “Fairy, fairy, fairy!”. Then there’s a knock at the door. “Oh, I guess my girlfriends are here” she giggles.
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Clubstiletto – Domina Ruby, Princess Skylar – Scissored Foot Fuckers

Princess Skylar and Domina Ruby, the Dynamic Duo, are resting on the couch while their slaves sit on the floor in front of them. This is not a romantic movie night though. No, these Ladies are going to scissor their boys and make them kick for air. As both have very powerful thighs, the boys can expect to do some suffering. Ruby wastes no time scissoring her bitch while Skylar goes a bit easier on hers and actually allows him to fuck her feet. The younger slave gets wood first but both struggle while they try to stimulate their cocks as their necks are tightly squeezed. Eventually, the Superiors decide there isn’t enough flow going to the slaves’ cocks and they go back to scissoring instead, but with more force this time. Ruby gets very intense and you can see her slave wilting under the pressure, fighting to breathe. Skylar increases the pressure on her slave, who instantly starts kicking. “It’s such a good work out; I love it!” Skylar exclaims as she squeezes with all her might. Now during the final game, both Ladies wrap their legs around the slaves’ necks and squeeze for all they’re worth. It’s bedtime!
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Domina Ruby – Ball Bashing Fun Part 2

This is the second and final clip in the hot ballbusting series featuring Domina Ruby and Miss Jasmine. Clip one is here: Ball Bashing Fun Part 1. The slave has been pushed back on the throne after his beatdown. Thrones are not for bitches though, so after a few seconds it’s back to the floor for him. Jasmine sits on the throne and puts her beautiful stilettos back on. At the same time, Ruby jabs her boot stiletto into the slave’s nuts. She follows that up by kicking him with the pointy tip of her boot and orders him to spread his legs. Jasmine reaches down and pulls the slave towards her by the legs so she can join in on the fun of stiletto-jabbing. The slave moans, groans and grunts as Jasmine pokes away mercilessly at his nuts. When Jasmine stands up, Ruby takes over by stomping on the poor guy’s cock. Jasmine notes that the slave is getting erect and takes his cock in her hand to stimulate him before she gets him back up on his feet. She pulls him up by the cock onto his tip toes before landing a solid knee to his groin. The slave is very nervous and can see that the beating is far from over. In their high stiletto heels the Ladies tower over the slave and they move him around with no resistance whatsoever. Jasmine holds him by the head so Ruby can approach from behind and kick his nuts repeatedly. Jasmine turns him around to do the same from the back while Ruby jumps right in and starts kicking him from the front. Ruby proceeds to slap his nuts with her hands which encourages Jasmine to pick up her big black plastic cock and start hitting him with that as well. As he falls to his knees, Ruby reaches out and squeezes his nipples. There is zero compassion for this stunned but still aroused slave. Jasmine goes all out using both the giant cock and her rhinestone shoes; it’s a non-stop assault on his groin. They order the slave back onto all fours. After three hard kicks to his nuts, Jasmine almost falls off one of her shoes, but she doesn’t miss a beat and gracefully kicks them off while continuing to kick him with her nylon-clad feet. Ruby decides to take her boots off now, too, and the ladies take turns kicking him from behind. When he buckles they order him back up with his legs spread. Next, he’s placed on his back so Jasmine can facesit him, muffling his cries as Ruby gets busy again, kicking his swollen testicles. Jasmine jumps on him and starts to trample him, and switches to some butt drops before she’s back up kicking him again. She stomps his nuts and when she asks the slave if he wants a break, he whimpers “Sure.” They tell him to go outside in the cold and rain and they’ll allow him back in an hour once the swelling has gone down. There are too many kicks, knees, punches and slaps to the nuts to count in this clip, but if you dream of giving your balls over to superior sadistic women, you will love this one.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Domina Ruby – Ball Bashing Fun

Our slave finds himself alone, naked and in the presence of two true sadists, Domina Ruby and Miss Jasmine. Jasmine asks him, “Are you ok, would you like a warmup, to be coddled?” “Yes”, he foolishly replies. Jasmine gives his balls a few gentle slaps and then squeezes them as hard as she can which make Ruby laugh with pleasure. Coddle, my ass. Less than a minute into the scene Jasmine is already delivering round after round of knees to the balls and then she holds his arms behind his back so Ruby can deliver kick after kick to his already swelling nuts. Then a surprise attack from behind as Jasmine has taken hold of a giant black dildo and she starts swatting his cock and balls with that as well. The reaction from the slave is such that they decide to really take that solid rubber cock to his mid-section. The slave is practically leaving his feet as Jasmine swings the tool at his cock, balls and even his stomach. Over the next five minutes it’s a non-stop assault on the slave with him standing and kneeling on all fours. When two sadists get together the action never really stops until the slave is destroyed. They are brutal!
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Clubstiletto – Domina Ruby, Princess Skylar – Dirty Deeds For Dirty Slaves

Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar have been working their slaves over all day and have decided it’s time to play a game. The gorgeous Ladies instruct their bitches to remove their stilettos and to suck their sexy toes. There’s going to be a race! The slaves must crawl across the floor to their Mistress to see who can get a toe into his Goddess’s mouth first. Back and forth the slaves crawl, like two dawgs in heat, as the Ladies bark out commands and laugh at their pathetic slaves. The poor boys struggle to determine which side they should pass each other on, until eventually they figure it out. The Ladies are easily bored so they decide to make the slaves fight to get past each other. Ruby says “For a second there, I thought it was going to turn into a love-making session” to which Skylar replies “Yeah, they are both pretty gay” which makes them laugh out loud again. “Maybe we’ll make them suck each others’ cocks later” Ruby adds.

Meanwhile, the slaves are clearly lost in the foot worship, probably with no idea of the wicked plans being hatched right in front of them. It’s clear that these slaves love feet. To keep the poor wretches off balance, the Girls decide on a whim to ride them as ponies to really tire them out… in anticipation of the final showdown. They decide there will be no winners’ prize but the loser has to lick the other slave’s ass. Who will win?? Note: no assholes are actually licked in this video
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Clubstiletto – Domina Ruby, Princess Skylar – Bound and Ball Busted

Blond bombshells Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar are talking about their anger issues and the slave in front of them, his arms behind his back, is naturally nervous. Skylar takes a metal flogger and takes the solid steel handle to his balls to get the fun started. She swings the handle at his nuts a few dozen times and you can clearly hear how solid the impact is and the slave squirms and jumps about. Ruby holds his cock up for more blows before the slave is turned so his backside is shown and she can continue to use the handle on his bruised berries. Sometimes her aim is off and the handle bashes his legs causing even more discomfort and probably fear as he’s not sure what to expect next. Look at the professional rope work Ruby has done on the slave in advance, his arms are secure and escape is impossible. More swings of the handle and you can hear a real clapping sound against his balls and then Ruby gets into the act and starts to spank his balls with her hands before more swings of the handle from Skylar. When Ruby finally swings the slave around to face the camera we see he is rock hard… maybe he likes this more than we thought.

As it turns out this was nothing but a warm up and the girls are ready to take their red stilettos to his balls to really finish him off. Ruby’s shoes are covered in studs and she starts by kicking the slaves cock, balls and then laughs when she gets him right in the taint. The girls then take turns slapping his cock and it bounces up and down giving them a great deal of enjoyment. Everyone is laughing… well, almost everyone. Skylar then really goes to town slapping his cock some more and then his balls, but because he’s squirming about so much, Ruby wraps her hands around his neck to keep him in place so Skylar can continue her assault on his not so private parts. Ruby secures a collar and leash on the slave and as she holds it, the girls sit on the couch and start to bombard him with slaps, kicks with their stilettos, and then Skylar in bare feet and Ruby in nylon feet. The best thing about a duo ballbusting session is that the action never stops, as one rests the other attacks, then they switch. They even kick him in unison at one point. The slaves balls and cock really get worked over in this hot ballbusting scene and literally hundreds of blows land before he finally falls to his knees. You’ll love the Ladies sadistic passion and the slaves ability to take blow after blow.
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Clubstiletto – Blond Bombshells Face Crush

This is just good old fashioned face-sitting, as Domina Ruby and Princess Mia see which slave can hold his breath the longest, while under their asses. Imagine being face-sat by these two hotties and not getting hard… unfortunately, that happens to be the case with these limp bitches. The Ladies slap the slaves’ balls to show their disgust and then have them rub themselves. Ruby is very serious about her ass-smothering and pushes her slave to the brink again and again. Mia, however, enjoys bouncing on her slave’s face, so you’ll see him catching a lot of breath, although the breaks are short and he must use his air wisely in the event she decides to stay down for a prolonged period of time. Mia giggles, seeing Ruby’s pet gasp and kick. “Such a drama queen,” Ruby laughs. Both slaves do finally manage to get some wood, although protracted periods without air have resulted in some shrinkage, lol. Ruby sternly says that slave Number Three will be brought out of the closet if either of them are not up to the task. Until recently, Ruby’s slave was a big time CEO, but was fired from the company and is now forced to be a slave to the women in the office, and you can see the transition has been difficult for him; he’s not used to being used. The Ladies turn and sit on the slaves’ chests so they can slap their balls while encouraging them to stroke themselves. They decide to see who can cum first, but with a short countdown of only ten seconds, both slaves fail miserably. “Another month without coming” Ruby says, at which point they both plunk back down on their slaves’ faces for a full-on ass smother.

Mistress: Princess Mia, Domina Ruby
Category: Face Sitting, Ass Smothering, Ass Smother, Facesitting
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Clubstiletto – Domina Ruby – Right Where I Want Them!

The scene opens with Domina Ruby sitting on her throne, considering what she will do with the two slaves before her. One is locked in a head stock, the other in a cage. She laughs, knowing they’re at her mercy, and says “Something is going to get hurt around here, and I’m not referring to my feelings.” Ruby has earned a bit of a reputation for breaking crops across slaves’ backsides, and the first crop flies to pieces with a mere flick of her wrist, before she’s had a chance to inflict much pain on Slave One. Good thing the dungeon is well-stocked with implements! As she goes to retrieve a new weapon, she looks in on Slave Two and warns him he’s next. She pulls the blindfold down on his hood. It’s an unlucky break for Slave One because Ruby chooses the harshest crop in her entire collection. It’s solid resin and has no give at all. Soon she’s tenderizing the slave’s fat ass and thick thighs. He moans in pain but that only arouses Ruby. She calls him a good boy and throws him off by petting his back like a good house dawg before delivering another solid stroke with the crop.
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Clubstiletto – Jim Your Position Has Been Terminated

Kandy has called Jim into her office to break the bad news to him; his accounting position is being eliminated. The nerdy bookkeeper is mortified and imagines what his demanding wife will say once he gets home. He begs Kandy not to fire him and says he’ll do anything. “Anything?” she asks. The next thing you know, he’s stripped down and crawling on all fours as she leads him by a leash into the women’s staff room. “This is the women’s staff room?” he gasps, since it looks more like a dungeon than a staff room. Much to his surprise, he learns that the guy in the dawg mask in the corner massaging Ruby’s feet and legs is actually the former CEO. The two ladies make jokes about the loser accountant and Kandy orders him to sit on the floor with his head facing up on the couch so she can sit on his face. She sits down full weight and the soft, pathetic bookworm is soon squirming and fighting for air. “When you go home and tell the wife you had a hard day at the office, the concept will have a whole new meaning,” Ruby laughs. She also scolds the chubby dawg slave for not massaging her properly. They turn their attention next to Jim’s little dick and Ruby questions whether hisare even his or if his wife has been getting a little extra on the side. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s been getting it on the side,” Kandy laughs. Meanwhile, as jim continues to kick and fight for air, they question whether he’s even good enough for his new low-paying position. Kandy makes him get on all fours and uses him as a bench, while the dawg massages their feet, one hand on each of them. The ladies discuss whether jim should be used as a cocksucker instead, at least when they aren’t beating his balls. They even suggest bringing his wife in to explain that Jim is now a slave and that she might consider using him to fluff her lovers for her. “We’ll give him all the training he needs, right here” says Ruby. Ever imagined being turned into an office slave, if so you’ll love this clip.

Mistress: Mistress Kandy, Domina Ruby
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