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Firm Hand Spanking – Alison Miller – Costume Correction – H

40 licks with a stinging leather strap teach Sophie Taylor not to cheat.

Skin-tight jeggings and a pert bare bottom are perfect targets for a leather strap to punish pretty college freshman Sophie Taylor when she cheats. Sorority Sisters are strict, so senior Alison Miller’s 40 strokes of the strap send a burning message to Sophie’s flinching, clenching bottom! Reaction Cam replay captures every moment.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Alison Miller – Costume Correction – J

Alison Miller’s caned bottom a spectacular sight in costume roleplay finale.

Alison Miller’s wacky costume roleplay series dips into Alice in Wonderland’s crazy world in a surreal exchange with cane-master John Friday. But there’s nothing surreal about the 14 cane strokes she endures across her bottom, each fiery thwack sending ripples across her buttocks and leaving tramlines of justice in this series finale.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Alison Miller – Costume Correction – G

Alison Miller’s superhero spanking takes the lid off fantasy cosplay!

Alison Miller’s entertaining roleplay series turns to fantasy superheroes as she takes on John Friday in Costume Correction. After an action-packed stunt fight, Alison is over his knee for a resounding, cheek-quivering, flesh-reddening spanking that sends her bubble butt into crimson red warning mode. No escaping a bare bottom spanking here!
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Firm Hand Spanking – Alison Miller – Costume Correction – E

15-swat paddling for Alison Miller tests her sporty, bouncing bottom to the limit.

The paddle is Alison Miller’s most dreaded implement: “My palms sweat just thinking about the paddle!” she confessed. This latest video from her Costume Correction series has her cheerleader skirt flipped up to reveal ‘Haze Me’ briefs which are swiftly pulled down to bare her magnificent bottom for 15 solid whacks with a large wooden paddle.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Alison Miller – Costume Correction – D

Bared and spanked after losing a sporting bet: Alison Miller’s bouncing booty!

Both buttocks bouncing furiously, Alison Miller is over John Friday’s lap to be spanked after losing a sports bet. “He doesn’t know that I can totally take a hard spanking, but he realised when I didn’t react and he let me have it!” laughed Alison. Another video, another costume in her Costume Correction series, with more spankings to come.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Alison Miller – Costume Correction – A

Alison meets the dark side in her new series when she’s spanked by the devil!

Don’t be fooled by the title of Alison Miller’s new series…she’s in trouble with the prince of darkness. A spanking awaits as she drinks from a red bottle containing brimstone! “I love a fantasy role,” Alison says. “Playing an angel who deals with the devil was fun…and of course a chance to wear lots of different costumes and get spanked!”
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