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Real Spankings Institute – Stella’s Afternoon with Miss Betty (Part 1 of 2)

Stella is sent to detention to see Miss Betty. Stella knows she has a strapping coming to her for being sent there in the first place. She is bent over and as she is about to be spanked, Miss Betty discovers that Stella is not wearing regulation white panties. A leather strap is applied to her bottom, the offending panties are removed, and Miss Betty heads off to find her the correct uniform.
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Bare Bottom Blistering for Christy – with the Lexan Spencer Paddle

For cases of repeated or willful disobedience, Christy is often asked which paddle will do the best job of teaching her a lesson. Almost always, she picks the most painful paddle, in this case a LEXAN Spencer Paddle drilled full of blistering holes. Bare and exposed as she straddles Master’s knee, she knows she will need to held tightly in place to receive the brutal paddling she knows she deserves. Snuggly held in place on his knee, her arm is pinned behind her back, yet he holds her hand tenderly as though to let her know that he is in control and she is safe. The crack of the paddle on her upturned bottom takes her breath away. Ragged moans and cries are ripped from her frantic body as her bare bottom is paddled severely. She is in tears as the painful paddling continues. Her bottom is swollen, covered in blisters and bruises as her skin begins to break. After a few final swats, she has learned her lesson and is sent to bed with a scorched well punished bottom as a reminder to obey.
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