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My Spanking Roommate – Episode 257: Savannah Spanks Briella Over Bed

Two roommates, one bed, one sofa. Savannah Fox and Briella Jaden fight over who gets the bed and who must take the sofa. This time, Savannah will let Briella get the bed if she agrees to take a long, hard spanking from her new roommate. Briella agrees, but she wasn’t aware just how hard Savannah can spank. She ends up with the bed and a sore, red bottom.
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My Spanking Roommate – Briella Jaden Spanks New Roommate Savannah Fox

Briella Jaden breaks in her new roommate (both ladies make their site debut in this episode) with a sound over-the-knee hand spanking, enforcing the rules of the apartment complex. Savannah’s round, juicy bottom turns bright red as she learns the discipline required to rent a room here in the spanking complex.
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Spanking Sorority Girls – Episode 134: Spanking Contest Rematch

Savanah Fox calls for a rematch with Briella Jaden in their spanking contest. This time Savanah spanks Briella so long and hard that Briella gives up. Her curvy bottom turns bright red. She can’t sit down. Will this competition ever end or will the girls team up to spank other sorority girls?
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