Tag: Dahila Rain

Club Dom: Whipping Day with Harlow and Dahlia

Goddess Harlow and Goddess Dahlia have their slave strung up for a whipping. It is whipping day, and they have chosen this slave to be shredded by their vicious whips. “You are really going to get it!” says Dahlia, smiling with sadistic glee. The women take turns shredding their slave’s back with their whips, mocking him and treating him like the piece of meat that he is. It’s the only way to keep their slaves in line, they all must be regularly whipped on whipping day.
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Club Dom: Cock Slut For Goddesses/Cock Slut For Goddesses

Kneel before your beautiful sexy Goddesses and open wide. It’s time for all of your slut training to pay off. Show your Goddesses how you can handle their huge cocks inside your slut-holes. Take every inch into your mouth and your ass. Spread your ass so they can see their gaping target, and take all of their superior cocks into yourself and feel what it is to be truly fucked and over-powered by hot Goddesses.
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Club Dom: Dahila Rain & Harlow StrapOn/Punishment Fuck

Dahlia Rain and Harlow Harrison storm into the dungeon and see their slave slacking off on his cleaning duties. He immediately drops to his knees, obediently and in fear of the two more powerful, taller women. He tries to apologize but the women have other plans. They decide to use their strap-ons and punish him. “We are going to fuck you, and you are NOT going to like it” says Dahlia with a smirk. Soon They are shoving their cocks in his mouth, making him gag and humiliating him. Finally, they bend him over and punish his other hole with their large dicks.
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Club Dom: Dahila Rain & Harlow Punish Him Like A Dog/Punishing Bad Pets

“Since you completely failed….” Dahlia explains to her slave “..he didn’t get a single stick, did he?” she asks Harlow.
“Nope. Pathetic.” Harlow says to Dahlia with a disgusted smirk on her beautiful face. Dahlia’s pet is being punished for not being able to keep up with Harlow’s pet during their pet play out in the yard. The women unleash their fury on his bare ass with very hard canes, as he screams and cries. Still, they continue, not stopping.
“This is what you get when you’re not good enough!” Harlow says, grinning, cane whipping through the air, making more stripes on his pathetic ass.
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Club Dom: Dahila Rain & Alexis Grace: Ass-Licking Loser

Goddess Alexis has a slave to lick her and Mistress Dahlia Rain’s asses. He is shoved into Goddess Alexis’s ass first by Dahlia, and he must lick only her beautiful perfect asshole as he is a loser and not worthy of her pussy. Bossed around and told to stick out his tongue and lick it good, this is all he is good for. Next Goddess Alexis Grace demands that he stare at Dahlia’s perfect ass in between licking it, seeing how lucky he is of the privilege.
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Club Dom: Dahila Rain & Alexis Grace: Fuck Meat

Slave 040 is the lucky chosen slave to get strap-on fucked today. He waits in the cage while Goddesses Alexis and Dahlia sit on top of it, stroking their huge cocks, discussing about how they wish they had someone to fuck today, sarcastically, staring right at him. They drag him out of the cage. Alexis makes him suck her cock and lube it up with his spit “You don’t want it to go in DRY, do you?” He shakes his head ‘no’ and starts sucking her and Dahlia’s big cocks. Dahlia decides she wants to fuck him good and hard to show Alexis what she has learned. She orders the slave over the cage to get his ass reamed by her. Dahlia fucks him good and hard while Alexis laughs and taunts him. He feels so violated and used.
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Club Dom: Dahila Rain & Alexis Grace Strap-On/Toy for 2 Sadists Part 2: Fuck-Toy

The slave that Goddess Alexis Grace and Dahlia Rain just caned is in for more torment as the women decide to strip off their corsets, and strap-on some big black cocks. Alexis is going to show Dahlia just how fucking slaves is done here at Club Dom. Alexis goes first, fucking the slave hard and deep. Dahlia watches in amazement and soon it is her turn and buries her cock deep inside of him. Alexis reminds her that the night is young, meaning there may be more tormenting of slaves in store. This makes Dahlia very happy as she is enjoying her new-found love of using men for her pleasure here
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Club Dom: Dahila Rain & Alexis Grace Caning/Toy for Two Sadists

Alexis Grace has been showing visiting Mistress Dahlia Rain around the estate. Alexis and Dahlia have been having a fun afternoon chasing around their man-toy, wacking him with their canes as he crawls around faster and faster for his owners. The slave is terrified because he is the most beaten slave on the compound and he knows today will not be any different, and any second now, the women are going to turn things up several notches. Sure enough, the women stop him and force him to bend over as they both cane him and mark him up, laughing the entire time and telling him to shut up and take it.
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