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Female Worship – Workout Your Tongue Before You Workout Your Body

Working out your body is fine, but every male needs to spend as much time working out their tongue. Fortunately this is a task that Blake Morgan is always happy to help her man with at all times.
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Female Worship – Blake Morgan – Get To Work

Blake Morgan is taking a quick catnap when her male comes home from work. He’s tired but doesn’t have the luxury of rest because Morgan puts him back to work orally tending to her, then dismisses him to make her dinner.
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Female Worship – It’s Better When You Do The Work

Blake Morgan prefers her men to have a healthy tireless tongue. That’s because when it comes to her pleasure, she likes it best when the male does all the work and leaves the pleasure to her.
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Female Worship – Blake Morgan – Now Back To Rubbing My Feet

The very beautiful and very dominant Blake Morgan likes keeping her resident males working, like this male that is tending to her feet. But his labor on her feet will be delayed until the more pressing matter of her oral pleasure is immediately tended to.
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Female Worship – Blake Morgan – Chore Number One

While Blake Morgan always tasks her males with many chores, their number one chore is always making sure she is orally satiated. That means when she lies back with womanhood exposed, he is expected to stop what he is doing and get to oral work.
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Female Worship – Blake Morgan – You’re Probably Tired But I Don’t Care

Beautiful Blake Morgan knows her man works hard to please her and he’s probably very tired right now from the numerous chores she has assigned to him around the house. But she doesn’t care, because as a male his purpose is to work to make her life more comfortable which right now includes licking her pussy.
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