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Cruel City – Pussy and Asshole Cleaned with Human Toilet Paper!

“Where`s the toilet paper?” Anne asks her friend June after relieving herself in the mistress`s bathroom. It appears she`s all out, but June tells Anne not to worry because she has an idea. She calls over a slave, and he quickly comes crawling on all fours. Mistress June instructs him to clean Anne`s pussy and he quickly gets to work as her human toilet paper! “How is it?” June asks as he laps away with his tongue. “He can clean your asshole as well if you want him to,” Anne`s gorgeous friend tells her. Of course she wants him to! This is her first time using human toilet paper, and she wants to experience it all. June holds the back of his head, pressing him into Anne`s ass while he licks away. Anne may never use actual toilet paper ever again!
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