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Spanking Sorority Girls – Episode 103: Lost Map Woods Spankings

Veronica Ricci is hiking in the woods with Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark when she learns that they have lost the map. She spanks each girl until they overpower her and give her a spanking right there in the woods. Lots of red bottoms and no map.
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Society SM – A Shade Darker – Amelea Dark

Amelea and her bodacious dancer’s body are something to behold….Mark cuts her lingerie off slowly to enjoy the experience…Today, she is his, to be used, as he wishes, and she knows it…She remains sweetly submissive when she isn’t screaming from Mark’s torments, but he renders her silent in the last scene with cloth and tape…Amelea moans and screams as the electircal shock and vibrator take turns, teasing her flesh.
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Society SM – Punishing the Tease – Amelea Dark

Amelea is a dancer…she spends many of her nights teasing the horny men of LA on the stages of its many fine clubs…she has an amazing physique and beautiful face, but today there is no teasing…not on Amelea’s part anyway…but I must confess to a bit of teasing myself…I start her out with a vibrator on her pussy but for the rest of the day, it’s punishments, hard bondage and no pleasure for poor Amelea…I only hope that some of those men whom she teases on a regular basis could see how I treat her…this one is for you fellas
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Society SM – Intense Amelea Dark – Amelea Dark

Society SM - Intense Amelea Dark - Amelea Dark

Its been awhile since we had Amelea at SocietySM for a good BDSM trial, and that’s exactly what we give her. I set her up to submit to Simon. Simon does his research and learns what he can about Amelea’s previous shoots in order to size her up. A strong dominant will look for cues in his subject, and Simon comes into the shoot, ready to tackle this one. Amelea is whinning and wet within minutes and submissive putty in Simon’s capable hands. Each position is a physical strain on her powerful, dancer’s body, but she never fails to find pleasure when Simon overloads her with it. Total splits, an inverted suspension, some powerful squirting orgasms, and a woman who has been pushed to her very limits to find pleasure in the extreme.
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