Tag: Ball Torture

Slave X- Bucket Ball Torture Femdom w/ Mandy Flores

What a glorious mix of pleasure and pain Mistress Mandy Flores is giving the worthless slave x today. Strapping his balls up with the excruciating bucket parachute harness, she relishes as each addition to the bucket stretches his already bruised ball sack even further into despair! All the while mixing in sensual sexuality that no slave really deserves….along with random smacks and kicks…starting it off with a special pre-cum inducing surprise! Includes: Ball Abuse, Cock Abuse, Hand Job, Femdom, Humiliation
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Test the new Homeslave

Mona has an new homeslave and just she test out her lovely femdom fantasies. He can obey the amazing black kneehigh boots and the devilished young body. Maybe he is an lucky new homeslave.
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