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Dirtytransdolls: Chastity rubber doll fucking part 1

My latex doll is ready for me, wearing a heavy ribber mask, armbinder and chastity cage. It is always time for more whore training! My bbc strap-on needs to penetrate this slut’s ass hard, I love to make my doll take it all and make it moan and scream. Doggy and missionary, this anal whore will take it.
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Thevenusgirls: AJ VAMPALICOUS 3

Description: Aj Applegate is a vampiric sperm suckers that drain you of cum. And you will enjoy every bit of her tender ministrations! Who needs the neck when they can have SO much more fun playing with your throbbing meat before they eat your cum. And eventually swallow your soul!
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MistressKawaii – Mistress Veronica, Mistress Kawaii – Facesitting Slumber Party

It’s party time! Me and the sexy Mistress Veronica are going to invite over 2 horny boys for a slumber party! Little do they know this party is going to be nothing but fun for us, and Torment for them. We are goiing to destroy these dumb asses with our big juicy beautiful butts. We will seduce them by burrying their faces in out lucious tits, and then just lay into them. Bouncing up and down on their faces, grinding our asses all over their faces, taking turns bullying them and wearing them out! And these losers though they were going to get some…well, they got there’s!
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House Of Gord / PetGirls.com: My Life As A Pet #1

The story begins as a busty little bimbo (Jewell Marceau) is spirited away by kidnappers with a dark purpose…That purpose is soon made all too clear as the helpless girl is stripped of all vestiges of her humanity and embarks on a forced program of humiliating "pettification"!
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Dirtydommes: Nipple and cock torture part 1

Mistress Nikki Whiplash has been so kind to lend me her loyal slave for some sadistic fun! With his nipples, cock and balls so nicely exposed it would be rude not to torture them, ha ha. We are having so much fun squeezing and pulling his nipples, crushing his balls with the metal ballcrusher
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Glovemansion: Hot rubber gloves orgasm part 1

Sexy Yasmin has selected a few of her favourite rubber gloves for teasing and playing and loves to show you. All these kitchen gloves feel and look amazing and they are making her very horny. Would you like to be teased by her?
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Chateau-Cuir: Balls drained on her pants part 2

Miss Yasmin is a real cruel beauty, she loves to tease her bondage slave with her tight leatherclad ass and big boobs.
He is not allowed to cum until she tells him too, but looking at his hot Mistress makes him edge so much! On her command, he is finally released and drained on her leather pants.
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Xev Bellringer: Mommy’s Ball Draining Treatment (.mp4)

(1080p) Mommy’s so worried, so concerned about her only boy’s well being. Your condition has been getting worse, and even now in the doctor’s office, it begins to flare up as she fusses over you. Her huge bosom heaves in your face as she checks you, bouncing frantically as your symptoms worsen. You get hot, your heart starts beating faster and faster. She’s oblivious of the effect her voluptuous body has on yours, and on your stiffening cock.

It isn’t until the nurse arrives and instructs Mommy to show her exactly what she was doing to trigger this reaction. Your mother apologetically mounts as you lay back on the table, reenacting her desperation, unaware of her ample breasts once again pressing into your view. You just can’t help it, staring at them as they jiggle. And then it happens again. Your body seems to go into overdrive and your growing cock is pressing into Mommy’s crotch. She notices something hard, but it couldn’t possibly be… THAT.

The nurse insists on an in-depth inspection, her hands groping, feeling, measuring your uncontrollable erection. You mother can’t believe her eyes – that was her son’s penis?? He was aroused?! These symptoms all point to one condition, an ailment with dire consequences, unless tended to urgently: severe semen backup. Desperate to save her son, your mother insists she’ll do anything it takes, no matter how uncomfortable… no matter how wrong. Even if it’s something a mother should never do to her son. The nurse insists it’s the only treatment that works, one she will eagerly help administer. Mommy needs to manually release the immense pressure building in your balls… to stroke and suck the cum out of your penis before it reaches critical levels!

Fantasy includes: taboo, cock stroking, blowjob, cumshot, bouncing breasts, bare breasts, virtual penis inspection, accidental arousal, desperate mother, medical fetish, nurse fetish, latex gloves, lubrication, instructional, pov
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Dirty Dommes – Trampled by luxury stilettos part 1

Our trample meat is securely fixed in the underfloor cage, so Mistress Nikki Whiplash and I can torment it’s flesh with our luxury high heels. We love to step on every inch of his body and leave him gasping for air.
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AstroDomina: PUSSY POWER feat AstroDomina

Goddess Sydney is sitting in front of you in denim shorts and a bra. What a sight! You know what makes her world so special? If you adhere to everything she requires of you, she becomes happy. And when she’s happy, you’ll be happy. Isn’t that right? Her satisfaction is your satisfaction. Today, what makes her happy is your ability to cum multiple times. And as a reward, she’ll show you what lies underneath her shorts. The place where you want to bury your head and take in all the juices of your Goddess. So let’s go, start jerking. Make your Goddess proud, make your Goddess happy. Because that’s the only path to your happiness. So if you want that reward, you better cum at least three times.
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Glovemansion: Cum on Lucy’s devine gloves part 2

How lucky is this guy? To be stroked by the gorgeous Lucy with her soft, leather gloves until he spunks all over them. Would you like to cum on her gloved hands as well?
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Dirty Trans Dolls – Transdoll transformation part 1

I love dressing my rubber doll, Jenna is already looking pretty hot but just needs some extra layers of latex to complete the more feminine look. This is one of the first clips we ever shot together, it is fun to see how we have both evolved!
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Chateau-Cuir: Sexy Yasmin fits leather skirts

The busty Yasmin invites you in to the bedroom for a sexy leather skirt fitting. She loves them so much! And she loves to tease you whilst wearing them. Which one do you find the hottest?
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Dirtydommes: Triple ballbusting bitches part 1

No mercy for his balls! When Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Miss Velour and Fetish Liza get together, they mean business and no set of nuts is safe! Watch how these three brutal and beautiful Dommes kick straight in to his balls, over and over again! This is hardcore ballbusting at it’s best!
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Dirtydommes: Triple heel worship part 1

Being surrounded by three stunning domes in tight leather is making you feel very small, isn’t it slave? Get your tongue ready as you will get to worship these goddesses fine asses and they will use your tongue to clean the dirt off their high heels and divine boots. They love to humiliate you, just look at their smiles!
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Assylum: Dawn of the Painal

1 hour of extreme painal, piss drinking, face fucking therapy! Desiree gets some primitive treatment in this extra hard, real domination session. The ass eating is as deep as a tongue can go, the gagging is severe, and the patient’s sperm meal is fed directly to her eyes. Once again, Orderly Grind puts his giant cock to work to help rehabilitate this hot and super-kinky Latina. Others fake it, we make it.
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Glovemansion: Busty nurse Yasmin milks you part 1

Your balls are feeling quite heavy and full, don’t they? Now let sexy, busty nurse Yasmin take care of you. Just lay back, relax and let…
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Chateau-Cuir: Triple leather handjob (Part 1)

Leatherclad Dommes Miranda and Liza are having fun with their male and female sub. Sexy slave girl Dunia must please her Mistresses by showing how good she is at giving a leather glovejob. She needs to get very close to that slave’s cock and stroke it with passion.
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Glovemansion: Military rubber milking part 1

Latex Lucy and I team up again for a very horny latex clip. Our male prisoner will get our full attention and it seems his cock is happy with that idea. His huge erection is perfectly teased by my rubber gloves and the thought of Lucy’s big lips around it.
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