Humiliation POV Princess Ellie: Ruin A Huge Load All Over A Mirror And Watch Yourself Lick It Up

Princess Ellie

You’re going to get a mirror for me. A nice big mirror. And I want you to set it, right where you can cum on it. You’re going to make that mirror very dirty. So prepare to ruin your orgasm, I want that cum dribbling down, right on to your reflection. Just so you can see how much of a loser you are. Are you ready to prove how pathetic you are? I hope so, because I wanna see how fucking pathetic you are.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Carissa: Vibrate Your Perineum In Chastity Until You Leak Precum And Eat It

Goddess Carissa

How sad it is for your worthless little fucking cock to be locked up. Awww it must suck being in there, staring at a hot Goddess like me and not being able to touch yourself. You look so fucking pathetic, you deserve to be locked up. You’re a sorry locked up loser. It must be so frustrating knowing you can’t do anything to make your needy cock feel good.
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Humiliation POV Mandy Flores: Edge To My Ass And Pussy While You Finger Your Ass With A Mouth Full Of Cum

Mandy Flores

I want you to jerk it to my perfect body, especially this fine ass of mine. You’re so lucky to see a Goddess like me shaking her bare ass and pussy right in front of your face. Jerk that cock to me, I want to make you cum so hard, but you can’t cum until I say. Doesn’t it feel good to just jerk?
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Another Anal Assignment

Alright slut, it’s time to get all of your holes filled. I want you to get your biggest buttplug (if you don’t have one, you’re going to have to make a little field trip) and I want you to stretch your tiny hole until it’s ready to be fucked with a dildo. I’m going to walk you through a set of instructions to get your dildo nice and wet using your mouth. Then, you’re going to fuck yourself in the ass like the filthy whore you are. I want you to imagine it’s me spreading your asshole with my strap on. Now, get a sizeable buttplug and dildo and get to work.
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Humiliation POV Princess Macey Jade: Hump Your Pillow, Fuck Your Ass, And Eat Your Cum – NO JERKING

Princess Macey Jade

You get all worked up by hot bratty girls, but you know better than to chase after us because you know you’re not worthy, you know you’d never have a chance. You’re unworthy of having sex with a hot girl, in fact, you’re not even worthy of jerking off to me. How fucking pathetic! You’re a fucking loozer living a sexless existence.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kaelin:Confused, Broken Little Clitty Sissies Have To Finger Their Man Pussies

Princess Kaelin

Hello my little sissy bitch, I know how much you long to please me. I know that deep down in that little sissy heart of yours you desperately want to make me happy. And all you have to do to make me happy is to be the sluttiest little sissy you can be. LOL! Do you think you can do that for me?

I know that you rub that sissy clitty all the time. You’ve accepted that little thing will never be a cock. You were just born with a little clitty. There may have been a time when you were disillusioned and thought you were a man, but now you’re completely broken for me. You’ve accepted your life of being humiliated by me, because you know a little sissy bitch like you would never have a chance with someone like me. And therefore you may as well not be a man at all.

Now I want you to start fingering that man pussy for me. Little sissies have to finger their man pussies. You need anal stimulation along with rubbing your clitty in order to get off. Because that is the only way a little sissy slut like you should ever get off. So rub your little clitty like a good girl, I know what a horny little slut you are. Show me how desperate you are to cum. I want to hear you moaning like the bitch that you are as you are, all dressed up like a slut getting off to femdom internet porn! LOL! How pathetic are you?

Now bend over and spread your man pussy and put a finger inside. Fuck that man pussy, show me what a good little whore you are. The thing that sucks about being a sissy is that you’re not good enough to be a man or a woman. You’re just a pathetic confused fuck. All you have is me, humiliating you. You know that me making you fuck your little man pussy is the best you’re going to get. So you should fucking thank me.

Start fucking that man pussy deeper and harder slut. Show me what a good girl you are for me. Now rub that clitty while you fuck that man pussy. Put another finger in, really stretch yourself out. You like that don’t you? Of course you do because deep down you truly are a little sissy bitch. You Need it in the ass. You need me to help you fulfill your sick, perverted desires. Fuck it harder, hit your prostate. Your little clitty is so hard because you love it in the ass. You love fucking your man pussy you little slut. Now add a third finger. You’re a pathetic little sissy bitch, fucking your ass, rubbing your clitty, it’s so humiliating but you love it. And it’s what you deserve. I’m going to help that little clitty squirt. Get right to the edge, whore, as I bring you to an explosive orgasm.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Slutty Selfies Assignment – Part 2

Continuing from last week’s, now we’re going to take it to a new level. You’re going to keep some of the humiliation items from last week’s assignment, but then you’ll be adding one some new stuff. You’ll need to find something to substitute a paddle (I give you ideas), a dog collar, and panties to start.. and you’ll have to submit very specific shots for my amusement. I love the slave selfies, keep them coming!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Slutty Selfies Assignment – Part 1

Oooh.. A nice set of assignment for my biggest sluts! This is going to be so much fun. You will be taking several specific pictures for me doing some very slutty things.. And I want them just done just right. You need to have a butt plug and a dildo on hand for this assignment. If you don’t have either, you can improvise or buy a new set to get started. Don’t forget to send me those pictures when you’re done..
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Humiliation POV Goddess Carissa: VERY Degrading Beginner Instructions For Anal Virgin Losers

Goddess Carissa

Are you an anal virgin? Do you want to spread your virgin asshole and stick something in there? I know you do and I’m going to give you some tips and instructions. You’re going to need to start with a small dildo because your virgin asshole is going to be so fucking tight. Take it nice and slow. But before you insert it, I want you to suck it. Get it nice and wet and suck that dildo like the loser idiot that you are.
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London Lix: Anal Slut Card Game

Today we let fate decide how your intox game should go, and I’ll tell you now; it does not go easy on you 😉 The cards I draw from this deck will decide when you take a nice hit from that bottle, fuck your ass with a dildo, or send me a little $10 tribute. The deck of cards will also determine when you cum, so you’ll need to be ready at any given moment. This is the ultimate game of p()ppers anal slut play, with a nice dose of beginner-level findom mixed in. You’re going to be SO excited edging and butt-fucking yourself for me, lapping up my humiliation and commands every step of the way. You know how weak you get when you sniff, and so do I, so I take full advantage of every hit, switching up the pace – long hits, short hits, double inhales and even some br3 4th play in the mix. This is for *advanced* intox players and anal masturbators – the directions are extreme and intense. I.e. A LOT of fun.
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Subbyhubby: Kate England’s Human Dildo

Goddess Kate Has her human dildo tied up and gagged. She tells her bitch that he has five seconds to get hard for her use and mounts him. She mercilessly rides him and warns him that she is not yet pleasured. Before he can succeed in pleasing his Goddess, the human dildo dares to spill his filth all over her. Goddess Kate is disgusted with her Human Dildo and pulls out his gag to feed him his mess. She slaps his tongue and tells him how disappointing his pathetic slut stick is until the last drop of his filth is shoved into his mouth. Since Kate England’s human dildo couldn’t please her she decided to use him as a dildo cleaner instead while she gets herself off in front of his pathetic face.She is enjoying pleasuring herself so much more than when she was using him that she then uses her toy to pleasure her ass before shoving it in her dildo cleaners mouth. After licking her dildo clean, the dildo cleaner is told that she has more to give him as she continues to rub herself with the dildo. Kate England has no use for her cucky’s slut stick since he can’t please her. So she brings the chastity device he will be wearing indefinitely and milks him while he sucks on it, struggling in his bonds. She has no time for his struggling and tells him he better cum when she counts down to one. Squeezing every last drop out of his dicklet she quickly shoves the filth down his throat and prepares his chastity for another thirty days.
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Ashley Alban – Fucking Your Ass for Ashley

Ashley knows how much your love ass playwith your own ass. You love fingering it and getting rimmed. Ashley thinks you should graduate to ass-fucking. Ashley wants to walk you through how to fuck your ass with a dildo. She tells you what supplies you need. To start off, you need to lube up your ass to get it ready to take a dildo. Ashley shows you what to do. She tells you to stroke your dick at the same time in order to relax and really loosen up your asshole. When youre ready, she tells you to grab your dildo and get it covered with lube. Ashley instructs you to get on all fours and stick your ass up in the air. She tells you how to slide the dildo in so it doesnt hurt. When you have it balls deep inside, Ashley tells you to sit on it and continue to stroke your dick. She fucks her own ass hard. Ashley gives you a cum countdown while you fuck your asses at the same time. Didnt you cum so much harder with your ass filled up?
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Humiliation POV Kelle Martina: Milking Your Locked Up Cock Through Deep Anal Masturbation (July 14th 2017)

Kelle Martina

Today you need your chastity device, put it on right now. I want to make sure you can’t get a full erection. It’s such a little mindfuck to have your cock locked up for me. Next you need your favorite dildo because you’re going to be fucking your ass with your cock locked up. You don’t deserve pleasure while you’re getting your ass fucked. That’s how pathetic you are.

You’re going to lock up your dick and you’re going to fuck your little slut ass until you cum. Doesn’t that sound fun? No? Well I don’t care. I’m a little brat and I want you to cum only from a big cock in your ass. So I’m going to show you a few positions and you’re going to fuck along.

First I want you to get in the missionary position like you’re the girl and open your legs wide. Now start out with some fingers to open up that ass. Good boy. Now grab your dildo, spread your legs, and rub your dildo on the hole and start fucking in that position. Just the head first and then a little deeper, a little deeper then all the way in. Fuck that ass, I want the base touching your balls. Keep fucking it.

Do you feel your chastity cage jingling around as you fuck your ass? LOL! Fuck your nasty little slutty hole. You’re such a good little bitch for me. Now shove that cock all the way in and hold it, then make little circles. Do you feel that cock inside of you? Yea? Good! Now I want you to sit up on it, feet on the ground, and then I want you to bounce on it. Ride it, ride that dick. I’m sure your little dick is bouncing all around in that cage as you feel and hear it clanging around, LOL! You fucking idiot, you’re so pathetic.

What a little slut you are! You’re being a good little dick whore for me. Now sit down on it and roll your hips, feeling that cock buried inside of your ass, rubbing right against your prostate. I want you to alternate between bouncing and gyrating your hips. Really work that cock in there deep. And I want you to keep doing that until you have an anal orgasm or you just leak out of your little cage. Milking your dick without even touching it you little anal whore.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Session POV – Foot Slut’s Intro to Anal

More GoPro footage from real life sessions. My foot slut wants to try anal but he’s not sure if he’s ready. I decide to encourage him with my gorgeous feet in his face as I introduce him to dildos and butt plugs. He may have bitten off more than he can chew by the end.. but the visual of my feet keeps him going. Very authentic play.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Poppers Anal Training

Poppers, or amyl nitrate, have been used by the gay community for years to increase pleasure from anal sex. Why? Because as you sniff the bottle, your ass opens up like a flower and you’re able to take larger things in it. So I know that you’ve been struggling with those big toys and I want you to get past the “hump” so to speak.. so you’re going to take two different sizes of toys and we’re going to do some experiments to see how well you react to the poppers. Let’s get started.. have the poppers and two sizes of ass toys at hand.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Carissa: Add Fingers As You Go From Ass To Mouth

Goddess Carissa

Do you see my middle fingers loser? Fuck you. Do you like that? Of course you do. And since you love it so much I want you to do it too. Put up your two middle fingers and put one in your mouth, and one in your ass. Suck and fuck loser. Fuck your mouth and fuck your ass with your middle fingers loser. In and out you little fucking loser pervert. Look at you, you’ll do anything I say.

Now take your fingers out, and I want you to switch. The one from your asshole, that goes in your mouth now, lol! Now suck it off while you fuck your asshole with your other spit covered middle finger. You’re going ass to mouth loser. Ewwww you’re so gross! Taste it, lick it all off. Is it all off? Good, now switch! LOL! Lick that dirty one and fuck your ass loser. Suck and fuck with your middle fingers. You are so pathetic!

But I’ll bet your ass can take more. Stick another finger in. Yea work it in, fuck that ass, that feels better now, doesn’t it? Your ass needed more. And start sucking on two fingers now as well. Two in your ass and two in your mouth as you fuck them both simultaneously. Oh my god, look how hard your cock is! That is so pathetic. Now switch. Lick those fingers off!

Now let’s add another. I want three fingers in that asshole, open it up. And three in your mouth. Suck and fuck. Oh yea, you like that. Look at how gross and pathetic you are. But you love it. You’re so hard. Now switch, go ass to mouth loser. I fucking love degrading you like this.

Now four loser. Work them in, I don’t care if it hurts. You’ll do it because you’re controlled by me. God look at you, look at how pathetic you are. All alone, fucking your ass and your mouth with your fingers. Going ass to mouth. I wanna hear you choking on your disgusting fingers that just came out of your asshole while you fuck yourself with four fingers. Do you think you can fit yourin? I mean you already have four in there. So go on, do it, stick your whole hand in. Fist yourself loser. And your hands are so busy they can’t even jerk your hard horny cock. But you don’t deserve pleasure, this is all you get. I’m just going to leave you like this, with your mouth and ass full of your fingers and your unsatisfied cock full of cum.
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Mistress – T: Boys Intro To Strap-on (Mom/Son)

Custom vid, no name mentioned. This is a virtual sex style scene. I am your loving but strict MILF. You are my boy & I’m introducing you to strap-on play as part of your sex education. This vid is designed to be interactive. You can lean back & stroke yourself when I’m virtually stroking you…you can put a toy in your ass when I’m fucking you with my strap-on…
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Humiliation POV Carissa Montgomery: Degrading Ass To Mouth Game

Carissa Montgomery

So I know that you get off sucking on a dildo. And you also like to put it in your ass, dont you faggot? Today were going to combine your two favorite activities with a dildo, youre going to go from your ass to your mouth to your ass to your mouth.. Because youre a dirty fucking slut like that, arent you? And I love watching you humiliate yourself like that, so were going to play a little ass to mouth game.

So heres how its going to work, you will respond to the snap of my fingers. When I snap them once, youll move it from your ass to your mouth, and when I snap them again, your dildo will go from your mouth to your ass, back and forth each time I snap my fingers. Do you think you can understand that loser? Or is your mind already on the cock? LOL!

So put that dildo in your fucking mouth and suck it. Watch me as I demonstrate how I want you to do it. Look at you slobbering all over it, you have such a hungry mouth for cock. SNAP! Now put it in your ass, you dirty faggot. Fuck your ass loser. This is about to get so disgusting for you. SNAP! Pull it out and put it in your fucking mouth and suck it. I want you to suck all of your dirty ass juice off of it. Back and forth were going to go, ass to mouth to ass to mouth with each snap of my fingers.

I want you acting like a fucking ass to mouth porn star! LOL! If you can, you should do this in front of a mirror so you can see how disgusting and degraded you are. But Ill bet you love this, dont you? Ill bet your cock is so hard. You’re going to cum so hard playing my little game.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kelly Sunshine:Cum Lube Ass Fucking And Cum Eating For Jizz Junkies

Princess Kelly Sunshine

Hey loser the first thing I want you to do is cum. Pause this video, jerk off to another one of my videos, and cum hard. Then I want you to put it in a cup or an ice cube tray and put it in the freezer. Freeze your cum and then come back to me and thats when this video is really going to start.

Did you do it? Good because today Im going to something that I love to do to my little masturbation addicts and humiliated sluts like you. Im gonna make you fuck your ass. But first, I want you to get that little cum cube you made and I want you to shove it up your ass. Now just sit there and relax as that cum cube starts to melt in your slutty little ass. And at the same time I want you to grab your cock and jerk it nice and slow. Now make sure you have your dildo nearby. I want you to fuck your ass using your own cum as lube. As that cum melts it will lube up your asshole perfectly for that big dildo.

Slide that toy right up your ass, that feels good, doesnt it? How does it feel to know that you are using your own cum to be such a little anal whore? It feels so good to fuck that ass for me. And no more touching your cock, you are only going to be pleasured by your ass today. I already let you touch your cock, I already let you cum once today. Keep fucking that ass loser. You look so stupid, you should go in front of a mirror so you can see what a little slut you look like while you fuck your own ass.

Look at all that cum just oozing out of your ass. Can you feel it dripping out? You must feel like such a cum slut. How fucking degrading! I want you to tell me out loud what a cum slut you are while youre fucking that ass. Fuck it harder! Ive got all kinds of different positions Im going to teach you.

Do you know what? Im going to let you touch that cock again. But know the only way you get to cum around me is if you eat it. Youve already got cum on your dildo and youre going to eat that, and youre going to eat that load that comes out right now. Stroke your cock and fuck your ass.

Tell me what a anal whore you are and how you love hot loads in your slutty fucking ass! Humiliate yourself idiot while youre fucking your ass. Now take that dildo out of your ass and cum on it while its already dripping cum from your ass. Now show me how you lick it clean. Stick it in your mouth and suck it all off. I want you to tell me how much you love it. I want you to say, Im a little cum addict for Princess Kelly. Youre so disgusting, your tasting your own cum and your own ass. That is so fucked up.
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