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Brat Princess 2: BP – Sister and Friend Turn Brother into Sissy with Help from Mother (1080 HD)

Natalya cinches her brother into a tight corset. She and her friend, Chloe, are turning him into a sissy. Danni, Natalya’s brother, complains about what the girls are doing to him. The girls laugh at him and do it anyway. Danni is almost fully transformed. The girls have made her wear a long wig, and pink garters with a matching collar, in addition to her usual chastity device. But Danni really does not want to be humiliated any longer by being dressed up this way. She puts up a stink, and Natalya responds by calling their Mother into the bedroom. Brianna enters to find her daughters quarreling. Brianna must reinforce to Danni that there are no males allowed in the household. She must go along with Mother’s rules and be a good girl. Brianna makes her son put on the satin panties that started the argument between the siblings in the first place. The females finish dressing Danni to fully-transform the awkward young man into a pretty girl. They complete the transformation with a lesson in poise, and taunt Danni with hints at what will come next for her…
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Brat Princess 2: Mariah – Danni has to Wear a Chastity (1080 HD)

1080 HD Mariah has agreed to be in a relationship with danni. But she is tired of him getting erections around her and jerking off. He can’t be trusted. Mariah knows that putting danni in a chastity device will solve the problem, but danni does not want to wear one. Mariah gets very mad. She yells at danni. Danni is scared to go into chastity because he doesn’t know when Mariah will let him out. Mariah threatens to walk out on danni. Danni begs Mariah not to leave him. A girl like her is totally out of his league and he knows he’ll never find another. Danni finally agrees to wear the chastity device. He puts it on, but this isn’t enough to make Mariah happy. She needs for danni to be naked now, too, so that she can see that he is harmless. Danni hands Mariah the key and takes off all his clothes. Now that danni’s in chastity, Mariah makes him kiss her butt while she goes over the rules. Mariah tells him the number of days he will be in chastity and the number of minutes he will be out. Mariah will not hesitate to add more days onto his time in chastity every time he makes her upset. And she wants a present. Danni agrees to buy Mariah a present because he doesn’t want to make her mad. Then, Mariah sends danni into her bedroom to pick up all her dirty panties from the floor. She’s going to need for him to wash them all by hand. Danni hurries off to do whatever Mariah asks of him. He’s really afraid of what she might do to him, now that she has the key to his chastity device.
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Dannis Little Sister Given Authority Over Him Part 2 (1080 HD)

Putting a boy into chastity for the first time is a very exciting time in a young woman’s life. Brianna and family counselor, Lola, have gathered Brianna’s daughter, Natalya, and her friend, Chloe, for the girls’ first talk about chastity devices. Brianna and Lola are excited to introduce the girls to the world of Keyholding. Natalya has had some experience seeing her father in chastity, but is just now ready to start holding keys of her own. It will be great to start her off with her disobedient brother, danni, as the first boy she locks into chastity. Both Chloe and Natalya are very excited to start Keyholding. Both young ladies are so lovely, they will soon have many, many boys in chastity. Lola introduces the girls to a state of the art chastity called The Vice. It’s a product she highly recommends to the families who come in for counseling. Lola explains some special design features that make The Vice a good choice. After hearing about the unique anti-erection, anti-pull out mechanism, Brianna is enthusiastic to get her husband into a The Vice as well! Danni is then called into the room. Natalya reveals to her brother that she is ready to start Keyholding, and he is going to be her first boy in chastity. Danni does not want to go into chastity, and he does not want his little sister to hold his key. He’s rushed off into the bathroom anyway, and told to get into The Vice. When Danni re-emerges from the bathroom, wearing his new chastity in the color his sister has chosen, the women all gather round and gush. Everyone is very excited to see Natalya close her first lock and collect her first key! As Natalya collects her brother’s key, the women applaud. Danni looks hopeless. Danni is once again sent out to bring the car around. Once danni is out of the room, Lola recommends that danni be castrated. Chastity is a good start, but it’s just a start. Step one is getting danni into chastity. Step two is adding the locking mechanism of The Vice to punish unwanted erections with physical discomfort. Step three is removing the testicles altogether. Danni’s mother and sister start to plan his castration. Chloe can’t wait to attend, and Natalya wants to cut the cord herself. Brianna and Lola are all smiles at the girls’ enthusiasm. The clinic is booked up far in advance for castrations, but in the meantime, the women can start doing some family pegging training at home with danni. It will help get him used to his new life as a gelding and a sissy. Brianna plans a weekly schedule for her son’s peggings. Natalya is excited to help her mom train her brother, and Chloe can’t wait to humiliate him by coming over to watch.
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Dannis Little Sister Given Authority Over Him Part 1 (1080 HD)

1080 HD Danni’s mother, Brianna, and sister, Natalya, have been having problems with his behavior at home. They take danni to a behavioral counselor. Natalya’s friend, Chloe, comes along. Danni is made to stand in the corner while the women discuss what to do about him. Natalya explains to the counselor that danni has been very disrespectful to the women in the household, he even called her a “bitch.” The counselor observes that danni is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that he is a beta male, and therefore inferior to the beautiful women in his family. He has been acting out. The counselor recommends that Natalya be given greater authority over her brother, so that he understands that throughout life he will always be subservient to beautiful young women. She recommends that Natalya begin to discipline her brother for the disrespect he has shown. Natalya immediately grounds her brother. The counselor thinks that grounding is a good start, but she encourages Natalya to punish him further. Natalya makes her brother get on his knees and kiss her shoes. Danni resists, but all the women insist that danni respect the authority given to his younger sister. The four women overpower danni. They make him go around the room and kiss all their shoes. Danni is embarrassed to lick the counselor’s shoes in front of Chloe. Danni has a crush on Chloe and does not like to appear submissive in front of her. The women make danni do it anyway. While danni is licking shoes, the women decide to sell danni’s beloved comic book collection to teach him to be more selfless. The money can go towards new items for his sister’s wardrobe. Danni objects. The frequent objections on danni’s part cause the counselor to recommend that danni begin to see her for hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapy will help danni let go of his own feelings, and make danni more compliant. The counselor also recommends that Natalya formally collar her brother. The collar is a symbol that he is in submission to his younger sister. Natalya eagerly puts the collar on danni. Then, danni is sent out to bring the car around. After danni has left, the counselor recommends a total gender transformation for danni. The gender transformation will be a multi-step process. First, they will put danni into a new, state of the art chastity device called The Vice. Then, they will begin cross-dressing and gender re-training him. Danni will never be a real man, anyway. He will make a much better sissy.
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Brat Princess 2: Daniella – Mommy Enjoys a Snack while Son Eats Pussy (1080 HD)

1080 HD Previously Unreleased! Daniella enjoys a delicious snack while her son, danni, eats mommy’s pussy. After a while danni complains to mommy that his tongue is getting tired. Daniella is trying to teach danni discipline! She doesn’t care if he’s experiencing discomfort, he is not allowed to stop until mommy tells him that its ok to. After a few more minutes, danni starts complaining again. Daniella has had it! She tells danni to get on his back. She’s going to teach him a lesson in perseverance by riding his face until she’s finished. “Do a good job and make mommy cum!” Daniella tells her son. “No!” Danni cries out from beneath her. Daniella tells him to shut up. She’s trying to climax and the whining from the little brat isn’t helpful. Daniella rides her son’s face, aggressively, until she has her orgasm. Little danni is, of course, locked up in chastity for his own good. When Daniella has finished, she wants a bit of relaxing ass worship. Daniella tells her son to lick her ass until she falls asleep. Danni does a good job pleasing her, and soon mommy is calm and sleepy. Daniella settles into her pillow, snack in hand, and starts to doze off as danni continues to be a good son. (8:38 long)
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Brat Princess 2: Daniella – Step Mother Gives Cuck Step Son a Footjob (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Daniella - Step Mother Gives Cuck Step Son a Footjob (1080 HD)

The cuck finally gets release in a humiliating foot job. The step mom tells her step son over and over that he will never get to cum inside while using a pussy. Instead his small dick is trapped n chastity and released every now and then and is milked by feet! The cuck has been stuck in the tube for awhile so he blows a huge load as he is completely milked by Daniella’s expert feet. Foot job fans and Daniella fans will love this clip!
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Brat Princess 2: Daniela – Dominates Danni with Feet and Chastity (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Daniela - Dominates Danni with Feet and Chastity (720 HD)

Mistress Daniela is tired of all Danni’s complaining about its chastity tube. Daniela explains to Danni, that Isabella will decide when the chastity tube comes off. No more complaining! Daniela is a strict mommy. Danni begs mommy to take the chastity tube off but Daniela just threatens him with the same fate that met his father. Danni’s mother now makes him worship her feet. Danni is humiliated as he worships his step mother’s feet. His mother will train him to be a perfect house servant for her and Isabella. Daniela and Danni fans will love this clip! Black widow fans and domestic femdom fans will love this clip as well.
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Brat Princess 2: Daniela – Face Sits Danni (Please Mommy No) (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Daniela – Face Sits Danni (Please Mommy No) (1080 HD)

Daniela is still having trouble getting Danni to obey his step sister. In this clip, Daniela sits on her steps sons face nude to train him to be a good tool for her friends and her step daughter. Danni tries asking for her to stop, but Daniela just tells him to shut up and fucks his face even harder. Eventually Danni has no choice but to lick his step mother to orgasm. Mistress Daniela fucks his little face as and ignores his pathetic pleas for mercy. This very intense face sitting smother video. Daniela fucks and grinds hard on her step sons face. He is like a little rag doll under her! He will learn to this for Isabella and her friends as well. Daniela fans have to buy this clip. This is one of her best clips ever!
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Brat Princess 2: Goddess Brianna – Twin Sister Forces Twin Brother into Chastity (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Goddess Brianna - Twin Sister Forces Twin Brother into Chastity (1080 HD)

Goddess Brianna is the matriarch of a femdom household. All the males, including her cuckold husband, in the family wear chastity tubes and are subservient to the girls. The boys in this family all have to do what the girls say. Lola and Danny are twins and Lola has been waiting for this day for a long time. Lola finds a DVD porno in his room and runs and tells her mother Goddess Brianna. They both agree that Danni is of the correct age to begin his life of chastity. Goddess Brianna makes him put the tube on. She holds the lock as his twin sister closes the lock. Goddess Brianna lets Danni know that his sister will be holding the key to his chastity tube. In this house hold when makes reach a certain age they are placed in chastity. Goddess Brianna announces that on the twins next birthday in a few weeks he will be pegged.

“It is time for your pegging. It is a rite of passage Danni. Both of your brothers have done it and your father has done it as well. It’s time for you. I might let your sister PEG you as well.”
Lola tells Danni that she wants a new dress for the pegging. The tube they put on him is just a beginner chastity tube. He will have to put on a tighter one in a few days. Danni complains it is too small. His mother lets him know that and even tighter one will be strapped on in a few days. Lola snaps the lock shut and giggles. His twin sister will keep his chastity key. Goddess Brianna then makes Danni kiss his twin sister shoes. He hates doing this. “Do it!” Lola screams. Danni is so humiliated. Goddess Brianna makes him worship his twin’s sister’s feet. The girls then plan Danni’s pegging party. Danni is mortified as the girls discuss the pegging ceremony. Lola plans to take lots of pictures in the pegging. She will scrap book it. Lola is a complete Brat to her twin brother. Danni is just a male in a femdom house hold. He has to buy her sister a dress for his pegging. The clip ends with Lola dragging Danni off to her bedroom. “Come on brother lets go play a game.
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Brat Princess 2: Daniela – Step Son Forced to Lick Boots and Feet Clean (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Daniela - Step Son Forced to Lick Boots and Feet Clean (1080 HD)

It is the holidays and Danni is stuck in chastity for the season. Tis the season to be frustrated! He needs to concentrate on buying gifts for Isabella and Daniela. He will use is inheritance from his dads demise to buy them. Daniela shows Danni a new gift from his step sister Isabella. A brand new d0g bed for him to sleep in! It is not much but it is something he can call his own. It fits perfectly at the end of Isabella’s bed. Danni curls up in the bed and he fits perfectly. Daniela then makes him lick her boots clean while she relaxes in the chair. His step mother makes him lick the soles and suck on the heel until the boots are clean. Then she removes her boots and makes her step son worship her bare sweaty feet. Danni is under complete control of his step mother. What will happen when his inheritance runs out?
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Brat Princess 2: Goddess Brianna and Lola – Brother forced to Worship Mom and Sisters Feet (Femdom Family) (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Goddess Brianna and Lola - Brother forced to Worship Mom and Sisters Feet (Femdom Family) (1080 HD)

Danni is finding it tough adjusting to life in chastity. His twin sister Lola is not making it any easier. In this clip Danni finds it difficult to worship her sisters and mothers feet. It is humiliating. “Do it!” Lola yells. He has to do what the girls in this family say. Goddess Brianna asks him if he heard his father screaming from a pegging last night. This is what happens to males that complain. Danni finds out the chastity tubes only get smaller from here on out in this family. He is only wearing a starter chastity tube. Lola asks her mom if she can use Danni’s room as a giant shoe closet and move him into her actual closet. He will have a mat to sleep on. Her clothes will still be hanging in the closet so he will only have a very small amount of room. Lola and Goddess Brianna teach Danni how to worship their feet. He is forced to beg for his sister’s feet. He is forced to smell his moms and sisters feet and admit that he likes it. Danni is humiliated. He knows he is going to get pegged soon. Lola is going to make sure it happens.
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Brat Princess 2: Daniela – The Chastity Tube Makes it Ok to Lick Mommies Pussy (Part 2) (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Daniela - The Chastity Tube Makes it Ok to Lick Mommies Pussy (Part 2) (1080 HD)

In part 2, Daniela has her song worship her pussy. First she checks her sons chastity tube. Daniela checks her son’s chastity tube for tightness and to make sure there can be no erections. Satisfied that he can’t get hard, she spreads her legs for her son to lick her pussy. Daniela talks gently to her son letting him know how happy she is that he can lick her pussy. She even turns around and has her son lick her pussy from behind. Daniela grabs her son’s hair and uses his tongue like a toy. Daniela enjoys a great real orgasm from her son.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexis and Meana – Smother Trample and Crush Little Danni (1080 HD)

The girls are really bullying little Danni now. Danni was fighting too much before the clip started. The girls were just too heavy for little Danni. The girls tie his hands underneath the bench. Now he can’t fight back. Alexis stands full weight on his chest and stomach while using his chastity cage as a strong point to attach a balance leash. Mean is sitting full weight on his face at the same time. She pulls her legs off the floor and is now sitting full weight on him. The girls take turn sitting on his face and grinding him. They even use his face like a saddle. Meana sits full weight on his face . Danni is being crushed! The clip ends with Alexis taking a turn at full weight face sitting.
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Brat Princess 2: Penny – Human Chair Foot Worship (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Penny - Human Chair Foot Worship (1080 HD)

Little Danni is crushed by Penny. She uses him like a chair while she makes him worship and kiss her feet. Penny is rough with her chair. She puts her feet in his mouth. She sits full weight and makes him open his mouth. She spits in it. Danni tries to fight her off but she is too much for him. Penny looks so much bigger than little Danni.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexis – Danni is no Match for Her (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Alexis - Danni is no Match for Her (1080 HD)

Danni is a very inexperienced wrestler. He hopes to earn a reward if he can win against Alexis, a girl. Alexis has told him that if he taps out 3 times she will face sit him. Danni is really not much of a match for Alexis. He is just too small and puny for an amazon like Alexis. She throws him around like a rag doll. She squeezes his puny body with her python thighs as Danni taps out again and again. Alexis goes through several holds and pins while destroying Danni. Danni does try to fight back as best as he can. But he eventually ends up on his back. Alexis stands on Danni with a victory pose at the end.
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Brat Princess 2: Riley – Sits on Her Little Human Seat Cushion (1080 HD)

Riley is part of the team of girls working on Danni’s size. Danni has been partially shrunk. He can no longer fight back against the girls. He is so much weaker than the girls now. Riley wants to really shrink him down to jewelry size. Riley wants to shrink Danni down to a decoration she can hang from her belly ring. She can imagine Danni dangling from his arms which are attached to her belly ring. So funny! Riley sits full weight on little Danni’s face and even bounces. It is amazing his face does not collapse! How much smaller will she make him?
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Brat Princess 2: Daniela – Humiliates Step-Son by Feeding Him Daughters Scraps (1080 HD)

Daniela is going to work on her step son Danni. Danni is barely allowed to eat. He begs and begs for food but is very rarely allowed to eat. Daniela wants the inheritance that her late husband left Danni. She is going to starve Danni into giving up the cash. In this clip she allows a rare feeding of Danni. Isabella did not eat all of her cereal this morning. So she dumps her breakfast scraps into a d0g dish for him to eat from. Plus she binds his arms behind his back to make it harder. She lets him eat some food and then takes it away. Next she makes him lick the dirt off the bottom of her shoes. This is all the food little Danni will get for the day until Isabella comes home from school. Then he will lick her shoes clean as well. Maybe she will bring him home some scraps as well.
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Brat Princess 2: Mya and Noe – Goddesses Bully and Humiliate little Slave (Part 2) (720 HD)

The girls now make Danni worship their feet. The girls rub their feet all over his face. He has to suck their toes and rub their feet at the same time. The girls laugh and giggle as they give him orders. He is being forced to worship the girl’s feet. This is how girls will use him. He will be a shoe cleaner and a toe sucker! Danni is completely bullied by these girls. The girls then decide to shove him into a suitcase. Noe shoves his head in and sits her ass on his back to shove him in. Mya quickly zips the bag shut on him. The girls trample and bounce on the bag filled with Danni. Mya has her heels on and spikes him. Noe then decides she wants to spike him as well. So she hops up and pounds her heels into him. The girls are having so much fun! Danni will be kept there when he is not being used.
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Brat Princess 2: Riley – Bikini Smother Very Small Slave (1080 HD)

Riley loves the power she has over Danni. Danni is too small to fight back. Riley loves to drive little Danni crazy. He is stuck in a chastity tube and she sits full weight right on his face. Riley bounces and grinds on his face and he tries to fight back. Riley holds his little arms and sits full weight. She sits both forward and reverse on his face and keeps her legs off the floor. Danni is flattened and humiliated.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy – Sissy Danni in Chastity Serves Princess in Bath (720 HD)

Sissy Danni is now kept in chastity 24 7. His sissy training has really made a difference in his attitude. He is learning to accept his chastity not fight it. Amadahy loves to tease chastity slaves and rive them crazy with lust. In this clip she enjoys a bath making Danni wash her. Danni is further humiliated with his pantyhose he is made to wear. His chastity tube sticks out and he has a pink bow around his tube. Danni is always forced to wear a bimbo blonde wig. Amadahy calls her hot boyfriend and talks sexy with him. She nonchalant plays with Danni’s chastity tube. She teases his balls knowing that she has no intention of letting him out. She finishes the call with her boyfriend and makes Danni dry her off. He will have to help Amadahy into her lingerie next. This shows a typical day in the life of a sissy cuckold.
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