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SENSUAL PAIN: Mar 15, 2017: Caged Predicaments | Abigail Dupree | Master James

Extreme Productions and Sensual Pain Studios Present “Caged Predicaments” – An inspired parody for candid BDSM film of Georges Pichard – Princess Melanie House of Correction.

To bring to life, one of the most inspirational works of art to many of those with that sadistic twinge, is such a pleasure to both Master James and slave abigail in their own vastly differing ways. Georges Pichard has been a guilt free pleasure for their eyes and senses and brings a normalcy to their most devious of activities. But what started out as a joyful tribute to Pichard very quickly turned into a real nightmare for slave abigail. Thrust into a situation of tightly closed quarters, welded together by the hands of her loving Master, she finds that even the slightest threat to her well being is magnified to an extent that got the best of her in the end. Oh… but that wasn’t the end… no, that was only the beginning of this nightmarish dream come true. You must watch as words do no justice to witnessing Master James teetering dangerously close to pushing His slave off the cliffs of her sanity.
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: February 26, 2016 | Lobster Girl | Abigail Dupree

INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: February 26, 2016 | Lobster Girl | Abigail Dupree

Abigail Dupree came here to quench her thirst for intense BDSM. Jack Hammer came here to take a sexy, young woman, strip her down and put her to the ultimate test of her limits. She was expecting a lover who would dote on her and pay attention to her needs. What she got instead was a strong man, dispassionately going about breaking her body and her will.

He comes to her, splits her pantyhose with a knife, and begins fucking her with Mr. Pogo while she screams into her gag. She should count herself as lucky that he didn’t use the knife. All three of her holes are going to get a work out. The metal hook will take her ass, and the dildos and gags will teach her the two most important things she can do with her mouth, sucking cock and keeping quiet.

But she is lobster girl for a reason. Jack has a huge bath of water ready, and a blow torch making sure it’s nice and hot. Caged and drooling, Abigail is in a state of complete panic as he begins to lower her into the pot. Screaming and crying, Abigail’s worst fears are coming true. Maybe she should have been better at enticing Jack to keep her around.
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Mandy Flores: 10 humiliating tasks…

Mandy Flores: 10 humiliating tasks...

Custom request. I really want for you to humiliate me, specific tasks that i have to do to myself just because you said so. I’ve paid for a lot of clips from a lot of girls and been humiliated so many times, but i think you have the imagination to take it to a whole new level. Please give me extremely degrading, dehumanizing tasks, simple tasks don’t do the trick for me anymore..i need something disgusting. I want you to make me a human toilet, control me, make me hurt myself, i especially enjoy playing with my human waste, spit and p33 when instructed to do so, that’s really degrading. If you could make the clip around the 20 minute mark and do a good 10 or so tasks that would be amazing. You have a gorgeous face, so if you could bring your face in close when instructing me that would be great and you’re beautiful body too. i have no limits on things i won’t do so feel free to be as devious and creative as you like, the dirtier the better.
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TOPGRL: Jan 26, 2015: Pierced | Anna Rose | Rain DeGrey

Anna Rose is not a newbie. She isn’t some wide-eyed MILF off the streets looking for the 50 Shades of Grey experience. She knows exactly what she likes, and it’s a lot of kinky, girl-on-girl sex. Rope bondage, strap-ons, candles, and corporal punishments all turn her on.

Rain DeGrey is not some rookie either. She’s a professional when it comes to making hot women scream and cream. She has Anna figured out from the second she lays eyes on her. Anna has a whole collection of kinky, sexual fetishes that she needs help fulfilling. The nipple piercings she has send the clear message that she likes having her tits played with. The one on her clit says that she wants to be fucked. Pain and suffering are the perfect foreplay. When the time comes Rain just ties her down, bends her over, and she is so wet that the huge strap-on slides right in. Rain fucks Anna so hard that if she weren’t tied into position she would collapse from sexual exhaustion.

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Anna Rose Is Pierced, Penetrated, and Pounded.
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