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THE UPPER FLOOR: August 22, 2017 – Angel Allwood , Chloe Cherry and John Strong

Angel Allwood always thought the good life would be sweet. No longer tied to her old life as an assassin for hire, she decided to get married to a rich man and retire to a life of leisure. Little did she know that nothing is as perfect as it seems.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: August 8, 2017 – Tommy Pistol , Jessica Ryan and Avi Love

Avi is a crafty little daddy’s girl that arrives at her Step Father’s house with plans to get back to her boyfriend, but Tommy’s new wife Jessica see’s right through her 18 year old lies and puts her cute little ass on notice with a good hard spanking and a metal anal plug. It was Avi’s misfortune to have interrupted Jessica and Tommy’s date day with her bullshit. Jessica had been waiting a long time to get her round ass tied up tight, drooling on a ball gag a with a strict caning from her husband.
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Subbyhubby: Twisted Taboo Family Pt 5

Bratty Princess Halle Von has just gotten her stepfather Tony to worship her ass. She threatened that if he didn’t give her his credit card she would tell mom about him watching her in the shower while jerking his pathetic old man dick. He agrees to give her the card but wants more of his young stepdaughter. Halle teases him by stroking his dick then starts to suck his dick telling him “you didn’t know what a dirty little slut I was did you? Did you ever think you’d see me sucking your cock when I was the flower girl at mommy’s wedding?” She then pulls her face off of his dick and fishhooks his mouth open spitting his own pre-cum into his mouth. Halle says “you want this 18-year-old pussy? You want to fuck me now? Fuck my pussy, make me cum.” Tony does his best to please the young 18-year-old but he is no match at the energy she has. She flips him over and proceeds to ride his cock fast and hard groaning “fuck me step daddy, fuck me step daddy.” Halle then humiliates him by placing a chindo on his face and telling him to fuck her pussy till she cums. All the while telling Tony what a lousy fuck he was and that the only way he can please her is with a prosthetic dick on his face. After she has used him and has had her orgasm she pushes him off telling him she better get that credit card soon or she’ll be speaking to Mommy about their little afternoon together. “Yes Halle” replies Tony
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PUBLIC DISGRACE: Jun 3, 2016 – Steve Holmes and Anina Silk/Teen Exposed and Fucked in Public

PUBLIC DISGRACE: Jun 3, 2016 - Steve Holmes  and Anina Silk/Teen Exposed and Fucked in Public

18 year old Anina Silk has Steve Holmes very excited. Anina’s firm breasts, perky ass and tight pink pussy make her ripe for Public Disgrace. Steve revels in Anina’s embarrassment as he cuts away her clothing in a public park. Anina is shamed by several people who yell “disgusting” as she walks by. Beet red with embarrassment, Anina continues her day of humiliation as Steve takes her to an old tavern where he strips her completely naked and fucks her in front of a crowd of old men. The crowd cheers as Mr. Holmes blows his load all over Anina’s pretty face.
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Brat Princess 2: Taylor – Stop Complaining and Get in Chastity (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Taylor - Stop Complaining and Get in Chastity (1080 HD)

Taylor is trying to convince her loser to go into chastity. He bought her trip to Las Vegas and she wants him locked up while she is gone. Taylor loves humiliating pathetic males. She makes her loser worship her feet while she verbally humiliates him. She spits on the floor and makes him lick it up. She likes it when he swishes her spit around in his mouth and then swallows all the dirt. “You should be in chastity. No girls like you anyway. You should focus on making me happy and stop worrying about t your penis. “ Her loser is utterly humiliated by his 18 year old owner.
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Brat Princess 2: Mean Girls Humiliate Lola with 18 Year Olds Feet

Poor slave girl lola. Amadahy and Mia make her submit to Brat Princess Taylor. Lola hates the new freshmen. They are always especially to mean to lola. In this clip the girls gang up on lola and make her suck Taylors toes. The girls write mean things all over her naked body. Lola is forced to worship all the girls feet. This video is HOT! Lola fans have to get this clip.
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