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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Cali – Enthusiastic Cali Learns how to Ballbust (1080 HD)

1080 HD Cali’s first ballbusting clip, previously unreleased! Princess Cali is really excited to learn how to bust balls, and Amadahy is equally excited to teach her. Amadahy comes in hard to the piggy’s balls with her black leather boots. The power in her kicks immediately draws Cali in. She wants to kick it just as hard as Amadahy! Cali goes in hard and accurate with her kicks right away. Cali’s a natural. After her first round, Cali notices a human throne awaiting her. Cali sits on the throne and watches Amadahy’s ballbusting demonstration. Then, Amadahy relaxes on the human throne, and Cali really lays into the piggy’s balls. She is so good! Cali loves ballbusting!!! The girls ballbust until Amadahy has to pee. She makes the human throne get up and crawl into the bathroom for her. She expects a full flush this time to further impress Princess Cali with the utility of the well-trained household slaves.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali – Cuck Licks Dirty Gym Sneakers (1080 HD)

1080 HD Cali’s got a cuck who’s practically good for nothing. When she gets home from working out at the gym, she likes to use his tongue to clean the bottoms of her white sneakers. Cali is in a crabby mood because she’s been fighting with her boyfriend all morning. She takes her bad mood out on the cuck, even though it has nothing to do with him. After the cuck has licked Cali’s dirty sneakers for a while, she wants him to clean her sweaty feet. They’ve been inside the sneaker without socks during her workout, so they are really ripe! Cali does not care, it’s a cuck’s job to lick them clean, especially when they are stinky. When Cali is finished, she tells the cuck that she wants him to give her a ride over to her boyfriend’s house. She wants to have makeup sex with her boyfriend. The sex should last about two hours. In that time, Cali wants the cuck to detail her boyfriend’s car. When they’re finished fucking, Cali’s going to need the cuck to come in and clean her pussy. The only thing her worthless cuck’s good for is cleaning up.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali and Kenzie – West Coast Ballbusting Practice (1080 HD)

1080 HD: The bicoastal ballbusting tournament is just a few days away! Cali and Kenzie are representing the west coast this year and they want to kick their very best. Today, they are practicing so that they can destroy east coast at the match. Last year, east coast defeated them, so this year the competition is stiff as they strive to take the win from their rival. Best friends and star kickers, Cali and Kenzie, pair off on their slave and each do sets of ten reps. Each time the slave drops to the floor in agony, the girls’ team is awarded one point. Cali and Kenzie want to practice dropping this slave over and over to really get the edge in over the competition. This is a great practice; the girls drop the slave a lot. If they kick like this at the tournament in a few days, they’re going to be in great shape to take that win from the east coast girls.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali POV – Pathetic How Weak you are for My Tits (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Every hot girl knows how pathetic males are when it comes to tits. We see you staring. Well, go ahead and ogle them, pervert. Cleavage makes you weak. And we like beta males good and weak. That’s how we get you to do what we want! You know what else makes you weak? Your little jerk off addiction. We know. So, take it out and jerk it. Jerk your little dick to Princess Cali’s nice, big tits. You know you want to. You’re tit obsessed. And Cali’s going to use that against you. It doesn’t take much for a hot girl to control a weak little male like you. Princess Cali’s perfect 32DDs can control your orgasm and your mind. She owns you. So, go ahead and stare, loser. A hot girl like Cali would never let a guy like you do more than jerk and stare. If you were less pathetic, more of a real man, a girl like Cali might let you fuck her. But let’s face it. You just aren’t that guy! So, buy this clip and jerk off alone! Stare at that perfect cleavage. Want. Know what you can’t have. Then, cum hard in your own pathetic hand to Princess Cali’s countdown. (
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Brat Princess 2: Cali and Kenzie – Best Friends Facesit Chastity Slave (1080 HD)

1080 HD: One of Cali’s favorite things to do with a slave in chastity is sit on its face. She knows her butt drives them crazy! Cali’s best friend, Kenzie, joins in the teasing. It’s fun to watch the slave grow helplessly in the chastity device! Soon the besties are taking turns grinding and bouncing on the chastity slave’s face. Cali shows her best friend how she likes to dangle the slave’s chastity key from her belly ring. When she is sitting on his face, she makes the slave keep its eyes very wide open so that it can see its key above him as she grinds. Kenzie helps hold the slave’s eyes open so that it can’t look away as Cali bounces and jingles the keys. “It’s a good little reminder for him that only I can cum!” Cali exclaims to her friend. Cali’s other favorite thing to do is bounce on the slave’s face. She bounces on the slave’s face very hard and really gets some air! It’s fun to use the slave’s face as a trampoline, so Kenzie wants a turn at it too, right away. Cali wants to take the slave to the edge with some assphyxia. That’s another of her favorite things. She wants to see its body shake from lack of air. Cali tells Kenzie to use her huge ass to just engulf the slave’s face so that it can’t breathe. Kenzie thinks the little games she and her friend are playing with the slave are very fun. Cali reminds the slave that it is just a plaything for her and her friend. Cali loves to share her human toys with Kenzie. Cali decides that next they are going to dress the slave like a sissy. It’s going to be extremely humiliating for the slave, but very fun for the girls.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Cali – Brat Princess Cross Training with Human Gym Equipment (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Amadahy and Cali workout with human gym equipment. One slave is stationed as a bench for upper body conditioning and another is stationed as a kick bag for lower body. The upper body station gets face sat while the lower body station gets ball kicked. The Princesses cross train at both stations. They listen to pop music and have fun with their workout. The girls exercise until they realize they are thirsty. The waterboy is nowhere to be found. Eventually they leave to track down the waterboy and beat him.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali and Kenzie – Edging Salon Teasers Demonstrate Ruined Orgasm Techniques (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Welcome to the edging salon, Princesses! This is a tutorial on how to edge your slave. Cali and Kenzie have a male specimen on the table for the demonstration. Observe, the male has been restrained. Always be sure to restrain your male while practicing your ruined orgasm techniques at home. Before starting any sexual stimulation, be sure that your male has been kept in chastity a very long time. This will ensure that he will be very eager to please and more willing to accept whatever you do to him. The slave in this demo has been kept in chastity for over two months. Next, put some lube on his little beta “manhood.” Even though your male has probably never been allowed inside your pussy, he will still respond positively to the feeling of wetness, even if he can’t remember why it feels good to him. You probably won’t need to encourage an erection, if your slave has been kept in chastity long enough one will happen automatically once the chastity has been removed. But, if your slave is scared or nervous about what you might do to it, you may need to force an erection. To force an erection, start your grip at the base of the penis and pull the upwards. It is a pinch and pull motion. Soon, the will be forced into the male’s cock and it will have no choice but to accept whatever you choose to do with it sexually. It’s always good to edge your slave before ruining its orgasm. Edging is about bringing the male to the height of its sexual pleasure, but not allowing it to go “over the edge” into the sexual release of orgasm. You can observe the breathing of the male to gauge how near the edge it is. The heavier the breathing, the nearer to orgasm it is. You want to keep it’s breathing heavy, but if you observe a change in your slave’s breathing, this might indicate that it is too near a sexual climax. Try stopping for a few seconds so that he doesn’t go “over the edge.” Males have a concentration of nerve endings in the tip of the penis. Be sure that you are giving the head enough stimulation. It is a proven fact that you can control the entirety of a male with just the tip of its penis. If you see your male getting too near orgasm, observable by rapid breathing often accompanied by a slight body shaking, pull your hand away immediately. You never want to allow your male to get what it wants. If it’s body is shows signs of desiring immediate sexual release, be sure that you are denying it fully so that you can keep it right at that edge. Other indicators that the male is nearing orgasm are an increase in the size or thickness of the penis as the starts to rush and cause swelling. Also the testicles, if they are not bound, will start to pull back up into the male’s body. If you notice a change in the thickness of the penis, or observe the testicles moving back up into the male’s body, hands off! Don’t let it go over that edge yet! If you can find a friend to assist you in edging your slave, it’s even better. This will insure that your slave never gets a break from the sexual frustration you want it to feel, and also you have someone to pass it off to when your hand gets tired. When you are ready to allow your slave to cum, be sure to ruin its orgasm. An orgasm is ruined when you remove sexual stimulation just as the male starts to cum. Cali and Kenzie demonstrate a perfect ruin. This clip shows a lot of great examples, but also have fun developing your own edging and ruined orgasm techniques with your slaves at home!
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Brat Princess 2: Cali and Lola – Ruined Four Times and Fed Cum while Under Voice Control (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Cali and Lola get a slave into the Edging Salon that looks really backed up. They pull up its file and find that it hasnt had a milking in 364 days. This is going to be amazing, I bet we get a bunch out of him! Cali says with excitement. Cali edges the backed up slave while it is immersed in a virtual world and confined in tight restraints. Lola controls its virtual programming via laptop. She also has a direct audio feed, which is the only thing the slave can hear through its noise canceling headphones. Even though the slave is extremely eager to cum, it kept right on edge. They ruin the slave four times, all of its cum for the whole year, and collect it in a clear glass. Lola commands the slave to open its mouth, and Cali spoons the huge load right in. The slave does not like the taste of its thick, backed up cum, but it does a good job under voice control and swallows it all as commanded.
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THE TRAINING OF O: Jul 15, 2016 – Mr. Pete and Cali Carter/Deep Throat Training Cali Carter

THE TRAINING OF O: Jul 15, 2016 - Mr. Pete  and Cali Carter/Deep Throat Training Cali Carter

Cali Carter loves it deep in her throat, so we put her deep throating skills to the test with our two foot long dong! Cali get her big tits tied, clamped, slapped and popped on! But not before she is made to ride dick and take it deep in her pussy while struggling in tight rope bondage.
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: Amadahy Cali and Kenzie – Mean Girls Gang Bang a Chastity Bitch (With Bonus Feature) (1080 HD)

1080 HD: In their candy colored pastel lingerie sets, Amadahy Cali and Kenzie are feeling especially mean. They invite a chastity beta over to the Brat Princess loft. Even though its little beta dick is all locked up in chastity, its slutty asshole is totally ready for use. Amadahy Cali and Kenzie stand in line, each waiting their turn to run train on the chastity beta. The beta is super stupid, most are, but this one is especially lacking in wits. It thought it was going to come over and actually party with a bunch of hot girls. Stop having dreams, loser! The only way a little beta dicked loser could be even remotely entertaining to a group of hot girls is by making agonized sounds as a humiliating big, big, big dick wielded by a superhot Princess pounds its slut ass. This slut has never taken a dick as big as Amadahys cock, and She dives right in. No warm up, just straight into all 9. Cali Carter teases the betas chastity as Amadahys cock violates its rear. Cali, next in line, comes around to fuck the little locked up beta from behind. Amadahy makes it do ass to mouth. She pulls the big 9 cock right from its ass and shoves it straight down its throat. Cali really, really, rails it from behind. Kenzie wants a turn getting her cock sucked next. Kenzie spits on the sluts face while it is sucking her cock. Fuck him so hard its chastity jingles! Amadahy tells Cali, and they all laugh and laugh. Kenzie snaps some bubbles with her pink bubble gum as Cali continues to go to town on the tight asshole. When Cali pulls out, she makes the slut immediately go to its knees and suck the taste of its own asshole from the cock. Cali thrusts so deep, the huge cock disappears into the beta sluts throat. Amadahy gets super excited and forces her big cock back in next. She makes the slut get back up on the kitchen counter and spread its legs for her. This is what happens when you have the smallest dick in the room, she tells it as her cock again transgresses the threshold of its body. Im going to fuck it really hard now, Amadahy tells her girlfriends. Amadahy and Cali pass the bitch back and forth, tagging each other in to fuck its ass. It is relentless because between the two they never get tired of assaulting it. Cali aims to make the bitch airtight. Airtight means all holes sealed. On both ends Princess cocks are balls deep in the airtight beta. They make it say its a cum dumpster and a slut and beg. Its totally debasing. They completely fuck all the ego and whatever masculinity it may have had right out of it. And they make it thank them after. The Princesses discuss plans to tie the stupid beta up to a bench for the rest of the weekend. Bound and completely helpless, they will make this pegging slut their toilet for their weekend long Princess potty party. Its going to flush down into itself whatever is deposited by the toilet team. This clip also includes a behind the scenes bonus!
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Brat Princess 2: Cali POV – Sweet Girl Next Door Teaches you to Eat Your Own Cum (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali POV - Sweet Girl Next Door Teaches you to Eat Your Own Cum (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Cali loves the taste of cum. She loves it so much, she wants you to love it too. You should always love what Princess loves, right? Cali is so sweet, she makes you feel so special and at ease as she works you up to the big fat load youll have to swallow. She trains you little by little to get used to the taste of your own pre cum as your edge yourself to her instructions. Once Cali feels like the load youve worked yourself up to will be big enough to satisfy her, Cali gives you a cum countdown. Youll be eager to love swallowing cum as much as sweet Princess Cali.
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Brat Princess 2:Amadahy Cali and Kenzie – Kenzie Tries Out for the Ballbusting Team (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Kenzie wants to try out for the Ballbusting team, but first she has to prove to Amadahy and Cali that she can really bust balls. Amadahy and Cali are super competitive, and they dont want to have to carry any deadweight on the team. Cali tells Kenzie that she will need to go full force so that they can see that she can really kick at their level. Amadahy demonstrates a perfect kick for Kenzie to see. Can you do this? Amadahy asks. Kenzie steps up to the kick position. Her first kick is excellent. She drives the kick bags testicles straight up into its throat. Cali gets so excited watching Kenzie kick, she just has to cut in front of her. Cali gives a barrage of hard kicks to the bag. Amadahy just has to kick more too! Come on guys, you are hogging him! Kenzie points out. This is supposed to be her audition and now Amadahy and Cali are just showing off. Kenzie is right. This is her try out, so the girls step back to see what she can do. They tell Kenzie that in order for her to make the team, they need to see ten perfect kicks. It doesnt matter how many kicks it actually takes, though, to get ten perfect ones. Kenzie easily demonstrates ten perfect kicks. She makes the team! Yay! Ok, so now that they know Kenzie has talent, she still needs some time to practice. The next step is for Kenzie to get 100 perfect practice kicks. Again, it doesnt matter how many kicks it actually takes for Kenzie to get 100 perfect ones. Everyone is super excited Kenzie made the team! Kenzie happily starts the process of making 100 perfect practice kicks.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali POV – Its Not My Fault Im Spoiled Rotten (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Its not Princess Calis fault shes spoiled rotten. Shes just always gotten everything shes ever wanted. Thats what happens when youre super hot, and her bratty attitude is really not at all her fault. Because shes been so indulged in the past, she expects to be spoiled NOW. Cali gives list of all the things she wants and where you can find them. Her greed is truly bottomless. Shell be checking her email and mailbox every day and she expects to always find a present waiting for her.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali and Kenzie – Sissy Trained to Take Cock with Machine Fucking (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali and Kenzie - Sissy Trained to Take Cock with Machine Fucking (1080 HD)

Kenzie flips through a publication while her sissy is fucked by machine. The sissy has been strapped into a stockade and is completely helpless as its ass is pounded by the motorized dildo. Kenzie ignores the sissys whimpers as she reclines on a pink chaise. Cali drops by to visit. Shes equally interested in the magazine Kenzies been leafing through and joins her friend on the chaise for a cuddle. The friends chat about the publication and talk about nail salons, completely ignoring the sissy in training. Kenzie shows Cali how shes been wearing the sissys chastity key for two months as part of its training as well. Cali thinks its great! To impress her friend and show off what a slut her locked up sissy has become, Kenzie turns up the speed on the fucking machine. The sissy complains that the adjustment hurts, but the Princesses just laugh. Its chastity rocks and bobs between its legs as it gets pounded by the machine. Cali shows it some training material from the magazine while it gets fucked. The Princesses gang up and taunt the helpless sissy. They play with and vary the speed of the huge cock violating its tight asshole. Kenzie shoves her hand into the sissys mouth and makes it gag on its own taste. Cali takes the controller and cranks the machine up to maximum speed. She finds a blonde wig and puts it on the sissys head. Cali makes the sissy kiss her shoes while wearing the blonde wig and getting fucked. Kenzie leaves to get ready for her nail appointment and asks Cali to supervise the sissy for her. Once Kenzie leaves the room Cali cranks the machine way up. The sissy starts to cry out and make a fuss, but Cali tells it very firmly to shut the fuck up.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter – Cuck in Chastity Oils Princess Ass Part 1 (720 HD)

Princess Cali applies her makeup while her cuck licks her ass. Calis friend, Brittney, Calls Calis phone. The conversation reveals that Brittneys cuck has been giving Brittney its entire paycheck. Cali is upset. Cali has never gotten her cucks entire paycheck. She is both mad and jealous. Why hasnt she even gotten a full paycheck? Cali cant understand why her cuck has never done that for her. Surely she deserves whatever Brittneys getting. Cali convinces her cuck to give her one whole paycheck. She lays her cuck down on the bed and grinds on her cucks face. Cali points out that shes wearing two keys. One is her cucks and one is her sugar dummys. The cucks is around her neck. She wears the sugar dummys on a belly ring. Cali rocks and grinds herself on the cuckolds face until she cums. Cali tells the cuck that its earned itself a treat. She allows the cuck the great privilege of oiling her ass. The cuck pours oil over Calis ass and rubs it into her skin. Cali wants to be sure that the full paycheck shes getting is the biggest the cuck has ever earned. She wants the cuck to work a lot of overtime this week. The cuck agrees to work overtime and give Cali the big fat paycheck. Cali needs for the paycheck to be even bigger than Brittneys paycheck check from her cuck. She reminds the cuck that itll still have to do all of her homework in addition to working extra hours. Cali inspects the cucks chastity and taunts it with the key. Cali and Brittney have a competition going on. They want to see whose slave can last in chastity the longest. Cali is very competitive. She wants to win. However long Brittneys cuck is in chastity, Calis will have to beat it by at least a day. Cali makes the cuck gaze at the beautiful ass that her boyfriend fucks.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali and Mia – Broke Sugar Daddy Milked for Profit Part 1 (720 HD)

The Brat Princess Laboratory has sent a mobile unit to Calis apartment. Cali has interest in selling her broke sugar daddy to the laboratory as a cow. Mia has arrived, with the milking machine, to test the perspective cows productivity rates. Mia needs to determine if the cow will be a good candidate. So far, hes perfect. The former sugar dummy will make a great cow. He was a great sugar dummy, but then he lost his job. A broke sugar dummy is useless. Hell have to provide for Cali some other way. Cali teases her former sugar dummy. She wants him to perform really well on this test. He begs to be freed. He loves Cali, but hes not sure if he wants to be sold as a cow. Cali reminds him how lucky he is. He gets attention, her ass on his face, his cock stroked. Most guys would want that!!! The cow is by the edging. Its just too much for him. It begs to cum. Cali reminds him that the money he makes as a cow will put her through college. The cow doesnt think it can live being edged for five years. Cali smothers the cows cries in her perfect ass. Cali and Mia tease the cow with their feet. They want to make sure this cow can last. Cali is assured that once her cow is in the warehouse, it will be constantly teased. Mia wants to make sure that Calis cow is producing the maximum amount of pre cum possible. The cow begs to be allowed to cum sometimes. Cali says, No! She reminds the cow that its pre cum is very valuable. Cum has no value. She assures her former sugar dummy that he will eventually get used to his new life as a cow. Mia gives Cali a contract to sign, giving over control of the cow to the Teasers. Mia reads aloud from the document. Do you authorize use of full force ball kicks if the cow does not meet quota? Cali consents with an emphatic, Yes! Do you authorize full 24/7 chastity with spikes? Absolutely! I understand that my cow will be castrated if he does not meet quota for thirty days. Cali accepts the full terms. She makes the cow watch as she signs the contract
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Brat Princess 2: Cali – Broke Sugar Daddy Milked for Profit Part 2 (720 HD)

Princess Cali has just signed a contract giving over control of her broke sugar dummy to the Brat Princess Laboratory. He is about to spend the rest of his stupid life as a cow. Every day, his balls will be drained of valuable pre cum to finance Calis college education. Cali has asked assessor, Mia, to leave the room and give her a chance to say goodbye. Do we have to do this? The cow pleads once they are alone. Of course! Cali replies. Cali inspects her cows bound balls. They look painful, but its cock is hard. Cali reminds the cow of their relationship. It has always been their arrangement that she gets off and he gets teased. Life as a cow is really no different. Besides, Cali knows that her cow loves making its Princess happy. Money is what Cali really wants. It will make her happy. Cali tells the cow that there is one more thing he can do for her before she sends him away. She wants to use him for her pleasure one more time. Cali straddles her former sugar daddys face. She starts to grind, slowly rocking her hips. Cali pulls her spandex leggings. She slides them over her legs. Cali sits back on its face and rides its tongue. She cums on his face as his balls are shocked and his orgasm denied. Cali wants to use her former sugar dummy one more time. Just one more cum. She uses him again. Yes Princess, Ill make you happy, it finally agrees. Continued
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Brat Princess 2: Cali and Mia – Broke Sugar Daddy Milked for Profit Part 3 (720 HD)

Mia shows Cali how her cow will be teased to increase productivity. Mia sits on the cows face. Cali knows that facesitting is one of her former sugar daddys fetishes. It will help him produce valuable pre cum now that he is her cow. Cali wants to be assured that all the money earned by her cow will be direct deposited into her bank account, minus the teasers forty percent cut of course. Mia assures Cali that it will. Cows earnings are always direct deposited to their Princess accounts. Cali wants to encourage her cow to be a top earner. She warms its balls with her breath while Mia smothers him in her ass. The cow moans. His moaning is the sound of you making money! Mia remarks to Cali. The cow asks how much longer it will have to stay in the machine today. Cali reminds the cow that it will have to get used to long edging shifts. Being a cow is for the rest of his life! The new cow begs to cum. Mia reminds the cow that it will never cum. Just because its shift is done for the day doesnt mean it gets to cum. At the end of the shift the cow will have to go into its spiked chastity and rest. Cali and Mia put their feet up and relax. They use the cow to worship their feet. They remind the cow that all the Teasers are super-hot. This should really be a dream come true for him. I have to cum. I have to cum. Please. Please! The cow begs. Cali stifles her cows cries by putting her foot in its mouth. Pleases dont buy clothes. Pleases dont put Cali through college. Mia reminds the selfish cow. Cali leaves to see her boyfriend. She doesnt like to keep him waiting. Calis cow is left alone with Mia
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Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter – Chastity slave Milked by Princess (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter - Chastity slave Milked by Princess (720 HD)

Princess Cali has had her slave in chastity for a very long time. Shes finally let him out. But, hes going right back in once Cali is done playing. Cali reminds him, its going to be a long time before he gets this kind of attention again. Hell be locked up and shell go back to fucking her boyfriend. Calis going to be nice enough to send videos and pictures of her and her boyfriend fucking. The slave will view them while his manhood is locked up and Cali has the key. Cali milks the chastity slave. She strokes slowly from the base to the tip of his penis. After a few minutes, Cali switches to fast jerking. Months worth of cum comes flying out of the slave.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter – Makes Mr Puckerman her Foot Bitch (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter - Makes Mr Puckerman her Foot Bitch (720 HD)

Cali teases her teacher, Mr. Puckerman with her knee high socks. She knows how much the pervert likes feet. The socks dry out Mr. Puckermans mouth, so Cali graciously spits in it. She trains Mr. Puckerman to call her Princess. Princess Cali knows that Mr. Puckerman would do anything for her socks. She slowly removes them. Cali rubs her dirty white socks all over Mr. Puckermans face. She shoves her sock deep into Mr. Puckermans mouth. Mr. Puckerman is terrified of Cali. She removes the sock gag and thrusts her foot into Mr. Puckerman. Cali tells him that hell be giving her an allowance from now on. She expects $100 a week to start. Shell also require weekend shopping sprees and the use of his school office for fucking her boyfriend. Mr. Puckerman agrees to all Callis demands. Cali plans to fully train her teacher. Shell be locking him into chastity, next.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter – Teaches Mr Puckerman to Worship Shoes (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter - Teaches Mr Puckerman to Worship Shoes (720 HD)

Cali is frustrated with her math homework. Its just too hard. She asks her teacher, Mr. Puckerman to show her how a problem is solved. Mr. Puckerman gets right to work explaining the equation to Cali. Cali places her feet on top of the notebook. Mr. Puckerman struggles to concentrate. He is distracted by Calis feet. Soon, Mr. Puckerman is mindlessly doing the entirety of Calis work for her. Cali notices her teacher staring at her feet. She asks him to solve the final math problem. With her homework completed, Cali starts to tell Mr. Puckerman a funny story. One of Calis friends has a guy friend who cleans her shoes for her. Cali thinks its a really sweet story. She convinces Mr. Puckerman to just kiss her shoe. Mr. Puckerman doesnt resist. Cali thinks it would be really sweet and thoughtful if Mr. Puckerman could lick her shoes for her. She likes them to be really shiny. Mr. Puckerman licks the soles of Calis shoes. Cali is impressed with Mr. Puckerman. Cali convinces Mr. Puckerman that the exchange they are having is totally normal. She would like for her shoes to be licked clean every day. She loves how shiny his tongue is making them. Cali teaches Mr. Puckerman. Every morning at eight oclock, shes going to walk into his office. When she snaps her fingers, she want him to lay on his back. Cali practices snapping her fingers and Mr. Puckerman immediately lays on his back. Cali wipes her shoes all over Mr. Puckermans tongue. She tells him that if she brings a friend to his office in the morning, hell have to clean her shoes as well. Cali spits in Mr. Puckermans mouth. He better not be looking up her skirt. Mr. Puckerman eagerly sucks Calis heels. Good, good Mr. Puckerman, she purrs.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter – Uses Perverted Puckermans Face to Get Off (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter - Uses Perverted Puckermans Face to Get Off (720 HD)

Available on the membership site! Calis professor, Mr. Puckerman, rubs Calis feet while she tells him about her day. Cali is really frustrated with her boyfriend. Shes been texting him all day, hinting that she wants to get fucked. Calis sexted, sent dirty pictures, and hes totally blown her off! Cali is mad. Shes horny and when he ignores her, it makes her feel like her own boyfriend is turning her down. Mr. Puckerman says that hes sorry to hear about all that. He asks if there is anything he can do for Cali. Cali examines her professors face. She asks him if hes ever had anyone sit on it. Cali suspects Mr. Puckermans nose is actually bigger and more satisfying than his little locked-up dick. Cali positions Mr. Puckerman so that she can ride his face. She straddles his face and bounces her beautiful ass on it. Cali grinds and rubs her clit until she cums on Mr. Puckerman. She dismounts and tells him to go back to rubbing her feet. Its a good thing Mr. Puckerman is in chastity. Otherwise, Cali couldnt use him for her pleasure. Cali likes when Puckermans chastity gets tight. Its a good reminder that hes not allowed to get hard in front of his students. That wouldnt be polite. Chastity helps Mr. Puckerman remember, its never about him. Its always about Cali.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Jul 24, 2015 – Aiden Starr , AJ Applegate , Seth Gamble and Cali Carter

THE UPPER FLOOR: Jul 24, 2015 - Aiden Starr , AJ Applegate , Seth Gamble  and Cali Carter

Perfect blond slaves is not all it takes to please The Governess. She is a filthy Mistress and requires those asses to shake. Bubble butt slaves AJ Applegate and Cali Carter desperately bounce their cheeks while sexually servicing female guests, but eventually they both land on blow job duty and deliver a sloppy performance in form of the entire party.

The Governess ties AJ down to the table in a grueling rope bondage position nd sticks her entire fist in AJ’s tight pussy, resulting in a fireworks display of squirting and begging. Cali receive’s a sexual punishment all her own, being slapped around a violently fucked by one of our esteemed guests.

AJ is a squirming slut, so it is decided she will be latched intila doggy position with her big ass cranked wide open with tight rope. Her asshole is ravaged with hard dick, while Cali cleaned up all the juices from a strict squat in there stocks. Her only relief is a refreshing breather in The Governess’ ass and a relentless hitachi on her exposed cunt.

AJ must finally give back to The House, and teaches Cali how properly bounce on cock while licking The Governess’ pink pussy to orgasm. These hot blond slut slaves finally earn a rewarding load of cum and the audience’s applause.
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