Club Dom: Dahila Rain & Alexis Grace: Fuck Meat

Slave 040 is the lucky chosen slave to get strap-on fucked today. He waits in the cage while Goddesses Alexis and Dahlia sit on top of it, stroking their huge cocks, discussing about how they wish they had someone to fuck today, sarcastically, staring right at him. They drag him out of the cage. Alexis makes him suck her cock and lube it up with his spit “You don’t want it to go in DRY, do you?” He shakes his head ‘no’ and starts sucking her and Dahlia’s big cocks. Dahlia decides she wants to fuck him good and hard to show Alexis what she has learned. She orders the slave over the cage to get his ass reamed by her. Dahlia fucks him good and hard while Alexis laughs and taunts him. He feels so violated and used.
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Club Dom: Dahila Rain & Alexis Grace Caning/Toy for Two Sadists

Alexis Grace has been showing visiting Mistress Dahlia Rain around the estate. Alexis and Dahlia have been having a fun afternoon chasing around their man-toy, wacking him with their canes as he crawls around faster and faster for his owners. The slave is terrified because he is the most beaten slave on the compound and he knows today will not be any different, and any second now, the women are going to turn things up several notches. Sure enough, the women stop him and force him to bend over as they both cane him and mark him up, laughing the entire time and telling him to shut up and take it.
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Boss Boob Addiction

Format: WMV
Duration: 10 minutes
Size: 254.13 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

You can’t stop staring at my cleavage at work. You’re obsessed. Before firing you I decide to give you one more chance. I tease you with my breasts & make you jerk off in front of me, both humiliating you & hopefully satisfying your curiosity about my boobs so you can focus on your work. (Custom vid, no name mentioned).
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