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Beg To Cum – Look At Me And Beg For It

Skylar Snow is a cutie that is very fond of making her men horny and desperate to cum. She loves that look on their face when they beg and plead for an orgasm, even more so when she knows she intends to deny him any.
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Beg To Cum – Just A Regular Day For Chanell

Another day, another male slave bound in Chanell Heart’s basement. Capturing and tormenting males is a sport for her because luring males into her trap is just so easy. Now with him fully bound means she can get down to edging and denying him until he is a blubbering begging mess.
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BegToCum – Mistress Helena – It’s Not About Your Needs

This clip is from our former Beg To Cum website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Does Mistress Helena Locke stroke his cock for his needs? Of course not don’t be silly. She strokes it because she loves to edge him only to deny him repeatedly, ultimately leaving him with blue balls.
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