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Dorkydarienxxx: The Easter Bunny

Dorkydarienxxx: The Easter Bunny

EASTER CAME EARLY IS WEEKEND!!!!! So I followed a trail of eggs in my house, until I saw my door cracked open. I found it pretty weird, so I investigated the premises. When I opened my door, there was the most beautiful easter bunny Daya Knight in my bed. Seducing …

Dorkydarienxxx: Breakfast In Bed – Black & Ebony

Dorkydarienxxx: Breakfast In Bed –  Black & Ebony

This trip is spiraling down really fast! It’s only been the second day of our stay and everything is going wrong. No wifi, the house service are out of most things, and my girlfriend PrincessNalliahStorm is aggy as the minute goes by. She voiced how displeased and disappointing this trip …

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