Humiliation POV Goddess Alexandra Snow: Sounding For True Masochists, Fuck Your Cock

Goddess Alexandra Snow

I know you have this desire to play with your holes and by your holes, I mean more than just your mouth and your ass. You see there’s this other hole you have, the hole at the head of your penis and that little hole can be explored too. I know you’ve thought about putting something in that hole. But I’m sure you’re scared, you think it will hurt.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Kyaa: Bust Your Balls All Alone In Your Room Like A Total Fucking Loser

Goddess Kyaa

It’s torture time for your loser balls. You need to have them destroyed. I wish I had you in this dungeon so I could tie you up but since you’re at home like a pathetic little loser, I will have to improvise. So let’s start by getting you hard and horny. Then you’re going to beat your balls. Use a spatula or a wooden spoon. Squeeze your dick in one hand, pull it up towards your stomach exposing your balls, and then you’re going to start to beat your balls. This should hurt, if it doesn’t, you’re not doing it right. Beat them hard and fast.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Chastity Instructions – INTERACTIVE!

This is a custom vid but no name mentioned…but it’s a vid many of you have asked for. This is a detailed INTERACTIVE vid for chastity slaves or orgasm control enthusiasts.

I lay out a plan for the next 3 months. I decide when & how you get to orgasm for the next few months. You will not be denied an orgasm the whole time, you will be able to earn opportunities to have a release.

There are some elements of humiliation, self harm & worship of me. Lots of tormenting teasing mainly thru watching my other vids (so you might want to get a membership for my site or buy more vids through clips4sale.) I’ll ask you to email me progress reports, to do tasks, to send me pics, etc. You’ll be expected to tribute me periodically to show your devotion, to thank me for my time & attention.

You’ll also have consequences for being naughty:-)
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – A Month of Cock Control – Week #4

Welcome, my little jerk addicts, to week 4 of my Cock Control Program. If you haven’t watched “A Month of Cock Control” 1, 2, and 3 then go watch those first and come back on the fourth week for this clip. So far your jerking sessions have been for 5, 10, and 15 minutes. But we’re going to ramp it up this week and give you 20 minutes to jerk that cock of yours. You are so lucky. In this 20 minute jerking session you’re going to get 2 orgasms. You are unlucky in the fact that you’re going to have to get something with a bit of menthol to jerk with. We’re going to make these the most difficult orgasms yet. Oh, and grab some ice as well. I want these orgasms to be a challenge of mind and sensation. I want you to jerk through the burning and the cold. I want you to prove to me that you can produce an orgasm whenever I say, no matter the circumstances. This is the result of 4 weeks of hardcore orgasm training.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – CBT Double Duty

At AVN this year, I had the opportunity to sit down with the impeccable London Lix. Now, there’s this interesting phenomenon that happens when you put two dominant women in the same room together to handle a slave. We knew we wanted to make you subject your cock and balls to all sorts of torment, but this clip gets so much more than the regular slap and tickle. London and I are going to give your balls the worst treatment they’ve ever had. If they work at all by the end of this clip, you should be grateful. Don’t worry about staying hard though. With London Lix and I on the screen, you’d have to chop off your dick to get your erection to go away. Hey, that’s not a bad idea…
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Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen: Severe, Painful Self CBT Instructions By A Bratty Schoolgirl

Princess Kendi Olsen

Love hurts, doesn’t it? Sacrifice is how we show our dedication and our love. I want you to hurt for me today. I want you to feel pleasure through pain. I want you to sacrifice for me today. You’re usually so selfish, you just want to jerk for me. And I understand that, I’m a hot young schoolgirl, lots of guys want to jerk for me. But I want to see real sacrifice today, I want to see real pain in your eyes. To serve me is to please me, jerking off to me is only serving yourself.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Hotel Room CBT

Oh, poor you. Are you all alone in that hotel room with nothing to do? I know you boys get antsy when you have nothing to do with your cock, so I’m going to give you a little assignment. You probably didn’t bring anything to prepare for a little hotel CBT, so you’re just going to have to find what’s useful around your room. You’ll need some dental floss, some sort of string, lotion, and something that will work as clamps. Oh, and some ice, but don’t fetch that before the video. So get all of your little tools together and start the video. Let’s see how much your cock can take so far away from home.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: No Safe Word, This Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Princess Lacey

Do you think you can handle a little pain, bitch? Are you ready to take everything that I’m about to do to you? You’re starting to look nervous. You should be. And don’t worry about a safe word, you won’t need one because I won’t be able to hear it. Open wide and stick some panties in your filthy mouth and tape them in there. Now I won’t be able to hear any of your pathetic fucking words. And now I can beat the fucking $.h.!.t.. out of you.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Ruined Orgasm Assignment Part 4

This is the FINAL WEEK of the One Month CBT & Ruined Orgasm assignment with Mistress Ezada Sinn. Each task gets progressively harder and harder so that in order to earn a normal, pleasurable orgasm, you must really work for it. Just the sight of us in leather, demonstrating each task is enough to make you drip, but you must follow each instruction to the letter. Tasks 1 and 3 will be found here and tasks 2 and 4 will be found in my store. Each set of instructions can be completed with household items but none of them are for the amatuer.. you must be really ready to ruin those orgasms and prove yourself to be a good slave. This assignment includes a very vicious task that will have you whimpering in abject submission. Be sure to get the first 3 weeks before beginning!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Ruined Orgasm Assignment Part 2

This WEEK 2 of the One Month CBT & Ruined Orgasm assignment featuring the amazing Mistress Ezada Sinn. Each task gets progressively harder and harder so that in order to earn a normal, pleasurable orgasm, you must really work for it. Just the sight of us in leather, demonstrating each task is enough to make you drip, but you must follow each instruction to the letter. Tasks 1 and 3 will be found here and tasks 2 and 4 will be found in my store. Each set of instructions can be completed with household items but none of them are for the amatuer.. you must be really ready to ruin those orgasms and prove yourself to be a good slave.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – DIY Clothespin Zipper

Most of my CBT instructions require me to trust you to apply my style of sensual sadism at home. Today’s assignment makes sure that you will. I’m going to guide you through the devilish device known as the Zipper, a series of clothespins that are applied to your tender areas and then removed in a specific way. I’ll give you accompanying masturbation instructions and we’ll see if you can manage an orgasm by the end. Fair warning.. this is not for the CBT novice.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Suffer For Your Orgasm: Hot Sauce

This is a super sexy latex glove hand job scene…BUT you can & make it interactive by jerking off with something uncomfortable like hot sauce or “icy/hot”…anything with menthol you might have in your medicine cabinet, be creative. Or just inflict some pain on yourself in whatever way floats your boat (punch yourself in the balls, put cloths pegs on your dick, jerk off with a rough mitten…whatever.) This vid is about you suffering for your orgasm, causing yourself pain for MY pleasure.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy – Annihilated

Jasmine and Kandy have just come from watching mixed martial arts and decide it’s time to serve up a beatdown of their own. This is non-stop kicking and punching, mainly to their victims balls, and general outright annihilation of the bound slave who can do nothing but take it! These ladies are relentless and their sadistic nature is evident.

Mistress: Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy
Category: Beatdowns, Belly Punching, Dick Slapping, Female Boxing, Cbt Instruction, Bondage Device
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey:After This Clip You’re Going To Be In A Lot Of Fucking Pain

Princess Lacey

Hey you little freak, are you ready to have some fun ballbusting with your Goddess? I’m not fucking around, I want you destroying those balls, on my command, for my entertainment. Because there’s nothing that pleases me more than watching a loser like you suffer in agonizing pain, all because I told you to do it.

I want you to spread your legs and have your balls out on a nice, hard surface. I’m going to have you punch your balls really hard, and then I’m going to have you press down on them with your fist. Also I want you to get something really heavy that will really hurt when you drop it on your balls. Now brace yourself because after this clip, you’re going to be in a lot of fucking pain. But I know you’ll enjoy every second of it.

Now lay those balls flat and slam yourinto your balls as hard as you can. Next grind thatinto your balls really fucking hard. Now two hard punches, then press down on them with all of your strength. I want you doing this as hard as you fucking can. Now pick up that heavy object, spread your legs, hold it above your head, and just let it drop on your balls. Are you suffering in pain right now? I don’t really care. Now drop it again. I want you screaming and doubled over in pain, crying like a little bitch.

Spread your legs again and take both of yourand just start pounding on your balls, oneafter the other. Do it hard, make it fucking hurt. Now two more punches, Hard! Pulverize your ball sack. I want them black and blue. Let’s do some more double fisting. Beat those balls, use yourlike jackhammer. Punch your balls over and over again with bothas hard as you can.

Now let’s take that heavy object again, I want you to hold it in both hands and bring it down on your balls as hard as possible. I think it’s so hilarious that you’re doing this to yourself, all on my command. All for my amusement. Because it’s what you fucking deserve loser. But know that through your suffering you’ve made me happy. I own that cock.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Endure to Cum

A slave must learn how to take pleasure alongside the pain, and this means learning to endure the torments I dream up. Today’s assignment is all about the things I’m going to put your cock and balls through that you must stroke through in order to obtain release. This orgasm will not come easily but it will be worth the hard work. Prepare yourself for your test of endurance.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Sahrye: An Excruciatingly Painful Ballbusting Lesson

Goddess Sahrye

I know you get off on ballbusting, which is great because so do I. I love hurting you idiots but the fucked up thing is that you get off on it! And the only thing more pathetic than having your balls busted by a hot brat like me, is when you do it to yourself because I order you to, lol. You’re at home alone, there’s no mean girl around who wants to bust your balls, so you’re going to bust your own balls with some things you can find around your house. Things that will hurt.

We’ll start off easy. Spread your legs, lift up your cock, and start slapping yourself in your worthless balls. Smack them around, harder and harder, really get into it. Now close that hand a make a first, start punching yourself in the balls. LOL I love how you fools do this to yourselves. Punch them harder, you know you deserve this. But this is just the warmup. Now I want you to lift up your leg and use your heel and kick yourself in the nuts. Don’t worry idiot, I’ll show you how to do it.

Now get ready for some real fun. Go get a spatula and start beating your balls. I’ve got a few different ways I want you to use it, so watch as I demonstrate. I want it to hurt. But I know you’re still hard. You’re a sick fuck who gets turned on from pain to your nuts. Next grab a wooden spoon. Oh yea, this is going to really hurt. I want you to really whack at those balls until you feel it in your stomach. I’ll bet you’re enjoying this more then jerking off.

Now it’s time for some real punishment. Go get a rolling pin. I want you to find a nice surface to lay your balls out on. Now start rolling that pin across them, back and forth, up and down, harder and harder. Apply some real pressure until they feel like they’re going to pop. Then spread your legs and beat yourself full force with that rolling pin, over and over and over again! I want you to cause some real fucking damage to your balls for me. I want them tender and raw. I want you to hit them harder and harder until you’re a sobbing mess.

But we’re not done yet. Go get a meat tenderizer. It takes a real ballbusting freak to want to put this meat tenderizer to his nuts. Are you man enough? Let’s find out. Start pounding away on those good for nothing balls. I want you to demolish them!
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Humiliation POV Miss Cherry Vee: Sensual Spank And Stroke Session

Miss Cherry Vee

You’re so lucky loser, do you know why? Because I’m going to let you stroke to me, to my perfect fucking body. And you should be so grateful. I mean just look at me. But there’s a catch. While you stroke yourself to me, you’re also going to spank yourself for me because you’re a fucking perv, always perving on hot young girls like me. It’s so fucking pathetic.

So go get something to spank yourself with, a paddle, a whip, a hairbrush, a dildo. I know you’re already rock hard from staring at me, but now I want you to stand up with your legs apart. I want you to tease your balls with your paddle. Don’t hit them, just gently massage your balls with your paddle. And while you’re doing that, grab your hard cock and slowly and gently stroke your cock. Keep stroking and move your paddle over to your ass, and just gently rub it over your ass. But I know you truly want to spank yourself, you like hurting yourself for me. So when I say, ‘Spank’, I want you to spank your ass hard, but don’t stop jerking. I want it to sting. Hit yourself hard.

And every time you spank it, I want you to jerk it faster. ‘Spank’. Grip your dick tighter, spank your ass, and jerk it. I know you love spanking yourself for me while you stare at my flawless body. ‘Spank, Spank, Spank’. Now stop stroking. I want you to just spank your ass now, I want you to spank it until it’s red. Good boy, now give your balls one good spank. Now grip your cock and jerk it. You love jerking your cock, especially after spanking yourself for me. Now keep spanking, spank and jerk loser.

Now we’re gong to go from your balls to your ass. Spank your balls, spank your ass, back and forth and don’t stop jerking. I’m going to let you cum but you’re going to have to spank your balls while you cum. Don’t be a pussy, do it for me. Spank that cum out of your balls.
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Mandy Flores: Red Light/Green Light JOI, Pain and Pleasure

Mandy Flores And Princess Allison have an amazing red light/green light game for you to play. Allison is green light and Mandy is red light and you will also see red and green hues added to the video to assist you braindead fucktards!/em>

It’s time to play a game, and my favorite game is Red light, Green light. But this time it’s going to have a little twist. Green light, you get to stroke to your heart’s desire. But you’re not allowed to cum until we give you permission. And when the Red light comes on, you have to let go of that cock, no more stroking. But that’s not all, during the Red light, I’m going to dish out some naughty cock and ball torture instructions on you. This is going to be so much fun. I know you’re already hard with anticipation. Are you ready? Are you going to get a satisfying orgasm or will you be left with blue balls in agonizing pain?

Green light, go ahead and stroke it however you want, fast or slow. Enjoy it while you can. Do you enjoy looking at us while you get to stroke? We know you do… Red light! I can’t wait to punish you. I want you to slap your dick five times. Oh did that hurt? I’ll bet it did. And Green light.. get that dick hard again even if it hurts. Jerk it for us loser.

Red light, I love red light. This time I want you to make a fist and punch your balls ten times. Ouch! Hold your dick and punch your balls loser. And Green light, jerk it again, if you can after all that pain. Stroke it to two beautiful Goddesses who are controlling your orgasm right now. Hurry up and enjoy Green light. Red light! Stop jerking!

Now put some ice on your balls and hold it, freeze your balls. It must be so cold, it’s going to be so numb. And Green light. Jerk it with your numb balls. Red light! I want you to take a wooden spoon and I want you to slap your dick and balls as hard as you can five times. Green light. Do you think you can cum now? Are you even hard now? Jerk it and cum right now. Because if you can’t… Red light! Awww did we ruin it for you? Was it too hard to cum in time? Fucking loser, we think you bought this clip because you get off on pain and denial.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Household Items CBT

Alright, boy, time for you to suffer for my pleasure yet again. I am going to send you a little scavenger hunt for household items that you’re going to be using to torment that cock and balls of yours. I will guide you through how to use each item and pay attention because some of these are very unique variations on common items. I’ll you masturbate only if you perform to my specifications. Will the task be too much for you to cum in the end? Perhaps. Let’s see!

Categories: CBT Instruction
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