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DEVICE BONDAGE: Mar 23, 2017 – Amarna Miller and The Pope

Used and Left Behind

Amarna begins with her head in a two way mirrored deprivation box. Her arms and legs are belted in leather to guarantee her helplessness. The Pope floats in and out of the darkness with flogging and tickling to drive her crazy. Next she is on her back and her feet vulnerable to sadistic bastinado. Once her feet can’t take anymore her holes are used like the whore that she is. The final scene we have her face down with her ass lifted just enough to show it off and make a target out of it. She is fucked again and then left a wet mess on the floor.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Mar 15, 2017: Amarna Miller Suffers though a brutal face fucking, while cumming and cumming on a sybian! | Amarna Miller | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Hot Redhead Amarna Miller is back, and suffers a brutal facefucking, while cumming and cumming on a sybian. Add in a nice leather neck collar and, Magic.

Neck bound and sitting on the world’s most powerful vibrator, it doesn’t take long for Amarna to be overwhelmed with cock. Over and over we fuck Armarna’s tight throat.
The lack of air makes her dazed, as orgasm after orgasm is ripped from her Cum Drunk body. In the end Amarna is just another cum drunk slut dazed out of mind, wondering what the hell just happened.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Mar 3, 2017: Amarna Miller is bound on her back and fucked from both ends, brutal face fucking and orgasms! | Amarna Miller | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Hot red head is destroyed by 2 big cocks! Upside down face fucking and screaming orgasms!

Amarna Miller is back, this sexy redhead loves rough sex, if must be her Spanish hot blood!

Bound with her legs wide open and on her back, Amarna finds her two holes at perfect cock height. Amarna loves the rough sex, so we bring it. Upside down face fucking and deepthroating brings all the drool and spit up. By the end Amarna is covered in her own drool, unable to see or breath. However the Deep face fucking is only one thing going on, the other is Amarna’s wet pussy is being pounded and pounded hard. She is almost non-stop cumming while she screams with cock filling her throat. It is so fun to watch our girls get destroyed by cock!
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ELECTRO SLUTS: February 23, 2017 – Amarna Miller and Chanel Preston

Giggles, Screams, & Shocks: Amarna Miller Returns

Amarna Miller finds herself bound in Chanel Preston’s lesbian electro-dungeon! Amarna can’t help giggling as she gets shocked all over her body with the violet wand. Her giggling continues as she gets shocked by a electrified pinwheel and the violet wand touch plate, while Chanel fucks her to multiple orgasms with an electrified dildo. Amarna then pleasures her Mistress with pussy licking, while E-stim sticky pads shock her butt and legs. Chanel rewards Amarna with more orgasms and more electricity.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Feb 15, 2017: Amarna Miller is one sexy redhead, who gets destroyed by cock and orgasms while bound and helpless! | Amarna Miller | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Sexaully Broken welcomes another new face to it’s award nominated pages. Amarna is a sexy fire touched redhead, who finds herself bound and helpless.

Bound standing, stretched out and wearing a leather strap around her neck, our sexy redhead finds herself helpless and unable to escape our metal and leather bondage. Soon the boys step in and Amarna is quickly overwhelmed by cock. Brutal face fucking and rough fucking, soon blast Amarna into LA LA land. Non-stop relentless face fucking is breath play at it finest, add in the rough fucking and soon Amarna is screaming, moaning, cumming and drooling, like a common slut. In the end, Amarna can barely stand, and has liquid dripping out each hole.
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FUCKING MACHINES: Feb 15, 2017 – Amarna Miller

Spanish Red Head Machined Fucked Into Uncontrollable Orgasms!!

Amarna is cute as hell and we can’t wait to fuck her with our machines. She seduces the camera like a pro and has all of us drooling all over ourselves. Once the fucking stats she defaults to her native language and starts begging and cumming in Spanish.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: November 29, 2016 – Mickey Mod , Amarna Miller and Chanel Preston

Evil Hot Step-Mother & Spoiled Brat Get Anal Punishment

Gorgeous little minx Amarna Miller is a spoiled brat daughter, returned to claim her Dad’s estate and play BDSM games with the butler. She’ll take a hard spanking and tight clamps on her pink pussy so she can get the hard fucking she so richly deserves. But her fun is interrupted by evil and hot Chanel Preston, estranged wife with her eyes on owning both the house, the Butler’s hard cock, and Amarna as her personal sex slave. Cruel Chanel delivers a hot scene of verbal humiliation, intense flogging, clamps, cattle prod torment, and fuck training – but only after she has had her own fill of dick. But like all matters of litigation, nothing is as it seems, and according to the legal team Chanel may well have her own gold digging ass fucked and punished with hot wax and caning before the day is done.
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Femdom Empire – POV Cock Jerker Amarna Miller

Femdom Empire - POV Cock Jerker Amarna Miller
Amarna Miller

Red headed Spanish babe Amarna Miller jerks off your cock in this pov style handjob. She talks dirty in Spanish until you pop, who cares if you understand, handjobs are a universal language.

Featuring: Amarna Miller
Categories: Femdom POV, Handjobs, Red Head
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Femdom Empire – Stroke for me Spanish Version Amarna Miller

Femdom Empire - Stroke for me Spanish Version Amarna Miller
Amarna Miller

THIS CLIP IS IN SPANISH++++++ Amarna Miller is a kinky redhead from Spain, she teases you with her sexy body and instructs you exactly how to stoke for her

Featuring: Amarna Miller
Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction, Red Head
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Femdom Empire – Amarna’s Jerk Puppet

Femdom Empire - Amarna's Jerk Puppet
Amarna Miller

If you want to really please Mistress Amarna you need to learn a lesson in self control. Come crawl closer now so I can watch you edge that cock while I tease you with my big ass and beautiful body. I know it will be extremely hard to resist blowing with my ass and cunt so close to your face but you must wait for my permission to cum. Now keep stroking to the sound and sight of your Mistress as you prove your devotion to the one and only that owns your pathetic cock.

Featuring: Amarna Miller
Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction, Pantyhose, Stockings, Red Head
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Absolute Chastity Control Amarna Miller

Femdom Empire - Absolute Chastity Control Amarna Miller
Amarna Miller

Mistress Amarna is tired of catching her slave jerking off non-stop and has decided the only solution is to lock his cock up in chastity and throw away the key. She knows that her bitch loves to worship her perfect ass and uses it to tease him even further while toying with his locked up dick. All her slave can do is beg for freedom as Amarna makes it very clear that he is going to stay denied and frustrated for a very long time.

Featuring: Amarna Miller
Categories: Chastity, Red Head, Tease and Denial
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THE TRAINING OF: May 29, 2015 – Mickey Mod and Amarna Miller

THE TRAINING OF: May 29, 2015 -  Mickey Mod  and Amarna Miller

Spanish Beauty Amarna Miller begs for pain and discipline to satisfy her smart ass cunt. Different slaves have different ways of asking for their dominant’s cruel and sexy attention. In Amarna’s case, she mouths off. That’s fine. In the end, she will admit to what she really is: a smart ass masochist.

Amarna Miller is the willing slave girl in need of training. Ground rules are set as the bondage pile driver exposes the Spanish slut’s tender cunt, and the cruel clips stretch her pussy lips open for the zapper and and vibe. Then, she is put into cruel bondage and made to suck cock as the drool soaked ropes bite into her tender, creamy skin.

Rigged in a web of intricate bondage, Amarna Miller is made to bounce on hard to prove she can do the work. Her gorgeous ass is splayed open, jacking her pussy up and open for hard doggie style fucking. She is put into one cruel predicament after another till the gimp’s balls are drained of come.
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ELECTRO SLUTS: May 7, 2015 – Daisy Ducati and Amarna Miller

ELECTRO SLUTS: May 7, 2015 –  Daisy Ducati  and Amarna Miller

Patient 17652, Amarna Miller seeks Dr. Daisy Ducati’s unconventional electro sex treatments to find relief from the psychological anguish of modern womanhood. Amarna’s treatments include:

1) Breaking down mental barriers with a vaginal electrode, violet wand body plate and electrified Wartenberg wheel while immobilized in a straight jacket suspension. 2) Reprogramming orgasmic response with an industrial vibrator, a shocking device and an electrified dildo. 3) Electro lesbian conversion therapy with face sitting, finger banging, shared orgasms with an electrified vibrator!
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HOGTIED: Apr 30, 2015 – Amarna Miller

HOGTIED: Apr 30, 2015 - Amarna Miller

Super Spanish Sex Kitten Amarna Miller steps into Hogtied with a willing smile and a slamming body. I rip her trashy little outfit off her with my powerful man hands and then tie her up for my pleasure. She gets flogged on the tits, ass and pussy with a vengeance. She has to cum until I’m satisfied. She cries because I overloaded her brain with my devilish mixture of pain and pleasure. I take her right pass her pain threshold to complete submissive bliss.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Mar 6, 2015 – Maestro , Savannah Fox , and Amarna Miller

THE UPPER FLOOR: Mar 6, 2015 - Maestro  , Savannah Fox  , and Amarna Miller

The hottest, newest girls and the business are now you House Slaves on the Upper Floor. Beautiful redhead Amarna Miller is mentored by Anal Slave Slut Savannah Fox in the fine art of Cock Service on the Upper Floor.

Slutty Slaves Serve Cock
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