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Ball Busting Chicks: Victoria: The Harder I Kick Your Balls The Bigger Is Your Cock

She kick him full force in the balls with her high heels. Almost no rest from the brutal kicking from the beginning until the end! The Lady is surprised to see a huge boner, growing before her eyes, as she kicks him harder and harder in the balls. Usually the penis of her slaves going down when they get kicked in the bollocks. Now it’s even more fun for the Mistress to kick him in the balls, when his cock hard rock hard, stiffening up, , standing high up in the air. That just animates her to kick him even harder and even longer than she had in mind…
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Ballbustingchicks: Stretched Balls

The slave is waiting for the mistress with a mouse trap on the cock. She gives him even more pain by whipping the cock head. Then she kicks the balls from behind. Very painful when the tip of the boots digging into the vulnerable flesh. She whips the balls, squeezes and stretches them like crazy… Length 9:10 minutes
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Ball Busting Chicks: Empress: Old mans cock ruined!

First she burns the hairs from his nutsack off with a big lighter… then she ties nasty deep cutting in cable straps around the old mans cock. She closes the straps as tight as possible. His cock looks already maltreated as she takes the whip to t*rture his old boner further… and of course she does not forget to whip his bollocks. That was just a lesson for showing up at his Mistress without shaved balls!
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Crudelis Amator Ballbusting Fetish: That’s What Happens When You Perv On Queen Asia Perez

If you want to piss Queen Asia Perez off, try grabbing her ass in the middle of the FetishCon floor. That is for sure going to cause you to receive several kicks between your legs. This slave did just that and his balls are about to be destroyed by Queen Asia’s hot and strong legs. See those spikes on the back of her boots? Oh yeah those will be making some good contact on those balls too. Can we say slice and dice?
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Ball Busting Chicks: Empress: Bound to be jerked off!

This slave is teased and punished by the Mistress at the same time. Excited by her long beautiful stockinged legs he jerks off. But she likes to kick his balls after his job was done.
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Ball Busting Chicks: I Will Break You (Full HQ)

A document of real pervert female brutality. There is no playing in this video. This and part 2 are the most brutal videos we made. The slaves gets dragged by the balls like a animal. Forced to kneel down to show his big hanging cock for a ruthless cock whipping. Then he is tied up and secured for more hard penis whipping. The pain must be incredible and reaches the climax when the cock gets a brutal hard caning.

Full swing ball kicking with dangerous big boots into the already abused and battered cock and balls. If you thought the incredible pain in part 1 could not be topped you are wrong. It hurts so much that the slaves crying must be heard from miles away. The deadly boots making a real mess out of the slaves groin and leaves the cock and balls damaged and incapable of doing disgraceful things again…
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Kinky Mistresses – Vivienne Lamour – My Ballbusting Slave

Kinky Mistresses - Vivienne Lamour - My Ballbusting Slave
Kinky Mistresses
Vivienne Lamour

Featuring Vivienne Lamour

Mistress Vivienne Lamour is using on her german visit a extreme ballbusting slave. This guy like to take all the pain for her mistress and sure vivienne like to punish his balls maximum strong and hard. Whipping, kicking and she use also a very hard cane on his balls

Parts: 5
Total Duration: 31 minutes 9 seconds
Photos: 20
Tags: ball, ball busting, bondage, busting, cane, cbt, domina, dungeon, femdom, kicking, kinkymistresses, lamour, mistress, ropes, vivienne, whip
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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Anita Divina And Mistress Ann – Punished By 2 Ladies

Kinky Mistresses - Mistress Anita Divina And Mistress Ann - Punished By 2 Ladies
Mistress Anita Divina

Featuring Mistress, Mistress Anita Divina

2 Mistresses are using a slave in the heart of the amsterdam redlight district to punish him very hard with cbt, nippleplay while he is helpless tie up in the apartment- Mistress Anita Divina and Mistress Ann, t hard sadistic ladies enjoy the pain of her slave while they use his cock and nipples

Parts: 3
Total Duration: 18 minutes 43 seconds
Photos: 15
Tags: anita, ann, ball, bdsm, clamps, cock, divina, femdom, mistress, nipple, pain, play, punish, punishment, sadistisch, sm
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