Tag: April O’Neil

Subby Girls – Bobbi Dylan, April O’Neil – Wanna Sit On My Face?

Bobbi Dylan it seems loves to be on top. Because while she is right now happily kissing April O’Neil, it doesn’t take long before she shifts focus and mounts her face for some oral attention.
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CumBots – April in April – April O’Neil

What a way to start off a new month…The month of April…With April…She needs no introduction, so we get right down to business. We bind her down atop the Sybian and hit the switch. April instantly goes into a frenzy. Her beautiful, bound breasts heave as she struggles for us…Little whimpers escape from her little gagged mouth…We watch intently as the overall intensity increases. April hangs on for the long ride…She has no choice in the matter. We take her to the edge and beyond and we take all that she has to give.
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Perfect Slave – Worth The Wait – April O’Neil

Ooh, I’m glad to see that April’s back. Such a fine young thing. Her body is impeccable and her tits are mind boggling. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen her around these parts and the anticipation was killing us. We get a nice glimpse of her as she poses for the camera. We want more though…She slowly undresses and tantalizes us and we want even more…We tie her hands, arms and legs down. We gag her. We press the vibe to her pelvis and then we watch. This was definitely worth the wait.
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