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cfnmtv: The Tennis Champ’s Balls (Part 1-4)

cfnmtv: The Tennis Champ’s Balls (Part 1-4)

A few minutes ago Marcus was on a high – having thrashed his opponent at the Surreyfield Tennis Championships. But that seems like a long time ago after the arrival of his PR agent Kimberly and then Melody Eustace. Now he would give anything to go back to the time …

cfnmtv: The Posse (Part 1-3)

cfnmtv:  The Posse (Part 1-3)

The normally quiet first class security area echoes with the screams of agony from T-Bone and his posse. None of them have ever experienced the kind of pain being administered by the female security guards. And the women won’t let them leave until they’re satisfied they aren’t concealing anything they …

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