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Pure CFNM – Homeless Shelter

When homeless workers Carla and Chessie stumble upon down on his luck Paul in the streets, they decide to take him back to their shelter. They are going to feed him and give him a bed for the night but first he needs a shower. Helped by centre manager Brooklyn they strip him off and get him under the shower at which point they all notice how huge his dick is! The girls can’t take their eyes off it and when he comes out the shower they all take turns towelling him off, having a good feel of his massive dick as they do so! The girls then ditch the towel and have their hands all over his cock, wanking it and then taking turns to suck it until he spunks all over their faces!
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Pure CFNM – Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw, Zoe Davis – Cock Dancing

Secretary Hannah decides to get her own back on pervy boss Justin. She pretends to want to fuck him and strips him naked and handcuffs him to the chair. But instead of riding him, she goes to fetch the other secretaries and their phones! The girls laugh at his nudity and take selfies with his rock hard cock. They take turns to wank and suck him, taking photos and videos as they do so. He can’t help shooting a big load for them before they leave him tied up for the cleaners to find!
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Xerotics – Chessie Kay – Chessie’s Chair

Chessie Kay has been punished once too many times so this time Michael decides to use the chair she is sat waiting for him on as part of her humiliating spanking session. He has many uses to place and position her on this chair much to her shame and embarrassment with the finale being sat on it with her bottom poking right our displaying all her charms as he continues to spank her until her bottom is a dark shade of shameful red.
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Pure CFNM – Inspection Room

Two helpless males are chained to the tables of the inspection room when three beautiful women walk in. The men have to kneel there naked with their asses in the air and their cocks standing to attention as the three girls prod and poke them. Their asses are inspected and their cocks groped and the females laugh their heads off as pre-cum drips from their boners. When the girls decide to milk them like cows it doesn’t take long for both men to shoot big loads for their mistresses who just laugh and walk off, leaving them with their puddles.
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Pure CFNM – Chessie Kay, Tina Kay, Valentina Bianco – Blue Ball Relief

Pure CFNM - Chessie Kay, Tina Kay, Valentina Bianco - Blue Ball Relief

When depressed Justin confides in three female friends that his girlfriend likes to play evil games and hasn’t allowed him to cum in two weeks, they are very worried. They tell him it is unhealthy to get bad blue balls and that it’s important they relieve him. He is scared to cheat on his girlfriend but the three babes aren’t taking no for an answer, pulling his clothes off and diving on his dick. As all three of them take turns to blow his cock, he soon shoots two weeks worth of cum as they watch laughing!

Chessie Kay, Tina Kay, Valentina Bianco
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