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The Fetish Couple: I Will Dismantle Your Balls With Over 100 Brutal Jumps

Kloe decides she is going to push Ken’s limits once again. Her favorite this to do is jump on his balls, so she decides she is going to jump harder and higher than she has ever jumped before. And she is going to do this 100 times, full-weight, directly on his balls! WOW!

She starts out with about a minute of trampling that she calls, “a warm up.” Then the destruction begins. Keep in mind that Kloe weighs 155 pounds and she is solid muscle, so when she jumps and slams down as hard as she can, you can be assured no man has ever suffered such impact. The jumps only continue to get higher and harder as the clip progresses, and her aim gets more direct. She even begins to jump off the frame of the bed, before she starts leaping off the mattress! Kloe Literally disappears from screen as she tucks her knees to her chest, and then comes down FULL FORCE on his testicles; many times! It truly is amazing Ken’s balls haven’t exploded under her weight. Kloe’s sadism is only growing… (See if you can count how many jumps she actually delivers, it’s easy for her to loose count when she is having so much fun.)
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Ballbusting Beauties: Brutal Ball-Crushing Footjob

Vicki Violet loves to step on and crush a man’s cock and balls and has been wanting to do so in her vicious spiked gravity heels. With her slave’s manhood trapped beneath her she shows no mercy, kicking his balls directly with the spikes on the toes of her shoes as Vicki laughs hysterically at his pain. But the fun doesn’t stop there, she crushes and stomps his hard dick and balls, even smashing his helpless manhood in between her shoes to really dig the spikes in. After brutalizing his testicles, Vicki wants to see him cum under her! She graciously removes her shoes so that he can feel her soft soles stroking his dick. With his balls swollen from being busted and crushed, the slave is in in agony and ecstasy as Goddess Vicki gives him a footjob until he blows his load all over the place!
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Tibo’s cock is inversely proportional to his size, this guy measures 1.90 m tall (six foot), and has a 4 cm micro cock that does not exceed 10 cm in erection. Model student, this genius in mathematics hides his real nature, he enjoys ballbusting and balls crushing… Good thing since Anaïs has just received a brand new cockbox and intends to use it with her slaves.

DEFINITION OF A COCKBOX: a height-adjustable box with a hole in the middle to put the sex out.

The sub is lying on the floor while the box is covering his body from the lower abdomen to the thighs, the dominatrix can trample, crush, hit the balls and the cock of her sub who cannot move.

Anais’ little tanned feet are trampling and crushing Tibo’s cock until he ejaculates ; We filmed these scenes with two cameras in order to not miss any detail of the action, the tanned feet lovers will enjoy ! Add 2 “pee” scenes (on Tibo’s body and in his mouth) + spit fetish, and you obtain a 16 mn HD video that will delight all those who dream to be the slave of a 19 yo Indian Mistress. Read More »

CBTrample – Ball Crushing Forced Ejaculation

Ball crush until they are BLUE and DEFORMED!
Mistress Alina has found these awesome 6″ / 15 cm slingback platform high heels on her last shopping quest and fell in love with them immediately. In these heels Alina is a 6.3 ft / 195 cm TALL GIANTESS.
When the Goddess enters the room the slave is hooked and scared at the same time. She looks so awesome with her endless long legs in sheer black pantyhose, her mini skirt and her black top. And these shoes look so dangerous. How much damage can they cause to his genitals, lying exposed on the cock table. And he knows that they will…
Alina steps on the board and walks around his crotch and very soon she will play with it how only Alina can do. She knows exactly how dangerous these high heels are but she is dauntless – after all it’s not her meat lying there. For the next 24 minutes she will give her slave another unforgettable cock and ball trampling lesson. Enough time to left nothing out: Lots of PAINFUL PRESSURE FROM HEELS IN COCK AND BALLS, FULL WEIGHT standing on crotch, walking over his meat, SHOEJOB, COUNTLESS BRUTAL STOMPS ON ON DICK AND NUTS, BULLBUSTING until the slave SCREAMS WITH PAIN and the MISTRESS LAUGHS, and much much more.
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