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Tiny Chaste – Chastity Cage BlowJobs

Compilation from three of our earlier clips featuring just the chastity BJ’s from Anastasia Rose in “Cry Me A River”, Gianna Love in “Day Of Denial” and Maria Jade in “Your Premature Problem”. If you love blowjobs and you are in chastity, this clip will “Blow You” away!
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Female Worship – Anastasia Rose – You Can’t Go To The Gym Hungry

With her man about to head to the gym, Anastasia Rose knows he can’t go there hungry. But rather than feed him protein she instead gives him something between her legs to snack on.
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Female Worship – Anastasia Rose – That’s How You Treat A Princess

Anastasia Rose knows her man is relaxing in front of the tv. But princess needs attention which means princess gets oral, so he gets pushed to the side so he can kneel and get to work.
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Female Worship – Anastasia Rose – You Always Have Time For Me

Anastasia Rose is watching her man quickly get ready for work. But while he fumbles with his tie her main concern is an orally induced climax, something he will assist with before he heads to work for her.
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Female Worship – Anastasia Rose – Get Back In Your Place

It’s a guilty pleasure of Anastasia Rose, that of being adored while she snoozes. It’s also convenient because with a mere hand gesture his adoration can be directed between her ass cheeks as needed.
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Female Worship – Anastasia Rose – That Reward Is All Yours

Anastasia Rose is smiling because she walks into the bedroom only to see her sweet man diligently cleaning her tub. Good boy, now she will part her legs and let him eat his reward.
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Female Worship – Anastasia Rose – You Do Wanna Please Me, Right?

Anastasia Rose has her man by her side as she rests, but she knows he will do anything to please her. Hence his idle state doesn’t last long as he is quickly repurposed as a tongue.
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Female Worship – Anastasia Rose – He Belongs To Anastasia

The ever cute Anastasia Rose owns many males and occasionally does like to collar some of them. That lets them know they are in good standing with her and that she will keep them as her pet. It also lets them know that oral servitude to her is now a regular part of their life.
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