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Ludella Hahn – Ass Investment: Smothering Wallet Drain

“So, I’m going out tonight and I have no ca$h and nothing to wear, which means it’s time to hit up the bank (aka My Brother). Haha. He has like an addiction to my ass, so it’s kind of my way to get anything out of him. He tells me he lost all his ca$h at the casino last night, but he does have credit cards…which is even better with those high limits! So, sweet! He doesn’t give in right away, so it’s time to show him my ASSets. 😉 I lift my skirt and wiggle my butt till he gives in and hands over a card. He just can’t resist my juicy ass. Unfortunately this card has only a $100 limit. Lame! I lay his pretty little head down and decide to work my magic from another angle…on his face! I twerk and wiggle my ass all over his face and he hands over card after card after card just to spend more time beneath me. Works like a charm! BUT…once I get his last card (now having about 20k to spend), I tell him that I actually have to put him to sleep… I’m kind of grounded and don’t want him blabbing to Mom before I leave the house. Haha. Time to shop till I DROP…my big ass on your face! 😛
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Cruel Girlfriend: Kidnapped And Toileted

Well you wanted to see the CruelGirlfriend Dreamhouse so much – and here you are loser. You might not have expected to end up in quite the situation you’re in but at least you can say your dream has come true huh? So, to let you know what happened last night after you left the club with one of my hot girlfriends – we slipped something into your drink and brought you here. Welcome to the CruelGirlfriend Dreamhouse Bathroom! I guess technically speaking YOU are the bathroom now! You’ve been installed – down there – and that’s where you’re going to stay – FOREVER! I’m so sorry you’re not going to see the rest of the Dreamhouse. Losers like you don’t get to see the bedrooms where all the hot Cruel Girlfriends get dressed for their dates with their REAL MEN and bring them back to fuck. You don’t get to see the party room where the girls hang out and talk about all the money they’re making from losers like you. You don’t get to see the hot tub area where the girls relax in their bikinis and talk about how awesome their lives are. You only get to see this room loser – well at least the tiny part you can view from under that toilet seat! It’s not all bad though fucktard. You’re going to get to meet all the hot girls and all their hot boyfriends soon enough – one by one, we’re all gonna visit you and USE you! Your life from now on is going to be spent waiting for a snobby cruel girlfriend or one of their studs to come in and shower your stupid, disgusting face with their filth. While everyone else is having fun in the Dreamhouse – you’re going to be gagging on their waste.
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Divine Goddess Jessica: Little Perv Goes Gay

You are visiting your older br0 and his roomie. You spent day 1 with your friends and the first night you disappeared into my roommate’s bedroom. I come to confront you and find you out by the pool. I try to yell but I’m so distracted and instead go to Starbucks for you, when I return you tell me to calm down, all of the noise I heard last night was him begging for sex. Instead you had him service you and left him blue balled. You explain he is ready to do anything for you. You notice that my eyes keep sliding along your body. It’s no surprise to you. When we lived at home, I used to spy on you and jerk off. But I didn’t know that you knew. You ask me if I want to go watch you from the window and jerk off for old time’s sake. I’m so embarrassed. Then you let me in on what you two discussed last night – what he needs to do to make you happy. When roomie comes home, he is going to take me into his room to show me something. He’ll start some male-horseplay but after a while he is going to try to kiss me. And you tell me I am going to let him. You say its okay for me to ‘protest’ (‘what are you doing dude?’) but then I need to reciprocate. Then he is going to bend me over, stick it in and cum inside me. I’m mortified, but you don’t care. I’m getting weaker by the second looking at your amazing body and you know it. You explain that roomie will probably not be hard and so if I want to get the whole thing over with, I better take it in my mouth until it is hard enough to do the job. You explain one more thing. Roomie is going to lock the door for our ‘session’ but I am going to work him over to the door and unlock it while we are going at it. The reason I am going to do that is so that you can come in and film it.
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Ashley Albans Fetish Fun: Blindfold cei

Ash cannot believe you want her to give you cum eating instructions again. You always chicken out! Ash wants you to actually eat your load. She loves watching guys being dirty cumsluts for her. Ash knows you like it. Your dick gets hard when you think about eating your semen like a fucking pervert. Ash has an idea to hep you not chicken out. She tells you to go grab something that you can use as a blindfold. She says that when you get close, you’ll have to get in position on your back with your hips lifted up so you can cum directly in your mouth, then you’ll put on the blindfold. Maybe if you don’t have to see the cum shoot out of your dick you won’t be a bitch about it this time.

Ash teases you with her body and slowly strips out of her t-shirt and jeans. She talks dirty and tells you to imagine what your cum will taste like since you’re finally going to eat it. She removes her bra as well to show you her pretty little nipples. You don’t get her pussy today though. Ash didn’t even dress up for you. Maybe if you’re a good boy and actually eat that load, she’ll wear sexy lingerie next time. When Ash sees that you’re close, she tells you to get into position and put your blindfold on. Ash continues to talk dirty and tells you to cum and keep your mouth open wide. She giggles when she sees your cum all over your face. You’re almost a cumslut now, you just have to eat it!
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Subbyhubby: Twisted Taboo Family Pt 5

Bratty Princess Halle Von has just gotten her stepfather Tony to worship her ass. She threatened that if he didn’t give her his credit card she would tell mom about him watching her in the shower while jerking his pathetic old man dick. He agrees to give her the card but wants more of his young stepdaughter. Halle teases him by stroking his dick then starts to suck his dick telling him “you didn’t know what a dirty little slut I was did you? Did you ever think you’d see me sucking your cock when I was the flower girl at mommy’s wedding?” She then pulls her face off of his dick and fishhooks his mouth open spitting his own pre-cum into his mouth. Halle says “you want this 18-year-old pussy? You want to fuck me now? Fuck my pussy, make me cum.” Tony does his best to please the young 18-year-old but he is no match at the energy she has. She flips him over and proceeds to ride his cock fast and hard groaning “fuck me step daddy, fuck me step daddy.” Halle then humiliates him by placing a chindo on his face and telling him to fuck her pussy till she cums. All the while telling Tony what a lousy fuck he was and that the only way he can please her is with a prosthetic dick on his face. After she has used him and has had her orgasm she pushes him off telling him she better get that credit card soon or she’ll be speaking to Mommy about their little afternoon together. “Yes Halle” replies Tony
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British Bratz: Rubys Pay Zombie

Princess Ruby is HOT, GREEDY and completely out of your league. The only way for you to gain her slight attention is through your wallet. You have the privilege to be one of her many workers, grovelling at her feet whilst handing over your wage slip. Knowing you are slaving away endless hours to hand over your cash to fund your Princess’ lavish lifestyle makes you heart content.

Knowing you get NOTHING in return makes you work harder. You love the humiliation that comes with being a pay pig, you crave her attention daily and make cash from any means just to satisfy her greed. You are addicted to Princess Ruby and you are addicted to PAYING. To see her get even richer and you poorer is your goal in life.

She has strict guidelines and extremely high demands and enjoys teasing and tormenting you with them. Knowing it will only make you weaker, dumber and hornier to serve her. Being Princess Ruby’s pay zombie gives your worthless life some meaning and there is nothing that gets you harder than your bank balance decreasing.
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EroticGoddessChristina: Red White & Blue Balls

I love this time of year. Grilling out with friends, having drinks, watching the fireworks, and ending the night with an amazing mind blowing fuck session. Thats the best kind of fireworks. The kind that leave me wet and ready for round 2. Of course I was generous enough to think of you as well – but I can promise you one thing – you wont be ending the night with fireworks. Youll only be left hard, horny and blue balled. Just how I want you. I want you to get all worked up as you stroke your cock really good for me. Stroke it like Im actually going to allow you to cum – which Im not by the way. But even knowing that youre still going to want to. Im going to make it to where you cant resist touching your dick. Youll see…

Fetishes: Orgasm Denial, Tease & Denial, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement, CBT, Orgasm Control, Cock Tease, Brat Girls, Bratty Goddess, Body Worship, Ass Worship, Tit Worship, Redheads, Redhead Goddess, Bikini, Bikini Fetish, High Heels

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Britishbratz: Jerk to my size 2 Feet HD

The best things come in small packages.

Princess Fern is, cute, petite and extremely POWERFUL. Don’t let her young, innocent looks fool you. She lures you in today with her soft,creamy TINY size 2 feet. So cute you just want to lick them. She loves controlling men, turning them in to her own little jerk off puppet.

She teases you with her crinkled soles, toes and perfect arches. Follow her every jerk off demand as she takes control of your horny mess. You will worship her true royal feet. They control your dick, your mind and the ONLY way you can cum is by worship your Princess’ feet.
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Britishbratz: Rosie Hates You

Hello fuckwits, you know that I don’t mince my words when it comes to you freaks. So, here it is…I am here to tell you EXACTLY what I think of you lowly cunts. You know just how I enjoy giving you my middle finger as it pretty sums just what I think of you. Apart from NOTHING. You are IRRELEVANT and I am here to put you in your place!

My middle finger holds so much POWER! It’s sends grown men to their knees, turns them into whimpering little sluts. Iv’e drained bank accounts with just my middle finger and no more. I am here today to flip you off to HELL, beat you down and fuck you over! I mean business. I love fucking with your head and I LOVE telling just how it is. I am your WORLD but I HATE YOU! My middle finger send rushing to your groin, sends your hand straight to your wallet and give me ALL! The more I beat you down and flip you off the HORNIER you get and the MORE I take and fuck you OVER!
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Worship Goddess Jasmine: Mocking JOI – HD

You deserve humiliation, you deserve to hear exactly what a piece of sh.it you are and you deserve to cry into your dick as you wank.

You will jerk on my command as I ridicule you, laugh at you and belittle your pathetic ass. Teasing you with what you will never have just makes you feel even more worthless. Jerk to your joke of a life and to my nasty, bitchy words. After all you deserve nothing more do you freak!
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Princess Ellie Idol: FUCKING JON’S HOLES 720P

These gloves are on Jon! You’re a leather lover, shaking in your boots because your girlfriend is in the other room, n.apping on the couch! You aren’t sure you want to wake her up to THIS. Wake her up to me fucking you silly?! The thought is frightening, but liberating. I will set you free from this relationship. You are going to get your face fucked, and then your ass fucked. You’ll scream my name, begging me to keep going, despite your girlfriend. You are starting to realize, deep down in your heart that I am the ONLY one you need in your life.
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Subby Hubby: Marsha May Pussy Tease BG/Marsha Mays 7th Period Cuckolding Class Pt 3

Brat Dom Marsha May teases the boys as she plays with her young pink wet pussy then makes Mr Adams the teacher fuck her till she cums and he empties his filth into her pussy then as she waves the chastity key in Toby’s pathetic face she makes him eat up every last drop of man filth from her just fucked pussy, Laughing as she tells him now you got some real man in you
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Princess Ellie Idol: IN CHASTITY FOR A SHINY A

Mike, or should I call you ass bitch, you’ll have no chance standing up against my desire to put you in chastity. All it takes is a few shakes in a shiny pair of leggings to bind you to my will completely. There’s a set of rules you must adhere to.

1. Device only comes off with my permission.

2. $50 TO ME each time you want it off.

3. Can only cum wearing the panties I gave you.

4. Only allowed to cum to a video of mine you don’t already own.

I unlock you and give you a JOI. Immediately after you cum, you get locked away again… My rules, my cock now!
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Subby Hubby: Kylie Rogue Lolly Pop POV/Kylie’s Jerk Off Instruction for Losers

Goddess Kylie Rogue sucks on her red lollypop and teases you about it being your swollen little cock head in her mouth, She talks dirty to you and drives you crazy letting you jerk that pathetic little slut stick, bringing you right to the edge over and over, She knows those tiny balls are about to explode, But she loves making you wait, She makes a deal with you, Telling you that id you shove three fingers up your man pussy that she will let you spill your loser load. And then she makes you slurp it all up cucky
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So you want to sleep with me huh?Well not only are you a minute man, you have a tiny penis! I can’t sleep with that. No way! I’m one for games though, how about a bet? If I win you pay my rent, ifyou win I sleep with you. Now, the challenge is, you need to stroke your cock to the pace of my moving foot and to WIN you must last over 3 minutes. You won’t be able to do it! You’ll lose and you’ll need to pay my rent! All you could ever handle would be fucking between my shoe and foot!
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