SEXUAL DISGRACE: Feb 11, 2016 – Marina Angel, Master Bruno and Mistress Esmi

SEXUAL DISGRACE: Feb 11, 2016 - Marina Angel, Master Bruno and Mistress Esmi

This one is something special, folks! All of 18-years-old and without any limits or boundaries, Marina Angel is the very definition of a submissive sex slave. Sweet, petite and giggly, this little cutiepie is deceiving. The things Master Bruno and Mistress Esmi do to this human sex toy while training her are extreme and degrading, but Marina loves it all! We begin with Marina bound by her ankles and wrists with leather cuffs on a chain bed in the dungeon. She is blindfolded and gag-balled. Bruno fingerfucks her pussy and makes her cum quickly while alternately shocking her with the violet wand. Marina is also giving Esmi’s giant black strap-on dildo a deepthroat blowjob while her tits are brutally slapped around. Esmi and Bruno switch places and Bruno gets the deepthroat blowjob while Esmi fucks Marina’s tiny pussy. Then, Marina gets a buttplug and a Hitachi wand inserted in her holes at the same time. She cums a few more times. Marina’s tormentors switch places again, repeat and add the cattle prod on her clit and nipples for good measure. Marina keeps begging for more.
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HOGTIED: Feb 11, 2016 – The Pope and Ashley Lane

HOGTIED: Feb 11, 2016 - The Pope  and Ashley Lane

Ashley is no stranger to the sadistic mind of The Pope. She did her first shoot with him and has come a long way since then. She likes a good challenge and today she’s going to get more than she’s had before. She begins the day in a brutal predicament with her balancing on her knees. The punishment is swift and devastating as she gets tormented and the bondage keeps her helpless. The bondage gets increasingly more painful and grueling and the torment becomes more brutal as the day goes on. When she is allowed to orgasms they are monumental.
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ELECTRO SLUTS: Feb 11, 2016 – Lea Lexis and Juliette March

ELECTRO SLUTS: Feb 11, 2016 - Lea Lexis and Juliette March

Latex clad Dominatrix Lea Lexis makes Juliette March squeal, squirm and come with electricity! Juliette gives into her fear of electricity with bondage, the touch plate, the zapper, electrified butt plugs, e-stim sticky pads, finger banging, face sitting, and tons of lesbian orgasms!
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Humiliatrix – Selena Cuckolds You in the Panties She Put on for Her Boyfriend

Humiliatrix - Selena Cuckolds You in the Panties She Put on for Her Boyfriend

“You’re not a man. Look at you, whimpering and drooling as I make myself sexy for my boyfriend tonight. Here — why don’t you wear my panties while I’m out with him. You can rub them and frig your little clit-dick while he fucks me. You don’t even have a dick anymore. You’re just a pussy in my panties…”

Goddess Selena, cucky humiliation, panty punishment, emasculating J/O commands
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Elle – Why Don’t You Beg Me For It

Cum Countdown - Goddess Elle - Why Don't You Beg Me For It

I mean you’re already down there on your knees, looking up desperately at Goddess Elle hoping she will let you cum, so you may as well beg for it. Beg for that orgasm you crave, and hope that she has pity on you and let’s your sorry ass cum.
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Domme Kyaa – A Bitch for My Thigh High Boots

Domme Kyaa - A Bitch for My Thigh High Boots

It’s so easy to put you on your knees, to make you grovel and beg like a pathetic bitch. All I need are these black leather thigh high boots. One look at them and you become putty in my pretty hands. Drool over this pair of brand new thigh high leather boots, soft black leather with stiletto heels and a platform. When I stand in them I tower over you. When I stretch my legs out for a close up you will want to suck on the heels and lick the soles! So you see, you’re a bitch for my thigh high boots. Accept your fate as my boot licking bitch, slave boy. (960×540 standard definition WMV, with crisp, clear stereo audio.) Contains: boot fetish, boot domination, boots, thigh high boots, leather boots, high heels, leather, female domination, femdom, humiliation, cock tease, femdom POV, legs, tight pants, ass, sadistic women, powerful women, Goddess worship, Domme Kyaa, Goddess Kyaa, Kyaa Go to my website every day, boot bitch: Click Here

Keywords: Domme Kyaa, Goddess Kyaa, boots, latex, domination, Goddess Worship, femdom, POV, ass, legs
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Clubstiletto – Goddess Samantha – Tough Enough, Slave?

Clubstiletto - Goddess Samantha - Tough Enough, Slave?

Goddess Samantha loves to challenge her slaves, and this one, trapped in a floor box with his face and chest exposed, is about to find that out. She wears her soft, comfy, fluffy boots, and stands full weight on his chest and face, occasionally lifting one foot so all her body weight bears down on him from her standing leg. Samantha playfully warns her floor that being an expectant mom, she is only getting heavier and bigger by the day, so “floor” had best train himself to withstand the pressure! Next, Samantha removes her boots and tramples him bare foot, ordering him to lick her slippery feet, coated in moisturizer, and wonders aloud if she won’t slide off him! Either way, she’s gonna have to grip his skin with her toes and hold on tight! The slave is definitely doing his best to take her weight

Mistress: Goddess Samantha
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FUCKING MACHINES: Feb 10, 2016 – Kasey Warner

FUCKING MACHINES: Feb 10, 2016 - Kasey Warner

Kasey is a cute and innocent looking 19 year old that wants her turn on the machines. We show off her flexibility in the first scene and to our benefit we get to see everything with her legs spread so wide. We spend the day doing what any smart person would do, which is try to fuck this little 19 year old as much as we can before she leaves.
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Fetish Live – Amrita & Gina – Adventures Of Rubber Doll Gina Episode 1

Fetish Live - Amrita & Gina - Adventures Of Rubber Doll Gina Episode 1

One of Mistress Sandra’s slaves really got rubber-addicted and decided to start a new life as a rubber doll. Let’s go with Gina on this interesting way and let us look what happens in this phantastic experiment.
She has to learn a lot! Famous Japanese Mistress Amrita was in Vienna for a short visit and Mistress Sandra asked her to give Gina her first rope bondage experience.

Mistress Amrita & Gina
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HARDCORE GANG BANG: Feb 10, 2016 – Mr. Pete , John Strong , Karlo Karrera , Owen Gray , Bill Bailey and Mia Li

HARDCORE GANG BANG: Feb 10, 2016 - Mr. Pete , John Strong , Karlo Karrera , Owen Gray , Bill Bailey  and Mia Li

Babysitter Mia Li is having a party to watch the big football game and neglecting her babysitting duties. Five dads decide to show up at her house and demand she pay them some attention. Mia gives them everything they want and more in this special football fantasy update. Blow bang, belt bondage, anal, double penetration, wet hot orgasms, cum eating, a perfect ass and big tits!!!
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Subby Girls – Princess Lyra, Princess Ela – Best Friends, Part 2

Subby Girls - Princess Lyra, Princess Ela - Best Friends, Part 2

Lyra has a great ass, something that Ela absolutely intends to film as she grabs the camera from her. It’s time for Ela to fully enjoy Lyra’s perfect body.
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Femdom Empire – Nina Hartley – Pussy Licking Boy Toy

Femdom Empire - Nina Hartley - Pussy Licking Boy Toy
Nina Hartley

Mistress Nina is a successful female executive who has it all – a large salary, a nice office, and a pussy licking boy toy male secretary available to please her pussy anytime she wants! Nina is in the mood for some pleasure, so she summons her secretary into her office and orders him to crawl on his knees to worship her pussy. Nina knows that her employee has a jealous girlfriend, which makes his submission to her all the sweeter. Fully aware that his job depends on keeping Nina happy, her secretary makes sure to earn another gold star with his tongue skills.

Featuring: Nina Hartley
Categories: Milf, Office Setting, Pussy Worship
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy, Miss Olivia-Rose – Tasty Pits

Clubstiletto - Mistress Kandy, Miss Olivia-Rose - Tasty Pits

Mistresses Kandy and Olivia Rose have had a very busy day. They’ve been cruising the strip for losers to perform degrading tasks, such as ass licking, foot worship and toilet slavery. Needless to say, the girls have worked up quite a sweat from all this exertion! Their pits are sweaty and rank, and of course, somebody is going to have to remedy that situation…. Their afore-mentioned toilet slave gets the honor! Both girls are surprised and amused at how willingly their bitch cleans their pits with his moist tongue; first Olivia’s, then Kandy’s. This poses the following question: How much faster could this task be accomplished if the ladies had a multitude of slaves; ie one for each pit? Are YOU willing to step up to the plate?

Mistress: Mistress Kandy, Miss Olivia-Rose
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Feb 10, 2016 | Devilynne | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

SEXUALLY BROKEN: Feb 10, 2016 | Devilynne | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Tiny, flexible and eager is fun. Devilynne is all three. We are going to have a good time today. This compact little spinner clocks in at 5 feet tall and is blessed with deepthroat skills that are second to none. She can make a milkshake spoon disappear completely down that greedy gullet. We have not one but two big milkshake spoons for her…

Devilynne is folded in half like a sexy piece of origami, perfectly exposing her tight pussy. It is time to train our fucktoy in the value in the of multi tasking. We bolt a vibrator in-between her wide spread thighs and turn it on full blast before introducing the dick to the back of her throat. Devilynne is immediately blasted into sexual subspace.

Her makeup streams down her face as her wide open eyes stare off into the distance. All 10 inches of big black cock own her face. Devilynne’s deepthroat skills are no joke. This tiny thing can TAKE it. One after the other the dicks tattoo their initials on her tonsils as she sputters and gasps. This is throat training at its finest. All the while the vibrator is ripping orgasm after orgasm out of her tight cunt.

We do not stop until our fucktoy is reduced to a twitching puddle of cummed flesh. Her eyes state off vacantly, her smudged makeup makes her look like a sad panda. Today is a day she will not be forgetting any time soon..if she can remember it. You will be back my dear. We can’t wait.
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HARDTIED: Feb 10, 2016: The Curious Artist Pt. 2 | Chillycarlita | Jack Hammer

HARDTIED: Feb 10, 2016: The Curious Artist Pt. 2 | Chillycarlita | Jack Hammer

When Chillycarlita met Jack Hammer she thought he was quite possibly the coolest artist she had ever seen. He had an erotic magnetism that she just couldn’t resist. He handled her body expertly and ever since she hasn’t been able to get him out of her mind. He knew she would come back for more. It was only a matter of time.

She was kind of expecting it to be more of the same, but there is always something new when Jack becomes involved. New positions, new torments, and more intensity. One minute she is soaring, suspended in the air, and the next she is on her knees and face, bound of the floor, being whipped mercilessly on the ass. It’s so hot that the pain threatens to bring her to orgasm before he gives the order.

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TOPGRL: Feb 09, 2016 – Savannah Fox, Rain DeGrey

TOPGRL: Feb 9, 2016: The Squirting Sinner | Savannah Fox | Rain DeGrey

Savannah Fox is a sinner. She is haunted by lustful thoughts, dirty impure urges and the devil is deep inside her loins. She can not help her wicked ways, for she is weak of flesh and full of desires. Luckily for her, Mother Superior Rain DeGrey is here to set her straight upon the path of righteousness. She is here to save our sinner.

Today will not be easy, but Rain is determined to purge Savannah and will stop at nothing. She has her ruler, the word of God and an almighty cock of destruction. She will win out in the end. Savannah is bound up on a cross to contemplate her sins while Rain works her over. In no time at all, Savannah’s squirt is running down her legs and dripping off her shoes. This is a hard case indeed.

Rain binds her to a prayer bench and spanks her with a bible before facefucking communion wafers into Savannah’s mouth hole with a huge cock. Savannah chokes and sputters upon the flesh of God. The sin is deep inside this one. Time for harsher measures. In an all out epic dicking down, Rain unleashes the might of our Lord and Savior, reducing Savannah into a twitching puddle of squirt covered sinner. Her eyes roll into the back of her head as she speaks in tongues.

Truly the Lord was with us this fine day. Mother Superior finishes up by sticking our soaking sinner in a cage to contemplate the error of her ways and to pray for redemption. We will save this sinner yet…

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EVERYTHING BUTT: Feb 09, 2016 – Casey Calvert , Mandy Muse and Alexa Nova

EVERYTHING BUTT: Feb 09, 2016 - Casey Calvert , Mandy Muse and Alexa Nova

Mandy Muse and Alexa Nova are horny inmates who love to sniff and fuck ass. Casey Calvert is the equally horny prison guard who catches the lesbians doing dirty things and needs to teach them a lesson. Casey fists their assholes then fucks them raw with a giant strap on
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Mistress – T: Too Close To Home Webcam

Mistress - T: Too Close To Home Webcam

You’re about to have a good jerk off session with a web cam girl when you realize it’s your own SISTER! For some reason you’re still aroused & take the risk of 2-way camming, thus exposing yourself to her. She ridicules you for being a pervert but realizes she has the upper hand now. She teases you about having a boner for your own SISTER…and encourages you to cum for her to seal the deal: she’s going to own you now!
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American Mean Girls: How To Be My Cuckold For Real

So We ALL hear from “slave wannabes” all the time, BEGGING to “serve” us and become our slave. And guess what, it IS possible! but NOT if all you do is send EMPTY emails full of WORDS- and nothing else. How are WORDS going to benefit ME as your princess? Does that PROVE anything to me?? Um, NO.

What DOES get my attention?? GIFTS. I have a wishlist, SLAVE- so go find it and SEND me something. THEN contact me! And guess what? I might actually take your begging, pathetic plea for servitude seriously.

Amd this video is a good example of a REAL slave that did JUST THAT. I open my gifts from him, read the notes he sent in the clip, and then I give out my email/wishlist info to the REST of you losers that are smart enough to actually follow his example of what a REAL slave should do!

And guess what? I actually MET this slave IN PERSON just prior to shooting this clip! (He didn’t want to be filmed.) He was local to me here in S. Cal and was willing to $erve me AND my BF FINANCIALLY, and he brought me $200 CASH just to grovel at my feet in person and BEG to serve me n my man! (I show off the cash in the clip too lol.) Now, to all you other “slave” WANNABES- THAT is how it’s done! I will be fucking USING this motherfucker in REAL LIFE from now on. Are you jealous?? Awww…haha. then download this clip if you want to learn how to REALLY serve ME for REAL!

Princess Carmela
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