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Subby Girls – I Offer Myself As A Treat

Ooops, Andre Shakti forgot to restock the pantry leaving Kendra James mildly upset. But those feelings don’t last long as Andre offers herself up as a consolation treat.
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Subby Girls – I’ll Help You With Your Form

Kendra James is admiring the form of Andre Shakti as she does her pull ups with ease. Andre offers to help Kendra with her form, but somehow instead things end up with Kendra on the bench and their tongues working on each others womanhood.
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Subby Girls – You’re My Best Friend Right Now

For Andre Shakti, the qualifications for being her best friend including being a good pussy licker. From the looks of it, seems like Siouxsie Q meets those qualifications.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: March 24, 2017 – Kristina Rose , Andre Shakti and Bella Rossi

Bad Slaves get Slutty behind their mistress’s Back and get punished

Andre Shakti and Kristina Rose get caught by the head mistress dyking out. Bella Rossi punishes these sluts by stretching them with fingers, hands and giant strap on anal. Bella Rossi plugs Andre’s asshole deep with the extra long slink. These two lesbos are fucked hard until they gape
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Aug 4, 2015 – Yasmine Loven , Andre Shakti , Angel Allwood and Lisa Tiffian

ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Aug 4, 2015 - Yasmine Loven , Andre Shakti , Angel Allwood  and Lisa Tiffian

The season is coming to an end soon. The team captains must think their wrestlers can fend for themselves because Both captains are out today. Maybe the captains are tired of getting gang banged when their team fails under their leadership. Regardless, we have 4 great wrestlers today. Lisa Tiffian and Yasmine Loven take on Andre Shakti and Angel Allwood. This is a brutal war. The Winners fuck the loser hard and fast. Loser is Fisted, dragged off the mat and her partner is DP’ed
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Apr 30, 2015 – Dylan Ryan and Andre Shakti

Apr 30, 2015 - Dylan Ryan  and Andre Shakti

Andre Shakti goes on a first date with a hot tall blonde, Dylan Ryan, when her dirtiest fantasies are trumped by the electro sex reality that unfolds! Bound to a St. Andrews cross, Dylan fucks, licks and electro torments Andre until she comes hard from the sweet combination of pleasure and pain. Tied to the ceiling with multiple tens pads attached to her ass and thighs, Andre get’s fucked with an electrified dildo (The Samurai) and comes multiple times before Dylan demands a pussy licking and orgasm of her own. More pussy licking ensues when Dylan sits on Andre’s face while wielding her faithful electric companion (The Violet Wand). With all five fingers in Andre’s cunt, Dylan makes Andre shock herself to earn her pleasure. Dylan’s squirting orgasm puts the cherry on top of a hot lesbian electro sex date!
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Apr 28, 2015 – Darling , Yasmine Loven , Andre Shakti , Daisy Ducati , Jeze Belle and Lisa Tiffian

ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Apr 28, 2015 - Darling , Yasmine Loven , Andre Shakti , Daisy Ducati , Jeze Belle  and Lisa Tiffian

Welcome to Tag Team Tuesday. This week Lisa Tiffian and Yasmine Loven take ok Daisy Ducati and Andre Shakti. With all this Tit and Ass on Team Tarrasque, the Grapplers are in for some smoothering. This match only goes 2 rounds. One wrestler take a heavy hit and since the team captain for the Tarrasques didn’t attend, it’s an unfair advantage to put a fresh Darling in to replace her injured player
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Nov 28, 2014 – Andre Shakti and Ingrid Mouth

Loser is brutally humiliated and fucked hard on the US mats. Rookie puts a surprising struggle and gives this vet a run for her money
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Format: WMV
Duration: 81 Minutes
Size: 618 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Electrocise: An Electrosluts Feature

Aiden Starr sees new Kink model Andre Shakti heading to the Kink gym. Andre thinks she will be training today, but she gets more than she bargained for when the training gets electric. Aiden ties Andre to the weight machines & works her out with sticky pads, zappers, tazers, & electroclamps. This is some hard core lesbian electro sex training. Aiden fucks Andre with a long metal electric cock, stretching & shocking her tight asshole in a hardcore electro fuck workout. After a workout you have to stretch, so Aiden stretches this slut’s cunt with her fist in an intense fisting session full of electrifying orgasms.

Nov 15, 2013: Electrocise

Andre thinks she is heading to the gym, but her trainer has some new, shocking techniques. Sticky pads, tazer, electro anal sex and fisting!
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