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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: I Married You For Your Money, Duh

Bratty Ashley Sinclair

Good morning, did you have fun last night? I hope you did because that is the first and last time you will ever have sex with me. You will never have sex with me ever again. I made you fall head over heels in love with me. That was my plan. I wanted to make it so that you would do anything for me. That’s why I married you, duh! I married you because you’re rich and you’ll do anything I want because you’re so madly in love with me. My life will be great being married to you. I’m going to spend all of your money and do whatever I want.

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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: Strip Tease And Denial (August 15th 2017)

Bratty Ashley Sinclair

This is going to be torture for you. I’m going to show off my sexy body for you and tease the fuck out of you, and I know you’re going to get so turned on. And I’m even going to let you touch yourself. But you’re not allowed to cum. I want that in your brain. I want you to jerk knowing your pathetic cock isn’t allowed to cum. You can just watch me dance and get naked, you can stare and jerk, but that cock of yours is going to be completely denied.

I’m going to dance around in my sexy lingerie, and then I’m going to strip for you. You’ll get to gaze upon my sexy naked body as I shake my hot body, teasing the fuck out of you, all the while knowing that you’re not going to cum. I want that engrained in your head as you watch me strip and dance. So go on, jerk it loser. Jerk and watch the way my body moves. Jerk it for my naked tits, my hot little ass, and my sweet pussy.

I’m sure you’re so turned on and hard right now, but no cumming, loser. I know you want to so bad after watching me dance around half naked. You can keep stroking it if you want, you can stroke all day for all I care just as long as you don’t cum. I know you love being teased and denied. That’s what losers like you deserve.
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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: Dumb Mush Brain Wallet Zombie Jerking Your Brains Out (July 5th 2017)

Bratty Ashley Sinclair

I want you to jerk off and get really dumb for me. That should be really easy for you because I know whenever you see me and get hard and horny and start jerking off, you just get so dumb and your little brain just turns to mush. You get mushy zombie brains. That’s how I can get you do whatever I want. I just get you really horny and make you wanna stroke your cock. So I’m going to let you stroke it but only because it makes you so dumb, and then I can use you for whatever I want.

And you know that you’re basically just a wallet to me. I just want your money. I just want you dumb and stupid and have mushy little brains so you can’t think for yourself. I just want you thinking with your weak, horny cock. Your penis tells you that you want to jerkoff because you’re horny from looking at me and hearing me talk to you in your little mushy brains. Then you just start using your penis as a brain and start stroking it. I want you to stroke your brains out and then I can get you to give me all of your money.

And once you’re so stupid like this I’m going to completely drain you. I want it all. And I know you want that, it makes your cock so hard thinking of me completely ruining you. Jerk that cock and get dumb for me. Empty your wallet for me, empty your bank account. And I know you won’t tell me no because you’re not thinking with your brains, your brains are made of mush. You’re a stroke zombie for Princess Ashley.

And we both know that this makes you cum so hard. Being financially fucked over by me, makes you cum harder than anything else. Use your little mush brains and be a good ATM for me, my little zombie. Or rather don’t use your brains, you don’t need them at all. Just stroke your cock and do what I say. Empty your wallet, give Ashley all of your cash, LOL! Can you do that for me, zombie?
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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: Hot Club Girl Dominates You With Her Pantyhose And Feet

Bratty Ashley Sinclair

Do you like watching me dance around in my sexy pantyhose? I know you love watching my silky legs with my high heels in this short, tight dress. You’re such a loser for girls in pantyhose. They make you so weak. And I love showing off my legs in these brand new nylons I just bought. They’re so sheer and soft, so shiny and sexy, I mean how could you resist? You can’t, LOL! You can’t fucking resist a girl in stockings. I’ll bet you’d love to touch them, wouldn’t you loser? But that’s never gonna happen. You and I both know that if you saw me at a club dancing around in these pantyhose, you wouldn’t have the nerve to come and talk to me. I’ll bet you’d be too scared to even buy me a drink. LOL! Loser!

Guys like you don’t pick up girls like me, you worship me. You worship my legs, and my cute feet in these sexy, sheer pantyhose. That’s all you get to do is just worship my pantyhose. And you’re such a big loser that I’ll bet you’re even scared to do that. But you can do it right here. Get down on the floor where you belong, beneath my feet and I’ll stick my pantyhose feet right in your face. Yes, you love that. That’s all you’re worthy of. The only way you will get any of my time or attention is if you’re worshiping my feet and my pantyhose legs. Just look at how soft and shiny they are. That’s the only way you’re getting close to me you little fucker.

My pantyhose feet are the only part of my body I’d ever even let you near. I might let you rub my feet and if you do a good job and I’m not too grossed out by you, I might even let you suck on my toes. My feet deserve all the attention that you could possibly give them. I’m going to make you my pantyhose foot bitch. You want that, don’t you? Of course you do, beg me, beg to be my pantyhose slave.

You’re not a real man, you’re just a pantyhose bitch. Your only purpose in life is to worship my pantyhose. All you get are feet in your face. How does it feel to be such a loser that the only way I’ll talk to you is if I’m putting my feet in your face? Must make you feel like a pretty big loser. But that’s ok because you love feeling like a pantyhose loser for a hot girl who doesn’t give a fuck about you. It makes you so fucking hard!
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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: Chastity Cucks Don’t Get To Fuck Or Jerk Off

Bratty Ashley Sinclair

So I’m wearing this lingerie on my date tonight. What do you think about it? It’s pretty hot, isn’t it? I’m just gonna wear a tiny little dress over it. But it’s not really a date, I’m just going to fuck. And you’re going to stay here. I know you want me to stay home in hopes that you might get the chance to fuck me. Perhaps you forgot? You’re my cuckold, cuckolds don’t fuck. I mean how can you fuck when I’ve got your cock locked up in chastity? LOL! Awwww how humiliating for you!

You just get to stare at me in my lingerie as your dick gets hard in it’s cage. You won’t even be able to stroke to how hot I look. You won’t get to stroke to the thought of me fucking another man. Not only do you not get to fuck, you don’t even get to jerk off. That’s how low and pathetic you are. Only I deserve pleasure. I hold your key and I decide if and when you get to cum. And I’ve already decided you’re not going to fuck tonight. When I get to cum, you don’t.

You just get to stay home all locked up in chastity knowing that I’m going out in this lingerie that you paid for and I’m gonna get my brains fucked out. All while you get nothing! Another man with a huge cock is going to fuck me. How does that make you feel? You’re going to spend your night frustrated, unable to touch your little, useless cock. I hope it gets hard in it’s cage and it hurts. Sucks to be little cuckold, doesn’t it? But that’s what you are, you’re my cuck, and cucks don’t get to fuck.

You are my chastity bitch while I do whatever the fuck I want. Even you do whatever the fuck I want. I hold your key therefore I have all the power. And I’ve decided I’m going to leave here, miserable and horny, desperate to jerk off at the thought of me fucking another man. Because that’s what turns you on, isn’t it? The truth is you love being my cuckold. If I unlocked you and let you go, you’d beg to come back to me, just to be my cuck.

And if you’re lucky, when I get home I’ll tell you all about my night and how hard I got fucked by a better man than you. Maybe I’ll even take a video and make you watch it while your still locked up! LOL! That’s what cuckolds deserve.
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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: Fit Muscle Goddess Emasculates You

Bratty Ashley Sinclair

So you like fit girls huh? Is that why you have a gym membership? So you can go to the gym and watch all of the fit girls workout? It must be, I’m sure you don’t really even work out that hard when you’re there. You’re pretty fucking weak. You just love to worship toned girls with muscles. Well you don’t even have to go to the gym, you can just stare and worship my fit body. You can see I’m so much stronger than you. Just look at the definition in my body.

Look at my big, strong, fit, muscular legs. You’re so weak compared to me. Looking at my muscular body makes you so weak. It makes you realize that you truly are weaker than me. Worship me. I’m sure you’d love to perv on me at the gym. You’re weak and I’m strong, that’s why you’re just going to worship me and my muscles. And lucky you, you can jerk off when you watch me. I know you can’t do that at the gym.

Stroke it while I pose and flex for you. Stroke your weak little cock while you look at my strong, fit body. Just look at my tight, fit ass. I’ll bet you’d love to watch me do squats at the gym. But you can watch me here, I’ll do squats for you while you jerk your cock. Just look at my tight, muscular ass, worship it. It’s so much more powerful than you are. Your dick is so hard, isn’t it?

Just keep worshiping me and stroking your cock as I do some exercises for you and flex and pose for you, showing you all the perfect definition in my body. It turns you on so much to worship a fit goddess body. To know that I truly am so much stronger than you. It must be so emasculating. But yet your dick is so hard. You’re such a weak gym perv. I know you’re going to cum to my hot, muscular body. I’ll bet you can’t do that at the gym. Cum for me and my muscles. It feels so good to cum for a muscular chick, it makes you realize just how weak you are.
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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: Strip Tease And Denial For Suckers

Bratty Ashley Sinclair

I’m going to dance and show off and tease you and I want you to pull your cock out and start slowly stroking it. But don’t cum unless I tell you to, ok?

Watch me dance and strip completely naked to some hot tunes! I’m gonna shake my ass and do some of my sexiest moves for you while you stroke. I know just how to make that cock throb. I’m such a tease! And I know you’re a sucker for my perfect, naked body.

I know you’re rock hard by now after watching me dance, strip and get naked. I told you, you could stroke but that doesn’t mean you get to cum. It must really suck to watch a hot girl dance naked for you while you jerk and then not be able to cum. Well that’s kinda your situation right now. You get to watch me and get really, really hard, you even get to jerk your cock. You should consider yourself so lucky even though I don’t think I’m going to let you cum. I just want to get you hard and make you feel really good and then just deny you, completely. I’m gonna leave you with blue balls. It’s gonna suck but I don’t really care. If fact, I think it’s funny. You’re just going to watch this and get so hard and get so close, and then just stop.

Stroke it again loser. Now stop. LOL! You’re so easy. Kinda drives you crazy, doesn’t it? You want to cum so bad, but I’m going to deny you that privilege. And you know it’s a privilege to be able to cum to my naked body. No cumming for you today. Stop stroking!
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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: Mean Bratty Princess Makes Your Cock Throb With Only Her Words

HumiliationPOV welcomes Bratty Ashley Sinclair!

Every time I humiliate you it makes you cum. You can’t help it, you just love being humiliated by me. I mean I just stand here fully dressed, in my cute little skirt, my tight top, I’m not showing you any nudity at all. I just degrade you with my words and you get all worked up. The more humiliating things you hear me say to you, the harder your pathetic cock gets. And that makes you and your entire existence completely pathetic. You don’t crave sex or even nudity, just a mean brat, that’s all you need to make you cum. How fucking sad.

You’ve become so conditioned to this that you don’t even want sex and no woman wants anything like you. You’re a joke. You’re an idiot we laugh at. This whole ‘loser’ thing isn’t new to you, you’ve been a loser your whole life. And that’s never going to change. You will be a pathetic little loser for the rest of your lonely, sorry joke of a life. I know that sounds kinda harsh but you need to hear the truth in order to get hard, don’t you?

You can look at me fully dressed all you want loser. You will never have a girl like me and I’ll never get naked for you because I don’t have to! And not only will you not have me, but you’ll never be with anyone, because you prefer to spend all of your free time alone, jerking off. I know that you get really hard when you look at me, and think about me, and listen to me humiliate you, and you cum thinking about me but at least I don’t have to see it. Eww if I did I wouldn’t make these videos. And not only do I not want to see it, but neither does any other girl. Sucks to be you.

So here you are again, behind your computer, jerking off, paying to be humiliated by a hot brat fully clothed! This is your fucking life loser! And you love it. That’s so fucked up, do you realize that? You crave this abuse, you want more and more humiliation. And the meaner I am, the harder you get, the more you love it. I call you a fucking loser and your cock just throbs, it’s uncontrollable, there’s nothing you can do about it. I’ll bet I could make you cum just from being mean to you, without you even stroking.

You could probably sit there all day and listen to my voice as I tell you how ridiculously pathetic you are. I make you cum so hard, don’t I loser? That’s why you’ll never stop. I’m so amazing that I can make you cum fully dressed. And luckily for you I love humiliating guys like you.
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