Mistress – T – Fetish Fucker: Tiny Dicks Can Not Compete

Behold the baseball bat this stud calls a penis. It’s one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen…& all you shrimp dick losers can’t compete. I know you love the small penis humiliation so get your tweezers out to find your mini-member. It’s time to jerk off with your own tears, knowing how inadequate you are.
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Meana Wolf: Suck it Like a Man

**Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S!**

Do you like riddles? Mysteries? Brain teaser? Here’s a mystery for you…are you gay? Hmm well let’s see. Do you dream about dick all day long? Do you you secretly fantasize about your friends dicks? What do you think Sherlock? Are you a dick loving little faggot? I think we both know that you are. I think you fall asleep every night dreaming about dick. And every morning you wake up with drool on your pillow and cum stuck to your leg. But just in case you weren’t completely convinced… why don’t you look at these big fat cocks right here. Can you feel your dick respond to these beautiful, juicy thick cocks parading in front of your face? Get down on you knees and suck it like a man. I’ll show you how.

Xoxo Meana Wolf
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Compare To Monster Cock

You wish you had such a large alpha male dick to please me… but you don’t… so sad… at least you can touch yourself to entertain me and clean up your own mess. Yes, that will do.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Nude Milking

A gorgeous sensual Domination hand job scene with a big cock & huge cum shot. Of course I’m teasing you & encouraging you to jerk off with me…you’re so easily controlled, aren’t you?
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Mrs Mischief: Edged to Eruption

Slow, teasing edging makes your cock twitch…sliding my tongue lightly across the head of your dick makes it throb…sucking your balls makes you ache to cum…

But not so fast. I want to take my time, quietly flicking your cock and balls with my wet tongue then sucking you deep into my mouth so that the head of your cock bounces off the back of my throat. I can feel you swell…I can taste your pre-cum…I know you want to shoot now…

..but not yet. First, I want to tease you – torture you a little, pull on your balls and slap the head of your cock around – before expertly sucking you off…..giggle and tease and edge you until you think you can’t take another second.

When I’m ready to let you cum, you’ll know…I’ll start pumping my lips hard and fast over the head and shaft of your cock…I’ll tickle your balls and look you in the eye…making damn sure that you know that I want you to cum just as badly as you do. Can you feel it building up again? Can you feel the sting your head and the deep ache in your balls…hoping that this will really be the time that I let you explode? It’s coming now…finally, you get to erupt…and it’s going to be massive.

** Minimal dialogue **
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Princess Leia: Sister Stretched By BIG Birthday Boy

(720p; .wmv found here) Oh my goodness, I’ve forgotten your birthday!! I’m so sorry, what can I do to make it up to you? What does my brother want most for his birthday? Okay, I’ll bite. You want to show me something in your room? I wonder what it could be. *** Fine, fine, I’ll close my eyes and hold out my hands… Oh! What– you, your cock! Oh you’re huge! It’s so big. I never knew… I never thought I would want my brother’s big dick, but I can’t resist! Please let me play with it. I’ve never seen anything like this and I forgot your birthday, after all. Let’s see if it will fit in my small mouth. I want to try but there’s only so much I can take… it’s just HUGE! Maybe my pussy can fit more of you. You can stretch your sister out as much as you want.
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Mistress T – Captive Sex Slave

While at The English Mansion, Sidonia Von Bork & I capture a fit, well-hung victim & use him for our amusement & pleasure….
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Your Small Dick Is Unworthy

You really think you are worthy of the attention of a high born Goddess like myself? You’re just a useless pleb. Not only do you not have the equipment to satisfy any woman, you’re physically repugnant & you have a contemptible personality. You are inferior in every way. Observe the hefty cock on this alpha male. THIS is a stud worthy of being my sex slave. Watch how hard he gets, how he can control his orgasm & the size of his powerful load. You could never compete with this. You’ll always have a tiny, unworthy little dick & you’ll never, ever, fuck someone like me.
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Mistress – T: Better Than Cuck Hubby

This is a custom vid…for “Julie”, the wife of a cuckold. I am showing her the stud I’ve found for her. I measure & show her how his cock is bigger & superior to her husbands little 3 inch dick. I sensually describe how he will please her with that big cock & that she should have her husband watch…& how she should have her husband help by fluffing the stud’s cock, how he could lick her pussy while she sucks his big cock, how she should make her cuck hubby clean up the cream pie….
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Princess Ellie Idol: BBC BRAINWASHING 1080P

You’ve been watching my forc.ed bi videos for awhile now. “For.ced” to start on your path of craving cock. Your brain thinks about big, white cock all day long. It’s not enough for me. I want you to start thinking about big, BLACK cocks. They’ve always intimidated you, but I think after this you’ll be ready and willing for the real deal. There’s a reason women go gaga over black dick! You’ll soon know why… I’ll make you BBC brainwashed for me! Now take your dildo and suck it while you jerk. These big dicks are already arousing you, huh? Now just picture me standing next to you as you deep throat a huge black member. What a perfect forced bi fantasy…enough to make your cum explode from your dick as I count you down to 1.
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Mistress – T: Filled By Bigger Cock

Mistress - T: Filled By Bigger Cock

You love to see my pussy stretched & filled by a thick cock…knowing that you simply could not do that for me. You’re not equipped for it & there’s nothing you can do about it. You know your place is as my cuckold.
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Larkin Love: Sister Takes Your Virginity And Teaches You To Fuck

Larkin Love: Sister Takes Your Virginity And Teaches You To Fuck

You’re so sweet to wait up for me, bro. I know I sometimes stay out late partying with guys, but you don’t have to be worried for me. I know how to handle boys. Besides, it’s totally normal at our age to cut loose a little bit.

Come to mention it, why don’t you ever go out and have fun? Every time I go out to see my friends, you’re playing video games in your room. I mean, I think you’re a cool guy. I’ve thought so ever since my mom married your dad. Why don’t you go out and meet some girls? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you have a girlfriend.

You’re nervous? Aww, you don’t have to be nervous! You’re actually really good looking. And I know you’re smart and nice to talk to. Girls would love to be with you. I’ve got an idea. The only way to get over your fears is to face them head on. You’ve got to get over this inexperience and stop feeling like dating and hooking up is so difficult.

I’m going to teach you how to kiss. It’s fine, don’t sweat it. I won’t tell anybody. And don’t you dare tell mom and dad! Just come here and give me a kiss on the lips. Mmm. See? Was that so bad?

Now this time, try it with tongue. Mmmm! Hey, that was actually pretty good. You’re a natural. Now it’s time to try second base. I can see you staring at my boobs, so don’t even try to pretend you don’t want to try it.

You like that, huh? Not too difficult, is it, handling a girl? It’s all instinct anyway. Whoa, you ARE excited. Oh my god, you’re getting so hard, I can see you right through your jeans. Holy , bro, your cock is huge!

Let me see it! I want to see it. Oh fuck, that’s amazing. Seriously, dude, you have no need to be afraid of what girls will think of you. In fact, I’m about to prove it.
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Mistress – T: You Love Black Cock

Mistress - T: You Love Black Cock

You’re obsessed with black cock, aren’t you? You’re always looking at black bulls & searching for BBC. If you weren’t completely mesmerized & addicted to black cock before this vid, you will be after!
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Mistress – T: Too Close To Home

Mistress - T: Too Close To Home

What happens when your sister finds out you’ve been perving on her? When she finds out your weakness…your vulnerability? Did you really think that she wouldn’t use that information to get what she wants? To blackmail & manipulate you?
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