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HOGTIED: March 1, 2018 – The Pope, Ashley Lane

Ashley is known for how intense she likes to play. She is true enthusiast of rope bondage as well as brutal torment, which makes her a perfect fit for Hogtied. Every position will push her ability to tolerate what The Pope has planned for her. It will not be an easy day and she knows that, but the level of intensity is yet to be disclosed to her.
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Girl Spanks Girl – Exclusive Education 12: Day One

Teacher Snow Mercy is getting her class ready for a field trip when she finds them acting up. She, along with new Principal Clare Fonda, decide to give the girls some discipline to make sure they behave on the trip. So Snow and Clare take turns spanking each of the naughty school girls, over their knee in the break room. The first day is some very sound hand spanking that turns these glorious bottoms bright red. The naughty ladies are Ashley Lane, Elori Stix, Cupcake Sinclair, Apricot Pitts, Alice Goods, Veronica Ricci and making her spanking debut, the feisty Joy Luck. The is Part 1 of a 4 part epic that will include 12 amazing ladies in total.
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Girl Spanks Girl – Punished at the Border Part 2

It’s another day of severe discipline with border cop Veronica Ricci when she finds that sexy Ashley Lane was smuggling contraband over the border. At least she thought she was. The punishment includes the whip, hand, hairbrush, can, paddle and wooden bath brush. Ashley learns a valuable lesson the hard way as her bottom becomes marked and bruised for a week.
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Ashley Lane -Topless Gym Class Paddling – Strict Coach

Pretty Little Ashley Lane is constantly late for gym class. Her cruel coach is well aware of her slutty reputation, deciding to teach her a embarrassing lesson. Making good on his threat, she has positioned with her hands against the wall for a paddling on the seat of her skin tight pants. Her lovely breasts are visible through her sheer white top, which is soon removed. Humiliated at being exposed in front the coach she takes the agonizing paddle swats bravely on the verge of tears.
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Bare Bottom School Swats – Ashley Lane

Repeat offenders get the big school paddle across their bare bottoms till they cant sit down. Ashley Lane is in for the paddling of her life at the hands of her exasperated Principal. Forced to remove her top and panties, she bends over to accept her fate. Fully exposed for the brutal paddling to come. The first swat takes her breath away as she buckles forward in pain.
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Girl Spanks Girl – Punished at the Border Part 2

It’s another day of severe discipline with border cop Veronica Ricci when she finds that sexy Ashley Lane was smuggling contraband over the border. At least she thought she was. The punishment includes the whip, hand, hairbrush, can, paddle and wooden bath brush. Ashley learns a valuable lesson the hard way as her bottom becomes marked and bruised for a week.
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Topless Schoolgirl Strapping – Ashley Lan

The principal is determined to teach Ashley Lane a lesson once and for all. Demanding that she remover her top, she grudgingly obeys, humiliated and exposed. Bending back over, her pert breast swing freely as the strap collides with her throbbing bottom. Whimpering under punishing strokes of the heavy leather, she bravely takes her beating. Her stoic defiance earns her harder and harder licks of the strap.
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AssumethePositionStudios – Ashley Lane – Topless Schoolgirl Caning

Moving around behind her, the Principal selects the senior cane from the cabinet. Measuring the whippy rattan across her scorched bottom, Ashley Lane clenches involuntarily. The cane cuts through the air, whistling before impact. Cutting a painful welt as the strokes fall methodically across her bottom and thighs. Building intensity, Ashley Lane finally breaks down. Clenching, dancing and howling in pain as she tries to steel herself for the next strokes.
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Soaking Wet Discipline – Ashley Lane

Forced to wait on her hands and knees doggy style, Ashley Lane can’t hold it any longer and pisses her self through her thin white thong. Finding her in a puddle of her own mess, he begins to scold and spank her. Spanking the soaked crotch of her panties and her swollen cheeks. She clenches humiliated as he pulls her panties down to expose her soaked cunt. Spreading her, he continues to punish and humiliate her. She knows she will be punished further for the mess she made.
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Spanked Sweeties – Nov 16th, 2017 Ashley Lane Sp B Full

Ashley Lane is a beautiful blonde sweetie who was spanked by her mom and dad growing up. Her mom is played by Clare Fonda and a dad spanking is also re-enacted. Ashley gives an outstanding interview (and Clare coaches her how to spank) as she really gets into the nuts and bolts of spanking.
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Harsh Topless Paddling for Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane is stripped to her tiny white thong, bent over for a harsh paddling. The first heavy wood paddle is 2 feet long, wide and thick and drilled with blistering holes. Ashley obediently accounts off the swats – “Thank you Sir” as she grits her teeth, fighting back the tears. Next a solid maple paddle almost knocks her off her feet with the heavy impact. His hands caress her swollen cheeks, pulling her thong tightly up her cunt as he continues to paddle her. Shrieking and trembling, she takes her paddling like a good girl.
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Spanked Sweeties – Oct 19th, 2017 – Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane is a beautiful blonde sweetie who was spanked by her mom and dad growing up. Her mom is played by Clare Fonda and a dad spanking is also re-enacted. Ashley gives an outstanding interview (and Clare coaches her how to spank) as she really gets into the nuts and bolts of spanking.
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Topless Discipline for Ashley Lane – Heavy Strapping

Enjoying her agonizing cries, he decides to add to her humiliation by forcing her to remove her bra. Bending back over, her ripe breasts jiggle with each brutal lick of the strap. Her shorts our lowered revealing the tiniest seamless white thong. The prison strap stings horribly as for exposed bottom is blistered. Crying out and clenching and agony as she is solidly beaten. Stubbornly she hold back the tears, hoping he will use the big paddle to break her.
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Ashley Lane Spandex Discipline – Strapped and Paddled

Ashley Lane’s amazing body is showcased in very skimpy spandex shorts and sports bra. Ordered to assume the position, she bends over with her hands on the bench, bottom thrust out for selection of straps and a large paddle to come. The big strap collides with her juicy bottom, no protection from the skin tight spandex. She lurches forward and moans in pain with each lick of the big strap. Obediently she holds position, taking to brutal straps and a big frat paddle across the seat of her tiny shorts.
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Nude Kitchen Discipline- Belt and Spoon for Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane is completely nude in the kitchen bent over the stool. Crying out as her bottom is beaten with the heavy kitchen spoon. Her Spanking goes on for what seems an eternity. Finally she has given a choice of 20 final strokes of the belt or swats with the spoon. In an act of deliberate cruelty he gives her 20 hard with each forcing her to count. Crying out in pain, she jumps and clenches , her gorgeous breasts swaying with each stroke. She has an allowed to put on her skimpy dress and prepare for dinner.
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DEVICE BONDAGE: May 18, 2017 – Ashley Lane and The Pope


Ashley has every look that makes you think that she is that innocent girl next door. Just remember that looks are deceiving, and if you have learned anything from watching her shoots, it’s that she is far from innocent. She is one of the biggest pain slut that have ever graced the pages of Device Bondage. Her masochism is so extreme that we offer you a warning that this is not for the weak of heart. We begin with her standin with her hands pulled high above her head and leather belts to restrict movement and make her helpless. The Pope enters and begins cover her flesh with clothespins. all of the are meticulously placed in every sensitive area of her skin. He then takes this brutality to the next level by flogging them off of her until she almost collapse from the pain. Nerxt she is place in the throne of suffering and locked into place with steel traps. Her head is covered and her sight is taken away. Another leather belt is added to immobilize her head, then the suffering begins again. Her body is subjected to multiple forms of brutal torment; floggers, canes, whips, etc. In the final scene, Ashley is spread out on the floor in the most helpless position known to man. Don’t let the simplicity of the bondage fool you; it is impossible to escape and every inch of her flesh is exposed and she has no way of stopping The Pope from terrorizing her. He controls every last thing about her including her breath. Nothing happens unless he permits it and now her orgasms will be what he drains from her in a squirting mess all over the floor.
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TOPGRL: Mar 7, 2017 | Heat | Ashley Lane | London River

London River has Ashley Lane tied down, both in her heart and on the floor of London’s dungeon. Her hands are up above her head and her legs are spread apart, held with rope at the wrists and the ankles. London doesn’t need any clothing on Ashley to cut or tear off, all she wants is her body to use and abuse any way she likes.

London starts by warming Ashley up a bit with some slapping, flogging, and teasing, but she decides to make things more interesting by subjecting Ashley to some harsh whipping and forced orgasms. London decides that Ashley is taking the single tail a little too well so she moves her to a box and ties her legs up. She proceeds to whip Ashley more before bringing in a couple canes. She starts with a slim cane on Ashley’s ass and thighs and moves on to something bigger. Ashley wails and tries to escape, but London waits patiently for her to give up before landing another hard stroke. After all, Ashley isn’t going anywhere and London has all day to play with her.

Finally London puts Ashley in a face down, ass up position. She hasn’t hurt Ashley quite enough to be satisfied yet, so she brings out something that she knows will make her scream. She applies an innocent looking cream on Ashley’s eager asshole and clit and almost immediately Ashley starts screaming in pain. The cream has something special added to it. Capsaicin. It feels like a fire is being held agains Ashely’s most delicate bits and the only cure for the terrible pain is a humiliating milk enema.
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Jan 27, 2017: Paired | Lauren Phillips | Ashley Lane

It Hurts Not to Hurt

Ashley Lane and Lauren Phillips have unwittingly found themselves at the hands of a mad man, the likes of which they have only seen in movies. He has them tied up, Ashley down on her knees, her feet between the legs of Lauren Phillips who is standing over her. That’s when O.T., their captor, comes in with his knife. He slides it under the sleeve of Lauren’s dress and tears it away from her, leaving her perfect tits exposed.

After the scare tactics it’s time for the real suffering. O.T. takes out the whip and starts cracking it against the girls’ skin. He is merciful at first, starting with with Ashley on the bottom, but as he moves up to Lauren, he steadily moves closer to hitting Ashley’s soft sweet face with the stinging tip. When the girls are properly scared he moves them to the floor for a barrage of different torments.

He moves the two girls through an array of positions. First they are cuffed to the floor, heads by each other’s feet, trying to protect one another from a cane beating with their own bodies. Then he has them down on all fours, a pole in each of their mouths and their asses, connecting them like a serpent, as he has another go at them with the whip. Finally he leaves it to the girls to hurt each other, locking a pear inside one and connecting it to a wire wrapped around the head of the other. The only thing left for them to do is distract each other the only way they know how, with pleasure.
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HOGTIED: Sep 15, 2016 – Ashley Lane and The Pope

Ashley is the real deal, the truest of bondage models, the one in a million that lives for the bondage and torment and could care less about the orgasms. She wants the most brutal and grueling bondage that will challenge her and push her limits as far as they will go. Ashley settles into the ropes and her pussy starts to drip with the anticipation of suffering more at the hands of The Pope.
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REAL TIME BONDAGE: June 18, 2016 | Insatiable Ass Part 1 | Ashley Lane

REAL TIME BONDAGE:   June 18, 2016 | Insatiable Ass Part 1 | Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane is pretty scared coming in to have a private session with us, and not without reason. We asked her whether she liked pain or humiliation and she said pain, so we’ll give her a little of what she wants and a lot of what we want. She starts out giggling and having a snack and keeps giggling when we get her hogtied on the floor. But her laughter won’t last long.

She was rude to one of our viewers when we started, and we are going to make her pay for that. We set her up in the racks with her tits exposed and her legs spread for easy access, and then the fun starts. We wrap and snap at her head with rubber bands and cover her body with clothespins until she is crying from the humiliation as much as the pain. We go to work on her with the most powerful vibrator we have and she starts screaming. It’s hard to tell whether it makes it better or worse for her, but who cares? We like it just fine.
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HOGTIED: Feb 11, 2016 – The Pope and Ashley Lane

HOGTIED: Feb 11, 2016 - The Pope  and Ashley Lane

Ashley is no stranger to the sadistic mind of The Pope. She did her first shoot with him and has come a long way since then. She likes a good challenge and today she’s going to get more than she’s had before. She begins the day in a brutal predicament with her balancing on her knees. The punishment is swift and devastating as she gets tormented and the bondage keeps her helpless. The bondage gets increasingly more painful and grueling and the torment becomes more brutal as the day goes on. When she is allowed to orgasms they are monumental.
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TOPGRL: Sep 3, 2014: Analyzing Ashley | Ashley Lane | Elise Graves

Ashley Lane is Given the Opportunity to Express Herself

You’ve probably seen Ashley on our sites before. You’ve seen her take orgasms. You’ve seen her take pain.
But does that necessarily mean you have any idea who Ashley Lane really is?

She’s quiet, that’s for sure. I’m quite sure that she is quite unsure of herself. In a young and clueless sort of way.

But let’s hear it from her own mouth. Who does she think she is? How would she describe herself? Is she too unfamiliar with herself to satisfactorily answer those questions?

Only through the rigors of bondage are we given the opportunity to see glimpses of the real Ashley. Ashley without anxiety. Ashley without tension. Ashley without fear of embarrassment.

Ashley begins her journey in an asymmetrical rope tie and leather hood, being lead to the bed. One darkened footstep by another. She stands there silently as a near stranger gropes her body – not really having an opinion on the matter either way.
Once shoved onto the bed, Ashley is further secured in an erotically exposed spread. Removal of her clothing reveals a tight rope harness that snugly crafts a very pretty pink rose bud pussy. It’s difficult not to play with that pussy.

Let’s stand this tall drink of water up on her feet and see what she can do. Her vision is blacked out, her legs spread, and her pussy clamped with electrics. After forcing Ashley into a standing arched back position, she graciously waits for the whip. My whip really likes her pale skin.

Time to bend her over. I need more from her. I need to see that she can share a deeper side of herself with me. She’s not making this easy, so it’s time to grab a cane. Time to cane some real emotion right out of Ashley Lane.

She’s one tough nut to crack.
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Jun 2, 2014 – Ashley Lane

Monday Pre-Game Bonus featuring a Shy New Girl & Sex Machines

Format: WMV
Duration: 19 Minutes
Size: 204.64 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

We get a couple of beautiful orgasms from the sexy tall and slim, Ashley Lane, in our coach’s office before she taps out. We warm her up on the Pilates machines, then she rides the Sybian while still wearing her sweaty yoga pants. She cums all over the crotch of her hot pants from the mega-vibe zapping her clit into ecstasy. But we only get a couple of fucks and a couple more orgasms out of her tight pussy before she calls it quits.
Here’s a little bonus Monday update to get you through to Wednesday when our regular weekly update starring Annika Albright will be released.
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